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  1. Yes all of us here has experienced true love. But the people who have lived for years like this, they are really an inspiration. Since I'm new to this, I have this fear of forgetting him. I know I never will. But the fact that he has become a memory for me is frightening. That is why I try to keep his memories, his things in everything that I do. I wear an anklet he gave me, his chain around my neck, sometimes I wear his shirts, I have added his name in my last name. I want him to be present in my everyday life.
  2. People like you make me believe real love still exists. Thank you kay.
  3. It's been 4 months and 13 days for me. And like you, I too feel it's all a dream.
  4. I don't think posting on social media about our loved ones is a bad thing. We want to keep them alive in our everything. That's all. All we have is there memories now. Atleast we can freely express our love for them wherever we want.
  5. I have this fear too. I think as I'm in my early 20s, what will happen 10 years or 20 years from now.
  6. I feel for each one of us. i know they would not want us to live like this, they would want us to be happy. But they never experienced this pain. They don't know how it feels to lose our other half. They would understand us. Past few days have been worse. His face at the time of his funeral keeps haunting me every time. And then the world just shuts down. All I remember is that he was lying there lifeless. It's so hard to keep that memory in mind and go on in life.
  7. Thank you kay. I always Appreciate your words. You are right. Time doesn't heal us. We have to work for that ourselves. But I find no motivation to put that work. I can't explain it Kay. This person was my whole world. He was my whole existence. I don't remember a day of my life without him. I was 8 when we met. Since then he is embedded in my blood. And suddenly he went away. Without any warning or any sign. Now I have no idea how to live without him.
  8. Herc, I am glad you are doing well. I had good and bad times too. But recently I am starting to have more bad times than good ones. In the early days, I felt the need to help people, to love more, give more. Now, I feel like I have nothing to give to anyone. What can I do for anyone else if I myself am so broken? I keep a dream log too.It's nice when he visits me.
  9. Yes. It's harder to talk about it now because it's the same old news for everyone else. People wonder why it's so hard for us to accept the reality. You don't need to apologise Zara. You're not being negative. What you said is a fact. My love and prayers to you.
  10. Hi everyone It's been a while again. I am sorry. I feel trouble connecting with others these days. All of the time, I feel the need to be alone. How are you all doing? Please tell me. I am doing fine.. I don't know what to say. It's been four months. I am still convinced that all this is just happening in my dream. And one day I will wake up to find him next to me. How to live without him? That's one thing I don't know. I am not really living, just surviving. I cry more often now. I miss him even more now. I want him even more badly. I feel the need to touch him. I haven't heard his voice for 4 months. It's the longest period of my last 15 year life. I don't know what to say. My grief is worsening with time. I feel more helpless and weak now. In the early months I could atleast talk about my feelings. Now I can't even do that. I am unable to express it to anyone. I just feel to cut myself off from everyone and cry all the time. Maybe time does not heal all wounds.
  11. Thank you herc. It's only here that people understand. Otherwise my friends tell me 'oh I understand your pain because I have suffered a breakup '. And I am like ' they really have no idea what they are talking about. ' but this place has so many caring and understanding people. I pray for all of us. God bless us all.
  12. But Kay, it's so tough. So damn tough. I miss him so much. I don't have words to explain my feelings my pain. It's just.. I miss him. Life is so tough without him. 4 months seems 40 years to me. I wonder how you have spent 12 years without your George. I so much admire your courage.
  13. Alex I am so sorry. This is indeed the most painful thing anyone can go through. I am really very sorry. I lost my childhood bestfriend and fiance this November to an accident. My love was just 24. I am still suffering with so much pain.. But it's silent now. I don't know what to tell you. I don't know what to tell to comfort myself. But I understand you. I am here for you. We are all together in this journey. My prayers and love to you.
  14. Fzald, kmb, kayC, nads Thank you so much for your comforting words.
  15. Hello friends, I haven't been here for a while. So I thought I should connect with you all. It's the fourth month in since my love passed away. It's getting tougher for me. Everyone says that it gets less painful with time, I don't feel the same way. I realise that I have some responsibilities, some unfinished work to do before I die, and I am trying very hard to do them. But there is a deep hole in my heart, a deep silence in my life. And no matter what I do or where I go, it's always with me. Earlier I used to cry a lot. Now, I don't cry that much. But the pain is more intense then it used to be in the early months. It's like I can't even cry now to take the pain out. I have become more silent. I don't talk much now. What should I talk about? The same old thing that I miss him. How much would people take it? Same thing over and over again. Anyways, how are you all? We all have been given a really tough life. I pray for all of us to get through this. Much Love to you all.