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  1. Newly-Wed Trouble

    My husband and I were married on 09/13/15, after a long distant relationship. He is a government contractor and works overseas for months at a time. He happened to be home when my father passed away suddenly. My husband takes ambien to sleep and had already taken his medicine when I was trying to call and tell him my father had died. He never answered and I was left alone to handle watching my father die. My husband did not show up to comfort me until after we had already arrived at my mothers house after leaving the hospital. I have major resentment for him not having been there when I felt I needed him the most. He has apologized but I don't feel he truly understands the hurt and abandonment I felt by him not being there. There have been other times in which I felt he was not there emotionally for me, and there have been other hurtful things in our very new marriage. I am trying to forgive but I'm having a hard time. Any advice appreciated.