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  1. Infidelity

    Feb 2016, I come home and find my brother's cell making all kinds of ringtone and notification noise on the kitchen table. I figured it was our mother so I picked it up and there it was. Messages from him and my wife. We were having some marital problems, yes. My best friend was murdered along with the sister of my ,at the time, wife. At that point in my life me and my wife had been together for 13 years. The last 6 of those she suffered miserably from the onset of schizophrenia. I finally left her because I could no longer take care of her. I should have seen a therapist to deal with the loss of my BF and feelings of abandoning my wife. I didn't. I re-married and the depression started to hurt our marriage. After learning of the affair I moved out. Since then I've been taking anti-depressants and seeing a therapist. I sit here every night in shock. My own flesh and blood and my wife betrayed me. How in the hell could they do this? I bought a gun and have been planning to use it on myself. This is pain I can not bear. Every night I try to think of just one reason to go on. God, I miss my wife. I want my life back.