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  1. Hi, I will try to make this short. It will be two years in October I lost my husband to terminal cancer and seven months later I was diagnosed with cancer. Finished treatment and am currently no evidence of disease. I returned to work after my treatment and a guy whom I knew liked me from day he started, stayed in touch during treatment and I were becoming good friends. We would grab lunch and a drink/dinner after work as friends and within months developed into relationship. We dated a short while as our work, distance and his children were quickly adding many layers of obstacles. Meanwhile what I thought was my best friend abandoned me right after treatment. Dating this guy made me feel wonderful and loved and was helping with the loss of my husband, my friend and my own cancer. When we ended I was in a whirlwind and then my ex-best friend decides to stab me in the heart more by telling me that once my husband passed she really didn't feel the connection with me anymore. This was a little over two weeks ago and my slide into the rabbit hole began. It is taking every once of strength to get up each day as I really made a mess of things with the guy I worked with. I let all my fear, anger, grief and insecurity get the best of me and it is so not like me. I have started counseling and I'm so afraid of how I feel.