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    Boyfriend of 9 years
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    March 30'20116
  1. It was on a Wednesday night March 30 2016 ; the worst nite ever,,,I was downstairs my Teddy bear(best boyfriend ever to me) was upstairs sleeping because he worked the night shift ; I heard a thud sounding-board something had fell ,I ran upstairs and found him lying in the floor unresponsive, I thought he was sleeping because I heard at least I thought he was snoring, I called 911 and tried to revive him ,seemed like forever till help arrived they were in the room for about ,40 minutes trying to revive him and then they toted him out to the ambulance on the way to the hospital, only for the doctors to come out and said they did all they could do they said he died of a massive heart attack and my Teddy bear never complained of chest pains or even said he was sick that day,i lost my best friend and my heart feels like it weighs a thousand pounds, I miss him so much