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  1. You won't forget. It's been almost 12 years for me and I haven't forgotten anything to do with him. I remember the way he smells, how it felt when he held me, the good times we had, everything, like it was yesterday.
  2. Bobbers, It doesn't sound weird at all! Unfortunately, finances ARE an issue. I had $120 in my account when my husband died. Somehow I've gotten by. I remember after he died, I went to my budget (in an Excel spreadsheet) and deleted his income in the months across it, and red figures appeared at the bottom (in the hole)...my daughter was looking over my shoulder and knew my concern and she said, "Don't worry, Mom. God will take care of you, he's always taken care of me!" To hear that from my daughter who was a young adult, 22, really encouraged me. I, like KMB, pray God's blessings upon you.
  3. Oh Andy, I hear you and your daughter's heart's cries, I'm so sorry...
  4. Autocharge, I'm sorry for your loss as well, but glad you found your way here. This is quite a journey, it takes time to work through this. It took me probably three years just to process his death, finding purpose and building a life I could live with took way longer. Wishing you well on your journey.
  5. I love it! To all those thoughtless buffoons!
  6. Another very good point!
  7. Very insightful! We don't have it in us to deal with their crap when they do it though, it takes everything within us to get through the grief...
  8. Mrsviden, I'm sorry I'm coming in to this conversation so late. I'm going to reply to your original post, and then go back and read the other responses, while it's fresh on my mind. I would honestly let these people go. They have no comprehension of your love with your husband OR your loss and it appears they have no interest in learning about it. Is it wrong to post what you're feeling on FB? No, not wrong. Understanding it's going out to a whole host of people, though, and most are not going to understand the grief process or your feelings, you might consider writing him a letter...I have a computer file that I add letters to George into, have since he died. They're just between me and him, no one else sees them. I'm glad you've joined this forum, this is a place you can safely post your feelings and know they're valid and know you're understood by many people who are going through similar experiences in their own grief journey. Reading how these people treated you breaks my heart for you, it makes me want to put my arms around you and hold you and let you cry. I'm so sorry. Sometimes we are reminded we don't get to choose family we're born to, but we did get to choose the person we married and that meant everything in the world, that's why the loss is so great. (((hugs)))
  9. KMB, your post really touched me. I have a close friend who has CHF and it scares me the thought of him not making it. I hate that we can lose someone we love at any given moment.
  10. No parents, brothers or sisters? I'm sorry. I belong to a church, that helps a lot as my parents are dead, children and siblings aren't nearby, at least it provides extended family. It helps to have a sense of community. Even joining other parents of kids in sports, etc. can help that. As KMB said, we're here whenever you want to talk.
  11. heatherD, I am so sorry. You know the pain we've all been through, it's hard. It really does help to come here and know you're heard and understood. My husband was barely 51, I was blindsided by losing him. It won't stay in this intensity, little by little it evolves and we adjust, but oh how hard that beginning was. We're here with you.
  12. KMB, I remember going through the lack of sleep, it's very hard to make our way through this when we don't get the basic sleep our body needs. Have you seen a doctor for some help with it? I wish I had done that. I think I made it harder on myself than it needed to be by thinking I had to tough it out. Now, knowing what I know, I would make a different choice.
  13. Sometimes it puts stuff there from before, usually if you click on it, then hit delete it'll go away.
  14. Translated from German: German Pass buy Buy German driving license Buy German ID card Buy and registered German citi I smell SPAM!