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  1. Loss of an Adult Child

    dee i shall keep the tip in mind for dizzy spells just roll around on the floor just to the right and show people you have really lost the plot!! Seriously if it works it is good to know. older people get vertigo partly because their hearing is going possibly something to do with the little hairs not picking up vibrations and the little bones in there calcifying and not conducting sound so well. margarett nice photo what a tall handsome man he was. You are pretty tall too I am a fast shrinking 5ft 5'! I laughed too at your did not count marriage comment and the observation that after 40 not doing anything radical. hey I am 52 and dont plan on doing anything radical ever again and that includes a second marriage once bitten twice shy I say. The only radical things I had wanted to do were trying waterskiing, and doing a charity parachute jump but the osteoporosis and totally buggered up ankle precludes me from any activity sports now! dianne hope yr legs improve sounds quite painful having lots of mini injections. is that acupuncture treatment or something for varicose veins? samantha dream visitations can be difficult to interpret but are welcomed all the same. My interpretation of your dream is that he was telling you he is still part of your family and around all of you still part of the group. He hides his face on the bed to illustrate that although you cannot see his face like now, he is still there with you. You can open the door of your mind and still find him. Grief is really a roller coaster. Sometimes I can talk to a family member about Tommy and be dry eyed just wistful and sad inside. Another time just a couple of words said and the tears just erupt from nowhere. All normal you just cant always predict how it will go either way. The good part is that you can have those few tears and be ok again whereas before i would have been sobbing for ages and ages. I think it is like a little safety valve inside you that when the pressure reaches a high level it spontaneously lets out a stream of tears and emotions and is then quiet again until the pressure builds up again. Self regulating. laurie I will listen to that when I have some quiet time so I can concentrate on it. I use self talk internally and breathing to bring down my anxiety levels when something sets them off. Self healing is the best healing however you choose to do it. rebekahsmom our spirit children do send strange messages to us sometimes. Maybe The Christmas Carol was illustrating the past present and future and how Scrooge sees his future and changes his behaviours to happier and joyful ones instead of living in the present in misery and regrets. The Xmas song is self explained she is "home" and happy and will still continue to be part of all your Xmases in the future. So I am having a hard time sleeping the last couple nights it is now just past 3am and I feel I can go back to bed now and get some zzzzz's. i went to bed at 11 and did the usual quiet bedtime routine etc but sleep eluded me so in the end I get up and watch tv or do a codeword puzzle something that is easy on the brain until I feel I can sleep. My ankle has been particularly painful since the cast came off and I am in a boot part weight bearing and is always worse and more swollen at night perhaps it needs the pain meds to kick in more quickly. Either that or I am turning into a nocturnal creature like an owl! I hope you all get a chance to do something you enjoy tomorrow whether its cheering for the Olympics, spending time with family, cooking, reading or music, walking, knitting anything as long as it is good for your soul, before your work week starts all over again.
  2. I Lost my loving son to divorce and unable to forget him

    I am sorry you are struggling it is a bereavement of sorts. I think perhaps you would be better off finding a support group for parents who have been divorced and isolated from their children or one that deals with parent isolation instead of this forum? There must be a lot of people in your position that could offer support and advice. good luck
  3. Loss of an Adult Child

    margrett there are reasons why paperwork take time as you know so there are no mistakes and hopefully definitive answers for you. I had to wait about 6 months for mine to come from Hawaii and then the coroner's verdict in the UK was not until 2017, Tommy died in 2015 .Grief does make you lose control in a way we are not used to. It batters down your protective ways and breaches your carefully put together work personna. You lose your child, you lose your mind ,you lose temporarily the keys to your heart, you lose your emotions you basically lose your **** .(excuse me) The person you thought you knew well becomes a scared angry and sometimes unstable person who needs to hide away in isolation, to lick their wounds, and try to understand what the heck to do and how to go on. Living becomes a chore, sleep flies out of the window, and self care that is way down the priority list, when all you want to do is climb into bed and hide under the covers. Yeah I know, I remember that really well. That is why we all say take it one day at a time frustrating as that is it is true. You are only strong enough to make it through that one day and then get up for the next one. I promise it will be ok one day just not right now but your friends here will guide and help you. rebekahsmom your lovely girl did not look the same because her spirit, her joie de vivre, her spark had already flown. That was just the outer shell left behind. Think of it as a cocoon she has turned into a butterfly and is flying free and unrestrained she is happy she is ok. We left behind are not ok because the depth of the loss of a child is bottomless. The images you have of your Rebekah afterwards will fade and you will find snippets of happier memories come through and eventually whenever you remember her it will always be the laughing full of life girl she was before ok? As for blame for guilt we have all done it, thinking "what if? If I had done or said.......would it have made a difference? I could have, I should have...."The thing is that we humans do not have that power, that crystal ball to forsee the future. You need to absolutely know that what happened just happened and concentrate more on trying to keep moving forwards and not torture yourself because it is just a tragic tragic fact. One day you will be able to say "my daughter died" and not be inconsolable for hours. One day you will be able to tell her story to others face to face and be fairly calm, one day you will be able to do something positive in her memory and live your life as Rebekah would want you to. One day just not yet Ok? We women are stronger than people think we are, the lynchpin of every family and for our family we will make it through alright? Just believe. We are all in recovery on this site. Some have been doing it longer, some have got a bit stuck and need pushing forwards to actually deal with grief and not let it fester, and some have made it to the other side and are kind enough to stay here and help the others. We all have something in common, we all lost a child, we all have known this agonising pain, we have all faltered and felt like giving in and giving up on life, we all know that is not what our spirit child would want or be happy with, and we should all try to have the common goal of recovery and making our spirit child proud of who we have become.
  4. Loss of an Adult Child

    margarett I think it is because you have not got all the answers yet that you don't cry. I believe when you have all the information and process it the tears will come and boy do they come. Shock does paralyse your feelings and emotions because it does not seem real or right. do not worry about not crying we all know the tears you have inside you, the silent screaming, the begging, the yearning. Perhaps the job you did for many years as a hospice nurse has made you automatically go into professional mode when faced with a personal loss of your own? That is shock and grief. I liken it to having been a paediatric nurse, NICU nurse and child care provider for years and then having my own first baby. I was like "what? He is mine? I get to keep him?" for a few days. As you know each individual grieves differently and goes through different stages at different times. You will do the same and we are here to help. Glad your daughter had a visit with her brother, those are quite rare no matter how often you beg for them but you will have some sort of sign from your son. It could be a song on the radio with lyrics for you or a bird that comes close or a white feather that floats down. Jason is not gone he is still with you all the time. hi brokenmum yes you are in the right place with lots of bereaved parents who can help to support you. grieving has several stages each one is hard to deal with and you are very new to the journey. Yes the "nevers" are very sad. I lost my 24yr old son Tommy in 2015 when he went out onto a 14 story high ledge of a dorm building to try and save his suicidal friend from jumping. He eventually talked him down which the police could not do and when they were climbing back in the window it broke and they both fell. My Tommy died from his injuries shortly after in the ER his friend survived with some pretty bad injuries. I too have thought of the nevers never seeing his younger siblings graduate from university, never getting married and having his own kids, he loved kids, never being able to follow his dreams of going to university and getting a degree, never seeing his future nephews and nieces, never spending a Xmas or time with us again as a family. That all needs to be carefully wept over and in time put to the side while you try and deal with the more immediate loss. It is a long process. First you have to deal with the authorities and coroner and maybe the police then have to plan a funeral you never imagined would happen, then go through their belongings and bedroom support your son and other family members whilst absolutely breaking from your own sorrow. We have all wished we could have swapped places with our spirit children because it is so unfair that they were taken so young before acheiving their dreams, they had not experienced real life enough it is a natural parents reaction. But we can't take their place. Just know your precious daughter is still with you all the time she is constantly by your side you did not leave her in the hospital or where she was buried that was her outer shell. She will help you deal with the endlessly long and painful journey of coming to terms with what happened and having to adjust to life without her there physically. We are also here for you.
  5. Loss of an Adult Child

    niquesmom it is true that often in the fog of the early grieving days impetuous decisions are not always the best decisions. A new job in the same area is different. House selling and moving is a whole different issue although I completely understand the desire to run away. Even if you do run away your grief still follows and then you are in a strange place knowing noone and not being familiar with the town or driving and it is very easy to become isolated. Your grief will follow you because you loved Dominique and always will, you just have to make your way through grief there are no shortcuts. I do not mean to sound harsh, please don't get me wrong, I am speaking the truth. However remember "Advice is something you listen to. The decisions are your own." Take care my friend.
  6. Lost my son

    darren I am so sad you lost your boy it is something so awful it cannot be even imagined until it happens and it changes your life forever. AS Louann said go to loss of an adult child thread by Mom of Justin , the one with over 2 million views,and click on it then go to the last page and post there. We are a community of bereaved parents and all post there to keep us in one place so no one gets missed. There are both Moms and Dads on the forum and we have all lost a child/children or adult children so we can understand the anguish and pain because we have all faced that ourselves. You are not on your own
  7. Loss of an Adult Child

    laurie sorry your mum is frail it must be a worry. I am in the opposite state from you, my elderly parents are helping look after me and I am the one who can't walk. Still I told them I will keep all my disabled stuff afterwards so I can use it for them when they become decrepit!! susan that liitle Veto I could just eat him, those chubby cheeks that angelic face he is adorable and must bring so much joy to you all. margarett the photos are lovely it is weird looking back at old pictures because it sparks memories of those happy times, and then you remember.... Still as time goes by it will very slowly ease and photos will give you a sense of comfort, a part of your family's history. I have 3 special ones of my Tommy and now every time I look at them I can smile. Sure it is a sad smile, a regretful one, my heart still aches with the loss, but his cheerful cheeky grin makes me remember he would not want me to be sad forever. I hope your AFib gets under control. Grief really makes your body go haywire too because you are more vulnerable. As our children grow up they do not always share so much with their parents especially boys/men. Sure maybe we would be a bit disapproving of some of the choices they make or choice of partners whatever, but that is what growing up is all about, making your own way in the world and being independent from your family although still connected. Also young people often share the more personal stuff with friends as friends become more important to them. rebekah's mom wow a new job good for you. Sometimes it is easier to change things up in your life and have some new beginnings as part of your healing. My mental health worker changed jobs after her fiancee was killed because she could not face the people in her office who she knew well. For her it was the right move, it allowed her some distance and privacy from the tragedy she had gone through. leah we do not forget any of our spirit children. I do wish that there was a notification or bold type that highlights the months of the birthdays and angel dates, I have to rely on posts to keep myself updated with you all. My memory still has some holes in it, I forget names, numbers, and the day of the week. I too had 5 surgeries in a year so I understand how that takes a toll on your body with all the anaesthetics and meds etc and then having to rehabilitate afterwards. I hope you continue to heal both bodily and emotionally. I redirected another newbie to us yesterday she lost her daughter to sepsis from pneumonia that developed after flu. We read about in the papers but hearing from someone who has been through the sepsis nightmare really makes you think. I hope she finds us ok ,her name is Letty.
  8. Lost my 18 year old daughter to sepsis

    brokenmom I am so sorry you lost your precious young daughter. This flu season has been very deadly because pneumonia manages to sneak in among the symptoms making the patient very unwell very quickly.Sepsis also occurs very suddenly when the body goes into overdrive to fight the infection and attacks itself which leads to organ failure. It is easily missed and requires serious medication and monitoring by machines in an ICU. What a terrible shock for you to see her deteriorate so fast and be witness to it all. Your brave girl would definitely have known you were there with her and be able to hear her mum's voice over all the chaotic scene she knew you would never leave her alone. Bless you how hard that must have been for you but your mother's love kept the promise you made to her. I am glad you did see her after and spend some time with her. It is actually an important step in beginning to accept your child has gone. When a death is very sudden or unexpected it is harder to believe that it really happened and spending time with her after is your last goodbye. That last time whether in a hospital or funeral home is almost beyond description because it is so painful. You need to keep in mind it was just your daughter's shell left behind. All the heart and soul and personality that made her her pass on and out into the atmosphere. post mortems are necessary to be able to determine a cause of death for the coroner. My daughter has seen two in her job training and said how calm professional and respectfully they were done. They are kept covered to keep their dignity and handled as gently as if they were awake. The staff take great care to make sutures as invisible as possible and they are carefully and gently washed afterward. Your girl was free of that body and didnt need it anymore, she is free and whole and healthy. There is nothing you could have done differently you took her repeatedly to the doctor it is just so sad that sepsis can overturn a healthy body so fast. You are correct that you went into shock that happens and can last several months as you begin to accept what happened and how your lives will be forever changed. Her funeral is done and this is when you start to feel alone as everyone goes back to their lives. I am glad you have your son as you will both need each other over time. I totally get not wanting to be alive anymore I think most of us have felt that strongly too it is normal and you ache to have her with you again. You need to know she is not gone she is with you by your side every day it is just you cannot see or hear her, and one day you will definitely see her again and hold her in your arms at the end of your natural lifetime ok? She is not gone she is still with you always. You need to try and focus on one day at a time try and eat a little ,drink wate,r try and nap if your sleep is disturbed and try and keep yourself together as best you can. Dont try and look at the future that is too much to handle just one day at a time. Accept all the help offerred to you and just concentrate on you and your boy, letting out all those emotions so they dont fill up in your chest and do what feels right for you. There is no rulebook on grieving. We all meet on the Loss of an adult child topic by Mom of Justin. its at the top of the page with over 2million views. Click on that link and go to the last page and post there and we will find you and listen to you and support you in every way we can. We are a group of parents who have also lost a child/adult child so we absolutely understand it is the hardest thing in the world to go through. You are not alone we will support you ok?
  9. Loss of an Adult Child

    happy birthday Jaboa and leah thinking of you today especially. dianne you are so right about grief hitting at different times especially when having to deal with paperwork. I was not able to update my will and other paperwork until just before Xmas last year because it meant taking Tommy's name off. I just could not do it. I could write that he had passed away but that deletion of his name hurt so much it almost felt disloyal somehow. however I know it needed to be done so that there will not be a problem when I am gone for my other children, and I eventually managed to do it. Tommy passed in Aug 2015 and so you see there are always different challenges, at different stages, in different years, but we slowly get through them and learn as we go. It all takes time and sometimes you have to build up to something before doing it. There are always going to be difficult days sometimes without a reason and you just need to roll with it and do whatever you have learned as a coping mechanism. I like the black bag idea. so I will get my cast off tomorrow and start to slowly part weight bear with the walker and be able to go back home to my cat. been very well looked after by my parents but need to try and manage for myself. When I am really fatigued I just crawl on my hands and knees not very dignified but it works! I joined a Facebook forum for people with broken ankle injuries and have found it quite helpful although at the moment I have the dubious title of most surgeries and longest rehabilitation! My oldest daughter Annaliese is coming for a long weekend with her boyfriend which will be lovely although I really can only sit on the sofa. Her birthday is March 1st and she will be 25years old. last week she told me sadly that it feels really weird to be older than her older brother Tommy and to know she will always be older than him now.
  10. letty you need to post on loss of an adult child thread by Mom of Justin the one with over 2 million views go to the last page and post there. We will help you any way we can ok
  11. My son my son..Why???

    moe and Letty join us loss of an adult child by Mom of Justin the one with over 2 million views, go to the last page and post there. we will help you
  12. Loss of an Adult Child

    colleen in the UK if you make the V sign with your fingers facing outwards it means peace or Victory, if you face them inwards and flick them up and down it means "F k off". When my Tommy went to preschool the American kids taught him the middle finger telling him it was hallo. He came home quite upset when he was told off and I had to explain what it meant! Cultural differences!! susan I think there are several factors that come into play 1.the kid had a troubled home life before adoption and could possibly have developmental delays and then his adoptive mum died. 2. he was always a strange kid as evidenced by the other students comments so perhaps felt very isolated and alone and was probably bullied. 3.he took solitary control of things by learning to use violence. However every kid knows right from wrong and that killing is bad even if they have psychological problems. The act was carefully planned and executed with the addition of setting off the alarms to get more kids out of the classrooms. That indicates a psychopathic and clever personality who planned carefully for a maximum result. He also chose not to kill himself but to try and outwit the authorities and even went to buy food etc afterwards because he had no empathy a classic psychopath trait. He is definitely damaged but also competent to stand trial and take the consequences for his awful actions. Although he was grieving he showed definite clear signs of needing control and using aggression to get different responses. I agree violent killing video games definitely have a damaging effect on young vulnerable minds and that parents do need to uphold rules in their homes with consequences for their choices and not let their kids run riot expecting teachers to cure them. That is not the teachers job teaching morals and empathy and good choices must be learned at home by good example. I know several families who had guns and never had any issues with their kids because they taught respect and safety for guns and used them for killing animals to eat. My personal thoughts are that killing animals for sport ior trophies is quite sick, for eating is totally different. I do believe America has caused this problem by selling the types of weapons they do. If you were only allowed a shotgun or rifle for hunting then should an individual go rogue there would be far less fatalities. licenses and rules for not allowing domestic violence or offenders or those with psychiatric conditions to purchase weapons is a no brainer and commonsense. I am very sad to say that everyone should protest and bring awareness to the gun problem because we have a right to our voice to be heard but the devil is in the details and the NRA have too much power backed by politician approval and the money generated is huge so nothing much will change. I fear there will be many many more of these tragedies in the future which is horrifying and beyond believing, but there will always be sick individuals who believe in a cause or want to erradicate a group because of their own personal agendas and to make headlines for their own fame. The innocent will suffer and we will grieve alongside them with the knowledge that nothing will change for the better. If i was still in America I would go out and support my children in school walk outs just as i stood beside them on the teacher picket lines supporting the teachers, and I emailed the school superintendents and principals in protest of "kick a ginger" day and not allowing the girl sports teams to wear their sport jerseys at school like the boys did. We must all follow our instincts and do what we can to right wrongs and sometimes you win ie the womens right to vote and segregation being abolished, and some will fail but not for lack of trying. Peace and goodwill and kindness towards others should be something we all strive for to try and make this world a better and safer place and can be taught by parent example. on a lighter note Louanne love that kitty photo so funny. my cat is such a buddy to me as I live alone and animals display unconditional love and devotion we have a lot to learn from them. georgina good to hear from you I am wishing both your daughters well. To all the rest of us, you are all doing so well and making progress. grief sucks but together we will overcome it and one day the newbies will be far enough along to repeat the cycle of kindness to other newbies and offer the perspectives they have learned on the way from the members who helped them. I wish you all peace.
  13. Loss of an Adult Child

    colleen I hear you, I have SAD too and the long winter and weak sunlight is draining. I do see daffodils snowdrops and crocuses out so Spring is on the way. To all you newbies the Spring and warm summer do help your mood lift a little, it is good to get outside and let the beauty of Nature soothe your soul. Nature shows us the circle of life and regrowth from old or dead looking trees and plants, and that is us trying to regrow again into something beautiful. As some plants bloom at their best 2 or more years on, so we will grow, each season putting out small tendrils of ourselves towards the light. I am a huge gardener (as my ankle allows) and so I see a lot of synchronicity in Nature. samantha you will tell us about your family when you are ready we do not need to know everything to help you and like Dee and Kate I read for a while before posting then took a break because I was not there yet and then came back. That is a common theme leaving to deal with what you have to deal with and then coming back a bit stronger. peggy all your family want to do is not leave you on your own because they love you. Simply explaining that it takes all you have to keep it together at work and that you need to collapse in the familiarity of your home and let it all go. Assure them you will text or call when you feel able to go out, and that it will take you time to get there, should be enough. dee lovely poem. I feel that all traces of my son are gone too things fade a bit over time ,but I know he is still in photos and in his siblings and in spirit by our sides always. We remember our spirit children in a different way now, not by the smell of their cologne or perfume, not by hearing their laugh or their voice, but by their presence in our hearts and memories. We just have to love them in a different way that is all and in time we learn to do that. kate I am sure your boy had a hand in bringing that young man to you because he knew you had what that man needed at that time and were ready to help. A success story with your care, what a blessing. Tina if you are there hugs to you So you know I love picture quotes ,so here are some that I think are appropriate today
  14. New here

    donnac firstly sorry for your loss. A grandbaby is a joyous thing to have but in the circumstances must be very painful. I guess you feel conflicted with emotions excited to see her grow but angry she won't have her Mom, joy at being a grandmother but grief that you lost a daughter, constant emotional battles. Your girl was so young but her baby survived and you will be a really important figure in her life as you can tell her all about her Mom as she grows up. I imagine your son in law is feeling very similar to you and perhaps you can lean on each other at this sad time. Men do grieve differently, the most common ways they demonstrate grief is in anger or withdrawal almost an indifference. That does not mean they are not also crying inside and privately as they are expected to be the strong one the head of the family. You are correct your life will never be the same it will always be in 2 parts before and after and you find your personality and how you deal with things also changed. It is not a metamorphosis that we expect or want but we have to change in order to cope with the loss. There will forever be a sadness in your soul a yearning to have your child back because you are a Mom and that's what we do, but in time, a long time you will learn to use that pain and lost love and put it to good use, giving to others in your daughter's memory. We all meet on Loss of an Adult child thread at the top of the page the one with over 2million views. Click on that thread and go to the last page and post on there. We are all parents who have lost a child and have had a lot of newbies all join at once so trying to catch everyone and redirect them so we are all in one place together. You are not alone ok?
  15. Loss of an Adult Child

    we are all souls who have been deeply wounded. Stories about death of any child/adult child are bound to affect us because of our loss and inspire strong feelings. That said, I prefer the usual forum without anger and misunderstandings and hurt feelings. samantha your pain and distress are clear. I too have howled like an animal from the depths of my soul. One thing I found helpful in the early days was going to a completely private area of private land well away from anyone and screaming at the top of my lungs. I was like a banshee screaming anger pain and his name. It only lasted about 15 minutes but the relief was instantaneous. It took some of that burning emotion and gave it a voice. Afterward I felt drained but it did feel good. The sheep and wild horses were a little surprised though. I only did it twice but it did make some difference. Too often we are forced to sob in the shower or into a pillow so no one hears, muffling the pain, trying to hide the terrible distress we feel. It almost makes you feel guilty hoping not to be overheard. It is ok it is healthy to let it out. hugs to you
  16. Loss of an Adult Child

    actually Tina just to clarify, I meant I acknowledge the GRIEFstruggles you have mentioned recently , it was absolutely nothing to do with the topic that has caused such strong feelings. As I said I will be happy to help you with the loss of your daughter if you like. You can message me privately if you prefer not to post on the forum or not. Like I said grief is something we have in common. If you choose to leave I hope you find support somewhere else and I also wish you well for the future. just saw on Facebook an organisation from Moms who demand action called Act.everytown.org which gets volunteers together in your local area to effect change. Check it out if you are interested. Ok that is IT, like Dianne, I am done on this subject.
  17. Loss of an Adult Child

    dianne thank you for your kind words to me. I know you are beyond angry at the moment because of an opinion voiced by one of our members but I am so thankful that you meant done with this topic not with the group because we need your input and way with words. Effect changes in the ways you can, because you believe passionately in saving people from guns and change has to start at grass level. I applaud your passion. Just as we grieve individually we believe differently and that is the way of the world. i am totally opposed to guns period and shudder to think what happens if more civilians arm themselves. Shootings are always tragic but when they involve innocent children and young adults my blood boils. To send kids to school or college and put them literally in the firing range absolutely appals me and I will do what i can to effect changes and support like minded individuals in my small way in my little piece of the world. On Facebook today someone suggested arming staff, I was incredulous outraged and very sad. Dee Dianne and Sherry I stand with you but I hope this does not break our little community apart because all of us are necessary to maintain the high level of support offered here. However I also respect Tina in having her opinion even though we are diametrically opposite on guns, gun laws (or lack of) and laws .Opinions are the truths we all believe and we have a right to opinions. Tina I choose to talk to you on subjects relating to grief and loss because we have that in common. I cannot understand your stance on guns, and you probably equally cannot understand mine so i choose to not engage with you on that subject. I know you have been struggling recently and if there is anyway I can help with that let me know ok? niquesmom i have posted from time to time on the online forum but definitely feel more of a connection here with this group, and it is too much to be on both sites regularly. I have emailed and asked for groups in our area as there do not appear to be any and await their reply. They have been supportive and sent me some leaflets on loss which I appreciated. I think I may feel brave enough now to attend a group setting and it would be good to step out into the world a bit from the confines of my home which I rarely do. That is when I can walk and drive again of course!
  18. Loss of an Adult Child

    Kate Louann Dianne and dee I am solidly with you guys too.I do not believe anyone would want anyone kicked off the site for expressing their hatred of guns and lack of gun policies, you are all welcome to your viewpoint. This is a political issue but no one is pushing their views. I believe we all feel the horror and disbelief and anger that innocents were slaughtered and are very saddened because we know the pain the families have to go through. If there is anyway to prevent shootings or changing laws I fully support your efforts. I am in the UK where thank goodness we do not have a gun issue so all I can do is sign petitions and highlight the heroes who saved lives and not give any media attention to the shooter. It is a sad sad world. margarett this is why this wonderful site works so well because we do personally understand. We speak reality and truth not the bullshit you get told by those who do not know what they are talking about. Go out when you are able, do not worry about the tears just look at how the staff reacted to you with tears of their own because they could not imagine the pain you are in but felt it in their hearts. They will go home and hug their kids a bit longer. Your story touches people. i know your boy is gone but his story will go on ahead of him. I still very rarely wear makeup because it gets smudged/wiped off, it seems a bit pointless although I always used to. We are forever changed after a loss. I wish too that we could meet up. Because we have shared so much of our inner struggles together it feels like we are true friends and I know if we met it would feel absolutely right. I am thinking about reaching out to other bereaved parents in my area to see if we could start up a support group locally, because to meet in real life would be awesome. There are only bereavement groups not child bereavement groups and there is a difference,
  19. Loss of an Adult Child

    lovely post Dianne you have a way with words that is so helpful. dee YOU GO GIRL!!! Something has to change, these premeditated slaughters of children/young adults are unforgiveable. Seeing the parents breaking down on tv just makes me cry. I guess the murder of children just touches a chord in all of us. I echo you and ask how all our old friends are who have been absent for a while are doing? niquesmom lovely photo stay strong.
  20. Loss of an Adult Child

    peggy Ronnie was your only child so you must feel robbed both of your child and any future grandchildren so hard for you. I think we have a couple of parents who lost their only child too but they have not posted in a while. When you lose a child at any age you also lose their future and also part of your own future it is an ongoing pain. Do you have a husband or partner? Any family that live close by? friends or neighbours? Eating and taking care of yourself seems worthless and pointless but that is what will sustain you in the months ahead. Take a multivitamin/mineral supplement every day and drink plenty of water that will help with diet deficits when you just dont have the energy or care to eat or prepare food. I feel your pain and send hugs.
  21. Loss of an Adult Child

    I agree sorry, prayer and condolences do nothing to stop shootings. Take action and stop the sale of guns period. I don't want to hear guns don't kill people, people kill people. NOT TRUE people WITH guns kill people. It is another appalling tragedy with more families suffering the loss that we know only too well. So glad the UK has no guns here. Part of the problem is bullying which causes the bullied to rise up one day and take action in a defensive way and we need to start at the root of the problem to be able to prevent this. two of my kids experienced bullying and the problem of the bullies is never addressed they are not penalised in any way, it is the victim who has to attend classes and be known as a grass or snitch. Take the bullies out of school name and shame and force them to attend classes and change their attitude. Parents also need to take responsibility and face upto the fact their child is a bully and will not be tolerated in any school or place. The other part is the free availability of weaponry that is upto the president and Congress to change. Also the problem of kids wanting 15 minutes of fame in any way they can get it, wanting the infamy of being the most prolific killer. These kids have clear signs from early childhood that demonstrate cruelty, indifference and lack of empathy that need early intervention as soon as possible. margarett you can do this I know you do not see any light or future right now that is totally appropriate for the stage you are at, but I promise you things will very slowly get better. I know that seems impossible and you feel yourself sliding further and further into depression and hopelessness but take heart from all the parents here that are survivors of loss. We too have been in that pit of hell we understand what others cannot. peggy yes the heart is gone, it does not feel like it matters that you have other children and family members it will never be the same. However that in time will change and one day you will be able to continue on in a happier albeit changed way.
  22. denisa I am sorry you lost your brother that has to be hard. It is lovely that you are trying to find some support for your mother especially when you go back home and to work. Encourage her to join us on the Loss of an adult child thread started by Mom of justin. Its at the top the one with multiple replies and over 2million views. We are all parents who have lost a child/children and we all collect there so we are all in one place and don't miss anyone. We have both seasoned members and newbies whose loss like yours is very new and offer support encouragement and a safe non judgemental place to chat and talk about our child. You may like to join the loss of a sibling thread as that is more applicable to you. Because it is online the time zones don't matter and members post as and when they can. It is a caring community that is very valuable.
  23. Loss of an Adult Child

    Everyone needs to bear in mind that we all grieve differently. Although there are 5 official stages to grief which are denial, anger,bargaining,depression and acceptance it is a whole lot more complicated than that, Some people miss out a stage or two and then go back or stay at the same level for a time. There is no "normal"you just have to kinda roll with it and try and make sense of what is happening around you at that time and do the best with what you have. My ex husband got the news that our son had been killed and carried on and went to work. He took no time off. He did not tell anyone and to this day I am not sure he has. That is his way he is very emotionally repressed anyway and has a very logical mind so does not show emotions. I am very much more in touch with my feelings and have cried several oceans of tears over the last 2 or so years, yet there are times when I still feel numb and empty and tearless. It can be different from day to day. Some people just cannot cry because they are in such shock and disbelief but there comes a time when that wall comes down and it just hits you. None of you newbies are wrong or crazy or in denial you are just grieving. It is so sad to have so many new parents all at once but by having the courage to share and being able to bond with other parents is very positive. Being understood is powerful, having some of your fears allayed is priceless and knowing you are not alone and others have your back is a huge gift. donnac we welcome you to our group although to qualify you have to have been through the same terrible ordeal. Share what you can when you can with us and talk about your daughter. Reaching out for help is difficult because talking about what happened is so traumatic and upsetting and you feel so vulnerable and lost. I was fortunate to have had mental health support that is ongoing andI had an amazing bereavement counsellor that I saw for a year who really helped me to go into detail what happened and make some peace with each part. Sometimes it is too soon after the event to be helpful because you are still a little in denial and also not ready mentally to take onboard what is said. I say any help you can get go for it you have nothing to lose, but also keep in mind that the real benefits of therapy may come later on. tina yep I have been at that stage many times, "I don't want this life, I must be being punished for something I did even though I don't think I did anything, why can I not catch a break? I am a kind person who goes out of her way to help anyone so I don't get why I am being pounded financially, and emotionally. Why me? What next?" Yes I know that dialogue very well. I guess there probably is not an answer except bad things happen to good people too. I am an atheist now so do not go for the "God won't give me more than I can handle" stuff but if you have faith you need to trust your journey . one thing I do know is that we meet people for a reason, they come into our lives at a time that is difficult and help to hold our hand. You were all directed to this site and this thread as we were, whatever your beliefs we can help each other.
  24. Loss of an Adult Child

    samantha, margarett, niquesmom and Rebekah's mom you are all struggling so much because it is early days. I am glad you joined us so you can express yourselves without making your family members more worried because we get the craziness that grief forces upon you. It is an agony of loss and yearning to have your child back that brings you to your knees, keeps you screaming in distress and breaks your mind. I lost my son Tommy in Aug 2015 he had helped a friend move into university dorms and after they had a few beers his friend Pat broke down and climbed out of the window 14 stories up and was going to jump off. he did have some mental health issues before. The police could not get near him so left my son and another friend try to talk him down. Realising that Pat was getting more and more distressed Tommy climbed out of the window and held his hand telling him he would not go in without him. After some time Pat agreed to come back in but when they were climbing back in the window broke and they both fell to the ground suffering multiple serious injuries. My Tommy did not make it although the Er staff fought desperately to save him but Pat survived. We had not seen my son for 4 years as he lived in Hawaii and we had relocated back to the UK and none of us had the money for a flight. Every night I prayed I would somehow get enough to fly out and see him. The last time we saw him was in the funeral home it was devastating. Lost all faith in a god since I was told he had died and never set foot again in a church. My 3 other adult children had never been to a funeral or seen a body and found it very hard but were glad to see him and say goodbye. At first those images haunt you night and day, but over time they are replaced by happier memories. You never ever forget how you felt back then and are amazed that you actually do survive the loss. Each year they are gone is different the grief is always there inside but the intensity lessens. Use whatever tools you need to keep yourself going your faith, community support, family friends, medications prescribed by a doctor but avoid excess alcohol and drugs they can become a crutch and then a problem. adamsdad you are in the right place we all gather here to keep a continuous loop of posts and support all in one place. I am sorry for the loss of your son. My son had just turned 24. parents are usually the last to know when drugs or excessive alcohol are being used by their child because it is kept very quiet. The child knows it is not right or legal but use it to numb the emotions or escape from the pressures in their life and often have undiagnosed depression anxiety or other mental illness. There is still a stigma around mental health the sufferers are ashamed for not coping and are afraid of being judged. There are several parents on this thread who also lost their child to drugs and I hope you can connect with them. nevertheless all of us have lost a child/adult child and follow the same path through grieving. It becomes immaterial in the end how they died or even when. All that remains is a deep love and sorrow that they are gone from our lives that we carry to the grave.
  25. Loss of an Adult Child

    peggy there is no shame in needing some help getting through this by calling your doctor. Many of us needed anti depressants to allow us to function or sleeping medication. The dr could also sign you off work perhaps? so harsh to expect a parent who lost their child to be able to work as if nothing has happened. Ask my dear. I always taught my kids "Don't ask, don't get", the worse that can happen is they will say no and often say yes so it is worth a shot. rebekah'smom there are constant ups and downs in grief. You can be doing a little better then something happens that knocks you flat on your back again. Sometimes there is no trigger it is just overwhelming sadness. There is definitely some shock in the first few months your mind kind of disassociates, with time being distorted. Some days last forever others go by and you cant remember them it is really weird but a fact. That is why we all keep saying take it one day at a time don't be tempted to rush things, grief has to be suffered through. You may get more information soon and that also has to be mentally processed.