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  1. I need help/advice ...

    Hi Cally, I know how you feel because I lost my mom 4 months ago and every one looks up to me be to be strong and have answers and I am just human and miss my mom so what can I do....but I try.... I go on day to day being a wife ,a mom to my 18 year old son who also lost a grandmother who adored him and him her and a daughter to my dad who is suffering the lost of his wife of 55 years. I try to be strong and help everyone and not think about the pain of not having her with me everyday but its there inside me all the time. Hang on to your faith and your one good friend if you have someone special like that. You are young but as you get older you will learn who and who not to count on ( I am still learning but think I got a bit better than when I was in my twenties ...I am turning 50 this month) So anyway I will be most happy to help you any way I can feel free to contact me at alverokiko@gmail.com I can share some insights into what I have done day to day what you can do to cope along the way and what we al can expect - to heal ....time heals. All my friends say it gets easier but never goes away forever. Stay well - open up to your boyfriend he will be the most important person to help you through this - if you both love each other it should be that way. Will pray for you to feel better and better everyday and know that God has your mommy in heaven and she is now your personal angel. Take care -write to me if you want to I have a son almost your age , he turns 19 this July - amazing how fast our children grow up Irene
  2. Starting up a memorial Fund

    I looked it up on line and I saw one site that I liked. It's called you caring.com. It's a step by step guide. Gives you tons of ideas of what you are trying to accomplish. I hope it helps. By the way , I think the idea is amazing. Good night Blake mom. May your angel in heaven help ease you into a restful night. Irene
  3. Struggling with losing my son

    Dear Blake mom I lost my mom in october of 2016. I still feel the pain but it can't compare to yours. I am so very sorry about your precious baby. I can only tell you this story in hopes in helps you understand a bit and feel some comfort in this craziness. In 1994 in my mid twenties think I was 27 or so. I was getting allergy injections. I flat lined on my last visit and took an amazing trip through a bright very bright tunnel into a beautiful placed filled with such amazing love overwhelming love joy happiness beauty that I didn't want to return at all . I remember being there as if I was about seven years old and when I was there I remember wanting to rush and greet everyone and go through their light as that is how you fully experience their souls over on the other side. Well I came to the fell on the floor of the doctors office . They wanted to call rescue but I was ok I just went home after a while never forgetting my trip to heaven. You baby is very happy and very taken care of with so much love and joy that only we can imagine. Please know that he is where he was called to be and came to your life for a reason to strengthen you and your husband to prepare a place for your day too when you will reunite with him. You will see him again I promise. I will pray for his soul and for you both to be again to be ok again I know God is with you both hang on to His love and know you are not alone. Irene