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    September 12, 2016
  1. Thank you Tommy's mom. It is good to hear it's normal to feel this way. My youngest seems to have gotten through the season fairly well or hid it better than me. I did manage to do all of the normal stuff. I host Christmas every year for both families but it wasn't the same.
  2. Debate an I am sorry for your loss. We have recently loss our oldest son and Thanksgiving and Christmas has been extremely hard. I have tried to keep them as normal as possible for my youngest who is home from college. But I think faking it is just making everything worse. I just don't know how to cope any more.
  3. I loss my son in September to a hit and run. They have followed the only lead they had but was unable to prove the truck they thought it was was the correct truck. There is a part of me that wants/needs to insist they do more. I don't know if it would do any good. The other part of me says I just need to deal with the grief and try to go on. Waiting on the DNA off of the truck was a vicious cycle. I would stress for two or three days before calling the trooper. Then after calling and fiinding out it wasn't in I would spend days crying and not wanting to go to work. Does anyone have thoughts on how to proceed or if emotionally I should leave it to the officer and try to focus on surviving this.