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  1. Sadness

    Justin, What endearing pictures of you and your sweet cat. Time will help you heal; you can't rush through the grieving period. You'll have just ok days...and then, some bad ones but you WILL emerge with the happiest of memories and move on. XO
  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm struggling to write this as I feel every emotion you have right now. Guilt is an awful component with grief, it can torture you for years. Just cling to positive thoughts and don't beat yourself up needlessly. you gave her an incredible life and obviously loved her deeply. The last kindness we can offer our pets is a peaceful end to their suffering. God bless.
  3. Overwhelmed with Grief

    I don't think the answer is to return the new dogs. Second thoughts are very understanding as your emotions will run all over the place for a few weeks. I believe it's best for you to redirect your grief toward the newcomers, knowing that in time, you will will love them just as much as your beloved dog that passed away. Just give it some time.......try to focus on what the new pups need and want. You're not replacing your other dog...just trying to fill the awful void left behind. Let yourself grieve without feeling guilty . In time, you will be ok.
  4. Lost my bestfriend: Sophie

    Your letter is beautiful and will help you in the days ahead. I especially love the part "I am sorry for any shortcomings" . Your words actually help me as I am still so sad over the passing of my beloved cat and I carry much guilt surrounding his death. Also, the photo of your dog is so precious. She was so adorable. Best of luck to you and God bless. c
  5. I am truly sorry for the loss of your sweet dog, a beautiful one at that. Allow yourself to grieve, allow yourself time and just remember that others who have ever loved a pet , feel the same as you when losing them. Their short lives are difficult to understand. They should all live as long as people, I think. They deserve longer lives, here with us. God bless and keep her close to you, in your heart she will remaine.
  6. My dog doesn't have much time.

    It seems lately, so many people I know , including myself, have had to part with beloved pets. I never diminish the loss like some folks do by say"oh, an animal?" "You're talking about an animal?", they will remark. Well, that so-called-animal was very bit a part of my day, as a child, spouse or any other loved one is day to day. The love and devotion given by that pet was immeasurable and unconditional too. The grieving is often subdued, the pain and sadness suppressed so as not to bring attention to those who just don't get it. My thoughts go out to all of you who have dealt with losses of their precious companions. The "grieving meter" I believe is gauged by the amount of love you had for your pet. In time your tears will dry and memories will replace the sadness you feel.
  7. One evening In 1996, yes, it has been that long........my beloved 3 year old declawed indoor cat was killed right outside our home. We were in a new house and he managed to push a porch door open. We didn't even know he was out there but heard the horrible struggle , not even realizing it was our cat being torn to pieces. Upon realizing what had just occurred, we were frantic, searching everywhere for days on end in hopes that he might turn up. Reality finally set in but the depression and guilt was overwhelming. There was never any real closure, never any trace of our dear little guy. Guilt is a horrible component with grief and I swear, the whole ordeal took years off my life. One can never be too careful is what I tell people. Awful stuff can happen when you least expect it. It never truly goes away but the grief you feel now will soften in time.