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  1. two months ago the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone, happened. I went in to have my little 6 ib 9 ounce baby girl, only to find out that she was born sleeping. She became an angel all to quickly. They gave her 3 hours to live, but she only lived for an hour and a half, and i held onto her so tightly the entire time. I gave her kiss after kiss and held her little hand in mine. I told her how much i loved her, and how i would never ever forget her. And i wont... I told her it wasn't goodbye, it was see you later. And that's honestly whats kind of been helping me cope, but i still cry myself to sleep almost every night. Ive never been more depressed in my life. And it sucks that my child, or anyone else's, has to pass away like that, or to pass away at all. I'm over being depressed.... I jjust feel like i cant do anything right any more and i just really need someone to talk to that understands.
  2. I'm so confused... I don't know what I did wrong. I was only married for 3 years, and all of a sudden he wanted to end it... He ended it ON thanksgiving. On our anniversary... I just feel so lost. He didn't cheat, but all of a sudden he's in love with someone else... It kinda makes me feel like I wasn't doing what I should have been.. Like I wasn't giving him enough of my time, or love. But I did though. I did all of that because he was my world. He ended it 2 months after I had our child, our beautiful little girl who wound up being a still born. So it all sort of hit right there at once. And it's so hard, because now I'm all alone :(. He told me he still wanted us to remain really good friends, like we were before we got married. But i don't know if i can be friends again until i heal completely from the hurt of the divorce. Is that wrong? I mean I'm all for being best friends again, but only after i get over the shock of us splitting up. But i kind of still feel like I'm never gonna STOP loving him... I just don't know what to do. Someone please give me some advice.