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  1. I can no longer envision my future

    It was a turbulent relationship, but I loved him and was prepared to overlook his faults, and just focus on improving myself and therefore improving the relationship. He would never take responsibility and so didn't work on himself, but I knew that and accepted it. Eventually we got married. He is the love of my life. A year into the marriage and he's online all the time, talking to girls. I try to overlook it. Then he seems to have fallen for one of the girls, and I am pushed away and rejected more than ever. A divorce is on the cards. I go along with the plans, because I don't feel anything but numb and I just go along with what is asked of me. I know deep down he doesn't love me as much as I love him, and that us no longer being together is not within my control. A few weeks later and I've moved back in with my own family - in the comfort of the bedroom I had as a kid. I find myself in a position of feeling my life is over, and I am just sticking around because I couldn't cause pain to my family by doing anything 'silly'. I've spoken to the Samaritans. I'm stable, yet I'm numb, and just drifting now. The divorce proceedings have already begun. I am confused as to how this has all happened. I can't imagine any kind of future for myself, the lowness is excruciating, the loneliness is awful. If anybody wants to talk on WhatsApp or anything, DM me. I'd love to get to know others in a similar position. I'm a 30 year old woman.