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  1. Poem III.

    I don´t want to cry tonight, I have the reason to be in right, you came to me two days ago, I felt a shiver up to toe. The glockenspiel started to play I bought you for a Christmas day, it was here at one o´clock making me a little shock. I felt it as a grip such hot telling you I miss you a lot, I realized the time is up, you went away,I took a nap. Now you´re gone but it doesn´t seem sad, because it feels still hot,you´re not dead, go on writing for you,sweetest honey, such a magic gift can´t pay the money. I´ve got you and you´ve got me, that´s the way the love should be, it´s the most important precious gift, we´ll be flying or is there a heaven´s lift? I´m waiting for you to hold me forever missing you even more than ever, you´ll always be my only one, my heart is beating for you,dearest Jan. Janka
  2. The loss of my beloved man.

    My beloved Jan, today belongs to your birthday,sweetest honey!I´ve brought you the most beautiful roses as I always do to you...There was such a rainy day here,but God has listened to my prayers and sitting at your grave I´ve felt a sunshine on my face and birds were singing all along...It was you who has brought the sunbeams to let me know that you´re always by my side...I was crying again...I couldn´t help it...You´re missed forever,dearest sweetheart!!!Then I went to church and praying a lot for you...I was very sad,sitting so quiet,telling God to hold us both close to him for eternity...because I can´t live without you..you´re my everything...I want to be with you in heaven... Love you,adore you,need you...you´re my everlasting love...give me your hand and we´ll never be apart... Forever yours, Janka
  3. The loss of my beloved man.

    :wub: My only one,my best,my most beautiful,my beloved Jan! It´s been already 4 years now and it seems to be harder yet.I´m close to tears writing these words full of neverending love I feel for you forever,my sweetest honey,trying to do not make cry myself as I know that I couldn´t stop,again.You´re everything I have,I believe in and I love for eternity! Please,don´t keep me waiting too long as you know that I can´t live without you.I hardly breathe through the pain I feel inside.Every day I wait for you to come,for the day you get back to me and hold me in your arms being as one forever.I can´t wait to be with you,my love,again. There will be no more death...no more tears crying for you...no more pain throbbing in my heart.We´ll be together,my angel,again. I´m all yours,with every beat of my heart,the happiest to be with you and loving you always...forever...for eternity! I love you...above all...and always will!!! Janka 11.11.2015
  4. Dear friends!

    Dear friends, I´m very sorry for your losses you´ve been going through! This is a right place to be as all of us do understand how hard yourney it is. Thanks for this wonderful site! I´m sending hugs! Janka
  5. We are such stuff as dreams are made on;and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

  6. In loving memory of my beloved man Jan.

    Me and my beloved Jan.