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  1. Hi Emily, sorry to hear about your wee baby pepper , I can understand how you are feeling , if u read my thread " hurt and saddened " . Like yourself I feel that I could off done more to save my cat ollie who was only 11 months old , just like your cat pepper , he followed me everywhere , slept beside me , etc , and when I spoke to him it was if he new exactly what i was saying to him , Ollie died during surgery , the vet didn't know what was wrong with him , sickness and dioreah for 10 days , they took bloods from him as they thought he had lukemeia albeit he had been vaccinated against it , bloods came back ok , they said they were happy with him , I must off been to the vets with him 4 times in that 10 days ... On the Saturday night he was up all night sick and dioreah , I got up on Sunday and thought this isn't right , took him to the vets and they said we need to open him up to c what the problem is .... they told me to come back in a couple of hrs to see him as they would off done the operation , well I had only left 20 mins and received a call to say ollie had took a heartattack during surgery and died " they discovered he had pancreitis , I couldn't believe what I was hearing , my baby was gone and I never even had a chance to say goodbye ..to him , I never got out off bed for 3 days crying for him , I was full off guilt , why did I let them operate on my cat , he was ill probably dehydrated , in pain , low blood as he hadn't eaten for days , why didn't they not make sure my Ollie was fit for the operation first , give him an antibiotic , give him a drip etc to build him up , why why did I let them do this , why didn't I take him to another vet for a second opinion , I cry at night sometime cursing myself for not looking into it more , seeking different advise , I raced back to the vets after they phoned me to get all the details and I couldn't even go and see him dead , I just couldn't have seen him lying there dead , I would off screamed and howld the place down , i just could do it " he was gone " .. The vet said that he has acute pancreitis and that's what caused the sickness and dioreah and it can be painfull , I started searching the Internet to see why he had this , I gave him the best wet food and dried food , but what I dicovered after reading the Internet , I gave Ollie wafer thin ham as he loved it , and that can cause pancreitis ........ So I blamed myself again , why did I give him that..... Sometimes you think your doing the right thing , take advice without getting a second opinion, its not until something goes wrong that you start to look back into a situation , questioning everything in your head .. Why this etc , All I can say is you like myself done what you thought was right at the time , you put your trust into other professional people , the guilt will never leave me for Ollie , but I try and tell myself that I done everything that I thought was right , which I did ,I miss him everyday and will never ever forget him .... But I have to deal with the guilt every day to .... Which is hard x Love jackie x
  2. Aww I'm so sorry to hear about your cat pigeon .... It is very difficult to come to terms with the loss off an animal , just like you I lost my 11 month old cat , he was all well one minute then very ill the next ... He died off pancreitis , the vet never knew he had it until it was basically too late ...He died during the operation with a heartattack , I myself was riddled with guilt as I never noticed the signs that he was ill until it was basically killing him , everything went through my head ," what if ". After he died , all I done was think about things that he was doing prior to dying , did he eat something he shouldn't have , etc and you can go on and on ..... It's very difficult to know there's something wrong with a cat because they they hide pain and often never show any symptoms off being ill until it's too late or it's done them a lot off damage What I have learned from this is if a cat dosent eat for 24 hrs or has diorearah and seems quiet in themselves , Better to take them to the vet just to have a check up ... Please don't punish yourself with guilt , it will take time to come to terms with the loss off pigeon , maybe get yourself another kitty although it'll never replace her .... I still cry at night sometimes for my wee ollie ... And I think I always will ..I just loved him as if he was my baby . And I have another 2 cats but it's the individual personalities there all different .... Jackie x They all have
  3. Feeling hurt and sadned

  4. my maxwell had to put to sleep

    Sorry to hear about maxwell , I'm sure you done your best for him , but some people who don't have animals don't understand how attached you are to them , just like your kids , just before my ollie died , I had to leave work earlie to take him too the vet and my boss wasn't pleased , as if it's only a cat , yeh only a cat he's like my baby .. I will never forgive her for not understanding the situation that I was in , my heart was raceing panicking for his well being , thinking off you , jackie
  5. Feeling hurt and sadned

    Thanks Carolanne , my wee jaxson seems to be ok at the minute , although I would say he's been a bit quieter since he was given steroid injection last week , just hope that he will survive this , I still cry sometimes for my other cat ollie as he was such a lovely boy , X
  6. Feeling hurt and sadned

  7. Feeling hurt and sadned

    I lost my 11 month old kitten ollie on the 26th October 2014 ... 3 days before his 1st birthday , he had lost his appetite and was having diarrhea , took him to the vets and they gave him antibiotics and said they were happy with him , this continued for about 10 days , back and forth to the vets and they said they would have to open him up and see what was causing the problem , maybe he had eaten something that he shouldn't have and it had lodged in his intestines ... During surgery my little boy took a heartattack and died ... When they opened him up they discovered that he had acute pancreatitis .... I couldn't stop crying , I had lost my best friend .. I was in bed for 3 days couldn't believe I would never see him again ... I never even got a chance to say goodbye ... As I never thought for a minute he would die during surgery , After I started to come to terms with his loss , I started searching for another kitten to ease the pain and got another kitten called jaxson , jaxson is just 14 weeks old and is a happy wee chappy he's a ginger maincoon cross ragdoll/Persian , I had noticed that jaxson has had a red bottom and the other day I thought what looked like a pile on his bum , so I decided to take him to the vet just to have him checked over and was not given great news The vet said he has rectal prolapse not very common in cats , he thinks he was born with it and it could result in death , there is a few different things that could help , steroid injections for life , structurs in his anus wall and if that fails full surgery will be required with only 60/40 success . I couldn't believe that he was telling me that my new baby may not survive this , I'm very saddened that I may have to go through all the hurt again, I'm glad that I have insurance for jaxson as it could be very costly , he is doing well and dosent seem to be in pain and just maybe he may survive .... Fingers crossed , I will do everything I need to for him