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  1. Brendobones, My heart goes out to you. It isn't easy watching someone we love in pain. While your wife is mourning her mother it sounds like you are mourning your relationship with your wife (I think that is normal). You are doing the best you can to be all the things your wife needs. I'm sure when you got married this wasn't what you imagined it to be. My advice to you... keep loving your wife because I'm sure she isn't doing it for herself. She probably sees how difficult this is for you at times but can't get past her own pain. I am losing my mom. I am also getting married in six weeks. Your post helped me see things through my fiancé's eyes. I know how miserable I can be right now but I can't help it. I am angry that this is happening to my mom. I want to be everything for everyone but I'm human (as are you and your wife). We all deal with pain differently. Remind yourself daily that you are a good husband. The best thing you can do... be the best husband you can be. That may sound silly but it will vary from day to day. Life sometimes just gets in the way. Good luck to you.
  2. Hello all.. My mom has been battling cancer for the past year. We received devastating news just before Christmas that there isn't much more that can be done. I am trying to be my mom's voice through this journey. I am having difficulty with her husband. We know that this beast is what will take her life... he just keeps pushing. I feel that he is being selfish wanting her to have surgery (which will leave her with no quality of life) just to keep her here physically. I want my mom here as much as anyone but I also can't justify making her suffer for the same result. I feel guilty.. like I'm giving up but at the same time I want what is best for her. Is there ever a "right" answer? I feel like everything I think is wrong. I keep praying for guidance. I'm not ready to lose my mom! She is my best friend... the one I run to no matter what is happening in my life. Why is God doing this to her? It just isn't fair. I am getting married in 6 weeks. How am I supposed to be happy whIle I am watching this monster take my mom? Please help.
  3. Posting My Story

    Hello everyone.. this is my first time reaching out for help this way. My mom is dying from cancer. I don't think she has fully accepted what is happening to her. She is reaching for false hope. I don't know what I can do to help her...comfort her. I myself am devastated but I have been holding it in to be there for her. I feel lost, useless, guilty... I just don't know where to turn. My mom is my best friend. The thought of losing her to this beast is killing me. Any help is greatly appreciated.