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    Loss of 3 year old son to bacterial pneumonia
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    Helping to teach my kindergarteners new things and seeing there smiles

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  1. Starting up a memorial Fund

    My husband and I are wanting to start up a memorial Fund in memory of our son. Has anyone ever started one? How do you do it? I want to do it for my sons legacy and at the same time help others.
  2. How do I go on without my baby

    Thank you so much Tommy's Mum. I am doing ok I am hanging in there. I donated the toys to a homeless shelter up here we cried dropping them off. I did keep his toy truck I am hoping I can lay it on his gravesite after we get his tombstone. I do have other kids we have a 12 year old and a 8 year old.
  3. How do I go on without my baby

    Thank you very much codeman 1031. I donated them to a homeless shelter up here. I cried dropping them off. I kept his truck I couldn't part with it I think I am going to lay it on his grave after we get his tombstone.
  4. Really struggling today

    Thank you so much TearsInHeaven I appreciate it so much. I think the saying tears are love you have inside for your child is perfect I loved him so much. No matter what happened he would always be there. I will make sure I take care of myself thank you so much. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son. I am thinking about you.
  5. Really struggling today

    Thank you so much Rainie. That is great advice and I appreciate it so much. I am so sorry for the loss of your two sons.
  6. Struggling with losing my son

    Thank you so much reader I appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me.
  7. Really struggling today

    I am really struggling since since losing my 3 year old son Blake. I am in such a dark place right now and I don't know how to go on. My little boy was everything to my husband and I. All I do is cry everyday. I miss his hands around my neck whenever I would cry he would hug me as hard as he could. I miss his little voice and his smile. I miss his I wove you mom because he couldn't pronounce his L's. I miss watching paw patrol with him because he was obsessed with it if though it did drive me nuts sometimes. How do I go on from here? I am hurting so much. Please help me.
  8. Struggling with losing my son

    My son Blake was 3 years old when he passed away from bacterial pneumonia. He passed away on Dec. 22, 2016. He was the light of mine and my husbands life. He was the perfect little boy. He had severe asthma but he was doing ok with medication until he got the bacterial pneumonia. His poor little body was to weak to fight and it gave out. I miss his laugh, his smile, the way his little chubby fingers would grab my neck and say " I wove you mommy". I miss the way he would be so happy in the morning when I would wake him up and would say hi mommy I want breakfast. How do I move on from losing my precious son? My house is so quiet and all my husband and I do is cry. I need him back I want him back. I hope heaven is beautiful baby I love you to the moon and back always and forever. You were mommys number one kiddo. Amanda
  9. My son my hero went to heaven on thanksgiving day

    Keagin's Mommy I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my handsome 3 year old son Blake on Dec. 22, 2016.
  10. How do I go on without my baby

    My 3 year old son passed away on Dec. 22, 2016. He had severe asthma and was admitted to the hospital on Dec. 18 for bacterial pneumonia. On Dec. 20 he almost coded they called for a rapid response team. I remember I started to run to the nurses station while my husband stayed with our son and right as I was starting to say something they called for a rapid response team. Shortly after that they rushed him downstairs to the picu and they said we need you to sign this or we are going to lose him. I immediately burst into tears and my husband signed it and they ushered us out, I yelled fight baby and fell into my husbands arms. It took them about 15 minutes to get him stable and he was put in a medical induced coma. Blake's 3 year old body was just to weak to fight and he passed away at 1:43 pm on Dec. 22. I miss him and my husband misses him. I have his toy truck in my bedroom that Santa was going to bring him on Christmas morning that he had been bugging us for forever. I have clothes wrapped up under the tree that I can't bear to unwrap because he is supposed to open them. I don't know what to do with them they were meant for my son. I have his 16 inch spider-man bike that Santa was also going to bring him on Christmas. There are other toys sitting under my tree waiting for him to unwrap. My poor husband was looking forward to putting together the bike and seeing our sons face. I miss my baby does it ever get better.