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  1. Young, childless and barely existing

    Spot on kayC! My thoughts exactly.
  2. almost nine months now

    Thank you Kmb. Hugs to you too.
  3. almost nine months now

    Thank you kayC. You are a big support on this forum.
  4. almost nine months now

    I don't have any plans. Just did some praying for him. And some charity. The rest of the day would be normal. Like any other day.
  5. almost nine months now

    Hi sb123 I am so sorry for your loss. I read your thread. Asif was so young. May God bless him with paradise. When ever I come across a similar story like mine, it breaks my heart apart. I know how you are feeling. I feel your pain. Losing a childhood bestfriend, that too at such crucial time of our age. I am so sorry. I don't know what else to say. Just this, that I am with you through this. Sending love and peace to you!
  6. almost nine months now

    Truly! You put it up very beautifully.
  7. almost nine months now

    It's on 16th August kay. Thanks for asking.
  8. almost nine months now

    Thank you Kmb for your kind words. It means a lot to me.
  9. almost nine months now

    Hi Andy It's good to hear from you too. I have always read your posts and it has always been so inspiring. The way you talk about your wife and her memories.. It makes me believe in love and how it's endless. It makes me have hope again. Sending prayers to you Andy.
  10. almost nine months now

    K9291 thanks for asking. My Nazim loved rain. Even if it was raining at 3a.m he would go out and play football. I developed this interest now. The first time I was watching the rain from the shade, I cried missing him. And suddenly I felt as if he pushed me in the rain. It was as if he washed me with his love and care and my pain vanished. I can't really describe this in words. He loved bike riding and doing all kinds of stunts. I never liked bike earlier. But now I am trying to learn it. Some other small things like this. It is as if he makes me do all this, because I would have never done otherwise.
  11. Young, childless and barely existing

    Always dee, My heart goes out to you. In so many ways, your story is similar to mine. I was 22 when my fiance died in November 2016. He was 24. We have been childhood bestfriends. I knew him since I was 7 or 8 years. I don't remember the first day I met him. We were family friends. But don't know a day of my existence that he had not been a part of it. Our elders tell us stories about how we always hanged our together when we were young. So young that we could barely remember. And then the next 15 years of my life spent with him. First as bestfriends, then classmates, then he became my boyfriend and then my fiance. Every stage of my life was with him. Except one.. He could never become my husband. We were about to get married soon. But he met with an unfortunate accident. He drowned. Despite being the best swimmer I've known. Despite swimming in such dangerous rivers all his life.. He drowned in a small river. And no blood clot, no heart attack.. The autopsy report said that they weren't sure if the cause of death was drowning. It's a mystery what happened to him. I Can totally understand you. We feel like the best part of our lives have been snatched from us. I'm so sorry. May God give you the strength to cope up. Sending love and peace to you.
  12. almost nine months now

    Thank you Kmb As devastating as these losses have been to me, it's also been an eye opener for me. I used to think why my Nazim. Everyone around me is fine. Why him, and why just at 24 years of age? He had his whole life ahead of him. And then my grandfather passed away. He was 90. And my sister who got married just in 2015 December, she passed away. She was just 35. Death has no age. We think we have our whole life ahead, but it might be that today is our last day and we have just a few hours ahead. Now, I don't complain about Nazim. He lived his whole life. Because he had only that much life. And we too should `live´ our life. Living is not what everyone does. My Nazim taught me this. Even his last day he was helping people, laughing around, praying to God. He lived to the fullest. I am planning to celebrate his birthday by visiting an orphanage and celebrating with them. But I have a shortage of money since I have not been working for the past 9 months. Pray for me that I could arrange the money.
  13. almost nine months now

    Yes this was the time to make the most beautiful memories together. More than for myself, I feel bad for Nazim. He had so many dreams to accomplish. He had so many plans. He was the most ambitious and energetic person I have ever met. Just weeks before his accident he purchased his first car. He got a really good job offer abroad. And we were so happy that finally our dreams are coming true. We were planning on moving together abroad. We could get married soon. Wow. We were so excited. But life had other plans for us. You know, sometimes I used to think how can we be so lucky. While so many people are suffering in the world, to marry your childhood bestfriend, to have everything sorted out at such young age, and that too both our families were so happy by our engagement.. Isn't it like heaven on earth? Then I got reminded that this world was never meant to be heaven. This life is made that way. We enjoy the little good things that it has to offer us, but at the same time we are ready that any time all of this can be lost in a flash. I do feel Nazim with me sometimes. I feel the urge to do his favourite things at times that I never did earlier and I know that it is he who is making me do all this. We can feel them all around us. The connection between us has never been disrupted. It's always there. We can see them if we use something more than just our physical eyes.. Our soul.
  14. almost nine months now

    Thank you kay That's a good link!
  15. almost nine months now

    Thank you Francine. As always your kind words soothe my heart. It's true our feeble minds don't understand the logic about how a person can pass away and yet still be with us. It takes a surmountable amount of trust and hope to believe. And that's what love is all about. To believe that wherever they are they won't forget us, they won't stop loving us, and they are looking forward to meet us as much as we are. Our love is not one sided. Nor it is lost. They are with us as well as they are inside us. As Hellen Keller said, all that we have ever truly loved can never be lost.. Because all that we have ever truly loved becomes a part of us. Sending peace and love to you Francine.