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  1. I'm so lost

    I'm in shock She signed the paper and she said she will leave me here in the rental house and move to the house we picked to have built. I'm a heart patient and cant work, she is the only income and knew it since we met. and she wants to leave me here without a car or bank account, she doesnt care at all what will happen to me. ive been crying for days. and i have no one who will care to let me live in a room for free. Im still waiting for disability. i have mechanical valve and pacemaker and suffered several strokes and heart attacks. someone near or in DFW Texas ,or Anywhere in texas ,HELP ME PLEASE ! im desperate! i have whatsapp but i dont see where i can put my number in my profile so please send me a message with your number.
  2. Wife ended it and I might be homeless

    I did everything possible to save m marriage. we still live in the same place -she ignores me and i cry a lot. She has been going to a friend overnights and ignoring my calls started on Thanksgiving night. I had heart surgery and have been waiting for disability since. she is the only income. Now she plans to leave me in this rental and stop paying rent, and will go to the new house that we picked to be built. If i don't find someone with mercy to give me a place to lice for free ,then i will die . I have a pacemaker and have to be on pills. im in texas.