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  1. Merry Christmas To All!Hello,My name is Barbara, but most people call me Brownie It has been 9 months since my twin sister Ann committed suicide and not a day goes by that i dont think of her and wish that I had done more to try to help her while she was still here. This will be the first christmas without her and our whole family is feeling it hard.The hardest part for me, is that me and Ann were identical twins, so every time i look in the mirror i see her face and it breaks my heart. Even though me and Ann were twins we could not have been more opposite. I have always been a really positive person who is very outgoing. But she was the opposite, she was always depressed and had a very bleak outlook on life.After Ann passed away her husband went into a deep depression, he couldnt work, couldnt sleep, couldnt was very scary, I mean we were all feeling the loss everyday, but for him it hit extra i started to crowd fund money to support him and help him get back on his feet. It worked out very well and it made me feel good that i could do something to help him and to help spread her story and suicide awareness.I now am starting a non-profit organization to help families who have lost someone to suicide and dont have the means to afford food or shelter. I just started it today, on Christmas, because i want 2017 to be about doing positive things in my community and helping those that have gone through a terrible tragedy that no one should ever have to suffer throughemail me at: if you know of anyone currently in need of financial help after a suicide related loss.