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  1. Devianz devionz, my son was blown away in sept of 2016 . he was 28 yrs old and had an 8 day old son . im a pretty stable person in my opinion but this week i threw a track on a bobcat tractor while working in the forest . as that tractor was elevated , i climbed underneath the raised tracks and removed a big wooden block . thats messed up . im normally , like , the safety man on the job . my son and legacy are gone -- those tracks could have ended me and i wouldnt give a **** . thats some pretty dark rationale ..
  2. thanks everyone for your kind ' aft ' thoughts . i guess ive just learned to walk away from controversy . if my son would have had a handful of 9 mm , his attacker would be ashes right now instead of jake . noone will ever cleanse the american people of firearms -- it just aint going to happen . ive made 3 different ones myself years ago just to pass the menotonous ( sp ) hours at work . im making pepperoni sausages today . its going about as well as one would expect . absolutely delicious sausages but im baking both in the oven and atop of the wood stove . the place is pretty dam smokey iz what im sayiin . the sausages ROCK .. thats the best i can do -- i do not lose focus easily .. bout 50 lbs of pepperoni links -- they'll be great as cold snacks or heated and slapped on a bun or brotchen roll ..
  3. sorry, the loss of my kid was due to senseless violence so instinctively one begins to take more note of the craziness around us . it makes you fearful when it hits so close to you .
  4. " This is a grief forum " fair enough i guess . i just have quite an interest in the human condition and its ever changing dynamics .
  5. i served in germany as a young soldier so im pretty fond of the old world and modern structures standing side by side . cool story about this bridge . the us army had it prechambered so if uncle ivan ever crossed the border we could blow the bridge .
  6. i like man made wonders moreso than natures beauty . heres a cool pic of an autobahn bridge . theres a little village lying in the valley underneath it .
  7. google up koblenz germany . rhine river valley with the town built on the mountainsides of the river . breathtaking ..
  8. eh, mostly our inner cities are nearly war zones . rural america is in fact , people watching out for one another . i wish i were exagerating about the war zones but im not . coast to coast danger in the cities . indianapolis is a nonstop bloodbath for a city of its size . america is a wonderful place to live freely but i cant imagine why youd want to sight see here . i like the great smokey mountains but otherwise -- im hoping to vacation in germany someday . medieval - goth architecture gives me rushes clear to my bone marrow ..
  9. i have a strange , peaceful gut feeling concerning law enforcement and our murder suspect today . if there is a delay in an arrest , theres likely some real ( hoosier ) common sense reasoning behind it . its common to enforce a warrant when the perp is out on the roads for one thing . its safer for L - E than busting into a house . a grand jury could be looking at the case -- the public would be the last to know . the reassurance i got a couple of weeks ago from the " cocaine prank " detective , spoke volumes to me . he was implying that the impending arrest was a done deal . i already know not to expect a large degree of healing from this when it happens but anybody with any sense of accountability knows that theres a cost associated with harming someones kid and subsequently entire family and friends . in fact our whole community was ripped off . jake was quickly becoming a legend for his ability to resolve peoples automobile problems and for treating them kindly on the cost . the police in this county know jake was an asset and they aint gonna be smiling when they stuff this man or woman -- hopefully for life ..
  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4114462/Arizona-passerby-shot-dead-man-attacking-police-officer.html wow . this is the second time in as many months that an armed citizen has saved the life of an officer in the usa . criminals have guns in our society so its imperative that law abiding citizens do also . there isnt a day goes by that an armed robber isnt dispatched to hell by either cops or armed citizens defending themselves . this is a good start to my " uplifting " reading for the day ..
  11. my outing changed to offering to help ( about my only ) good friend fix some issues with the front steering / suspension on his truck . im glad i did it . i believe that one true friend is more valuable than having a dozen annoying or self centered phoneys around you . ive always believed in putting all of my eggs in one basket then guarding that basket with everything i have . if you help " mickey " you can write it off as an investment for the future . he has never let me down when i needed him .. it was rather therapeudic reaching out to help someone else instead of getting buried in my own trauma . i have a general plan for making myself better and i know where the planning stage ends and the action on those plans begins . not a procrastinator is what im sayin ..
  12. im not working today so ill probably go to town and browse the big indoor flea market later . its how i get my quota of " people " exposure from time to time . it dont take long -- bout the second person i hear " bargaining " with their little kids , or talking on a phone , blocking half the aisle with their big ass and the other half with a cart -- im back up my hill with the gate locked behind me .
  13. jeez, a teen in kokomo indiana beat and hacked his grandpa to death yesterday . it makes me apprehensive about getting involved with a grandson from a clearly screwed up family . the petition was filed yesterday to get my old " d " felony reduced . it should be a simple signoff by the judge but ive been warned -- our judge is eccentric to the point of possibly a little senile . quite a contrary old cat . im wanting to get my firearms rights restored so at least i can have a fighting chance in this crazy world . i feel like grandpa simpson right now ' you know what scares me ? EVERYTHING " ..
  14. re; " blah " days. i had one of those yesterday . very depressed mood . i think i was able to rationalize it out tho . im getting older , very alone in this world . lost my mother to dementia 3 yrs ago , then my aunt one year ago -- i was primary caregiver to both , then my " reliable " son was killed in what i know will turn out to be for a really ridiculous cause . im running the whole gambit like all of you have had to do . sadness , loss , anger , fear , anxiety / depression , etc . of course im going to have bad days . to think otherwise would be a false reality / pipe dream . if you combine those factors with the bleakness of winter weather conditions -- i think if you DIDNT have bad mood days it would indicate abnormality . i suppose in a few weeks or months ill have some access to jakes baby son . i could probably see him now if i wanted to but with his mother and stepdad being murder suspects right now , im very uneasy about getting in close proximity to unstable / suspect / or possibly criminal people . thats been my policy all of my life . give the crazy ones a lot of space and by god there isnt a shortage of nutcases around us by any means .
  15. re; humor , jake and i worked together in masonry for the major part of 15 years . i had hepc for all of my adult life . dont get to thinking " junkie " too quickly here . the military from 69 to 79 were cramming hepatitis vaccinations into young soldiers that mutated and werent resolved by our immune systems . sometimes on the job when i was ragging jake for the utmost highest quality of masonry stonework , he would look and wave skyward and proclaim " come on liver cancer " . we arent strangers or newcomers to extremely wry humor .