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  1. Crying?

    Oh trust me I wasn't, like I had one girlfriend in grade school who dumped me because I wasn't popular and she was my only friend, then in h/s I only really had two friends, one guy who became my b/f only because I was into puberty and he was the only guy nice to me. Though even then if you would have told told me him or your dog, I would have picked my dog. I had corrective eye surgery and usually she'd jump into my face to kiss me. She didn't that day and spent it with me in my bed like she was my own personal knight in shining armor. It burned and hurt but she made it bearable knowing that she cared so much she didn't want to leave my side. Even in college I'd sleep with her teddy bear just to have something of hers with me. i have friends now it's just... there's this always emptiness where she was. In junior high, you know that "peer remediation" bs? Well I was getting into trouble because every time I looked at this one person he made death threat gestures to me, when let's see you never look behind yourself to stretch your back. The biggest joke is that when I graduated he was the one who got "most improved", but with her she made all that go away. I felt like I worth it because she loved me.
  2. Crying?

    KayC it's... when you're not naturally a crying person it becomes difficult to let that out. Also, thanks, sorry for your cat. Insanewith Sends you love too, it's like part of you isn't there anymore. I wasn't really popular at school, so in high school I got the love that I needed from her. She was the basket I put most of my eggs in, if that makes sense. Sorry for your loss too.
  3. Crying?

    Is there ever a time you stop being reduced to tears? I had a dream about her over a year after and while I was happy to just have that part of her, anything I could hold onto, I'm still a crying mess. She was my daughter and life without her is so hard.