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  1. Hi there my girlfriend and i have been together 4 months now and have had a great relationship so far. 2 weeks ago her brother died in a tragic accident, she lost another brother to suicide 12 years ago. I was there at the wake and for her as best i could i kept telling her im here anytime for her. She was hugging me and talking to me the days leading up to the funeral. But now she hardly answers my texts, doesnt want me calling to see her and doesnt answer the phone. She did text me the day after the funeral and said she didn't feel i gave her the proper support she needed whereas her friends talked and cried with her giving her total support. Her friends know her for years and her family and her brother that died. I had'nt met her parents to the wake so i can understand why she can talk to them instead of me. I don't want to crowd her so i have been texting once in the morning and once at night but she sometimes does'nt answer. Im at the stage now where im thinking maybe i should leave her alone for a few days then text her again? I fear by doing this she might think i don't care and we could drift apart. She did say once that she knows where i am if she needs me. I don't want to make this about me as she is the one grieving but i would love to be there to support her. We are both 36 years old....any advice would be greatly appreicated!