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  1. I know I am forever changed from losing my precious baby at 9 weeks of age. But I have two other children who need me and its so hard to put on a front, but I do and some days I don't. I isolate myself now as I feel that I'm different and find it hard to relate to others. I'm taking anti depressants after not being on them for 6 years but I know I have to do something. The loneliness is really starting to get to me and its hard. I just wish this was all a crazy dream
  2. My daughter Madison passed away on 31st October 2013. I put myself in rehab to deal with it sober for 3mnths and in that time I grieved hard to the very core of my soul. Myself and the father are no longer together and I have just completely blocked them both out. Him due to other circumstances aswell. But he is really broken and he made me realise that I need to try and find a balance and some kind of friendship with him because of what we are going through. But at the same time make my boundaries clear as I don't want a relationship with him. And at the same time he needs to try and understand the way im dealing with it aswell. Anyway im just really sad how I don't have one photo up of her, don't really talk about her and haven't even watched the dvd that we had at the funeral. I think I have to spend that time with him to do that. Its going to be hard but I can't pretend she never existed. Mummy loves you Madison xx
  3. feeling so angry today. I gate feeling like this I just wish this was all a dream and I could wake up from this nightmare. Really struggling today.

  4. It will be three years in October when my angel grew her wings. And I'm finding this year harder than last year. I've really started to isolate myself and I feel like I can't relate to other mums who haven't lost a child. I feel like there's not a lot of understand or compassion and it makes me isolate. I don't want to isolate and I want to connect with others so I'm reaching out to anyone who have lost a child and is comfortable to speak about it. Or just to say hello and adk the question, 'how are you?' So please feel free to contact me for a chat. Thanks.