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  1. Whats the current status? Have you consulted an attorney? What advice did he gave you? My aunt also lost her son in hit and run case. She was also recommended to hire a good lawyer which can provide justice to her son. She referred and viewed services of different lawyers to shortlist few. Personal Injury Lawyers help get compensation for these kinds of accidents.
  2. I can understand what you must be going as my brother too faced a similar problem. He was a habitual drinker and got arrested a couple of times, due to which his wife left him with the kids. He was completely broken and is trying to put his life together once again. I would suggest that you seek some counseling and even though its none of my business to say but I would suggest that unless you have found something to keep you stable, don't let go off the entire savings and house. Try to divide it, so that you will have something to relay upon in future. There various useful resources who will guide you perfectly on how to handle your divorce, so seek their help and suggestions.
  3. I think you should seek on-line consultations or try to get free legal aid from your local federal services! You should not put up with the bad intentions of your sister anymore and just expose her in front of everyone! Even my friend faced the same problems so she consulted a renowned lawyer which she came across through this useful resource and he guided her really well!
  4. I can very well understand what you must be going through! It is very important to move ahead in life and start afresh! The best thing that you can do right now is get a job. whether it is part time or full time so that you will keep yourself busy and it will help you in moving on with life. My own sister had a very nice divorce recently which involved a lot of mud-slinging, character assasination from her husband's side. Although she eventually won the case thanks to her attoeney, (a renowned one based right here in Paris)she was distraught! So she joined support groups and works part-time at a nearby restaurant. She is recovering slowly, and I am sure so will you! Just don't loose hope!
  5. Just join some support group and start meeting new people. You can find a lot in the internet these days. You never know that you might end up meeting someone who understands you!
  6. Stop crying and get a hold on yourself! Spend more time with your daughter as she needs you the most and lastly get a good attorney and make sure he regrets his decision of leaving you!
  7. I think you should join a local support group as well as try to get more involved with the children and focus on their upbringing. And if possible get a job as it will distract you from your current situation as help you in becoming financially independent.