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  1. Thank you for everything I just am so confused and I'm only 15 and I get drunk and smoke a lot that's why I'm like him I got the bad parts of him haha I'm actually hung over from like last night but I wanted to reply I'm just trying to graduate and get into college so that then I can hopefully just live and be happy
  2. I've had a hard time um making a connection with.....God.....since my dad died I just feel like there's nothing there and I go to church three days a week but I'm just not feeling the way I used to.
  3. My dad was abusive and did drugs and was an alcoholic all his life and then my parents got a divorce about 3 1/2 years ago. Well about a year ago he killed himself he overdosed on heroine he has tried to kill himself many times before I have have ever found him once. I was so angry at him all these years that it blinded my love for him because even tho he wasn't good he had many good qualities and I miss him a lot I am somewhat like him. I feel very lost and confused still my emotions change constantly and it sucks. My mom remarried a few years ago and he is in the military so I am stationed overseas. When my dad died his parents didn't call so I had no clue for awhile I missed the funeral and everything and I didn't get to have any of his belongings and it's been tough and my relationship with my mother has gotten worse I hate it I want to graduate and just give up and do whatever.