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  1. Long story short. My mom passed away in January. The last time family and husband asked how i was doing or even acknowledged my mom died was August. I have went through holidays and my bday. Last 2 weeks they have excluded my from their tradition of mom/daughter , dad/daughter, husband/mom and husband/dad xmas shopping.whats worse.. they planned it all in front of me knowing i dont have a mom or a dad (out of my life). Who does that!? My husband says i have to ask them to take me. Uh.no. Xmas is in 6 days.. do you think anyone and husband ask how i am? Nope. Husband has done nothing but yell at me because I haven't done wife chores and just doesn't get it. I dont want to use my mom as an excuse, but damn. Get a clue! Should I open my mouth?