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  1. it's been two and a half weeks I still cry but now I'm mad I'm so damn mad. I'm thinking I'm a little insane something's wrong with me I'm not myself at all I'm just so damn mad. am I crazy what's wrong with me why am I so mad
  2. I didnt kiss him bye that morning

    I feel alone I feel mad I feel empty it's just been two and a half weeks I know these are probably normal feelings but it feels so overwhelming and deep I don't feel like to me
  3. I didnt kiss him bye that morning

    I am so angry I don't know why I'm angry I'm just so angry I could eat the face off of anybody what is wrong with me. I have always been a mellow sweet nice person but I'm so angry my family doesn't understand I have no one to talk to. My family wants to love me there so good to me but they don't understand. I have no reason to be angry and I'm so damn angry. I feel like I'm losing my mind. maybe I do need to talk to a grief counselor I don't know if it's normal it's been two and a half weeks. I just feel like nobody can explain why I'm so angry I'm so disgusted I'm so mad. I'm mad at him I'm mad at God I'm mad at everybody
  4. It was 2 weeks yesterday. I was running late for work I wish I would have took 5 seconds to kiss him bye. I called him ànd no answer at lunch and again when I got off work.I got the call after I got home. He was on his motorcycle. In the 6 years we have been together we have been across States on that thing. He died 6.2 miles from home. I'm not sure how I am sopost to be feeling or acting. Sometimes I'm ok sometimes not so much. I just keep trying to forgot him I know that's might not be healthy but I can't stand to think of him. This deep loss and this deep sadness is overwhelming. Its like a cold dark ocean of sadness ,loss and confusion it's pouring down on me filling up my lungs I can't breathe.