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  1. He left notes...

    Suicide is such a tough one....the coroner said my sister committed suicide (she died Oct. 21 2011).....we aren't so sure. My step-dad shot himself right after my mom died of cancer...She died Sept 8th 2014 and he died Nov 21 2014. The note he wrote blamed me. It's still something I'm working through it all....too many losses to quickly. I'm glad you are getting counseling! I'm praying it helps! God Bless, Stacie
  2. Elouisa, I'm so sorry for what you are enduring. I understand how hard it is...the wanting to be there, but not be there. My mom died almost 4 months ago and it was so extremely difficult. She was the most full of life and energy person I knew! She was my best friend. We would talk every morning on the phone (and throughout the day) - and spend every Sunday together. She went very quickly- within two months. I stayed with her every step of the way and held her as she passed on. So many times I wanted to run from the room because watching her suffer was horrific and I didn't want to witness it. My sister (my only sibling) died in 2011, at 34 years of age and the loss devastated my mom. I had to be there for my mom as hard as it was. I lost my step-dad two months later- he committed suicide. The only thing I know is God has not abandoned me...we have to rely on our faith to get us through and not lose our joy and happiness in the storm. If you can, as hard as it is- be there for your dad, hold him close and talk to him...he only has a short while and he can hear you. My mom woke up before she passed away. She said she was going to dance with Jesus! Whispering to her, singing to her and holding her were a gift and a blessing from God and I'm so glad I was there! She passed Monday morning, Sept 8th 2014 at 6:30AM. Praying for you and your family! God Bless! Stacie
  3. He left notes...

    I can't even imagine what you're going through. I'm so sorry for your loss and am praying your little one is okay. Love doesn't turn off....and I would think it's really difficult for you to process everything that has happened. Praying for you and your family!
  4. The loss of my only sibling (younger), to cancer.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm praying you are able to find peace, comfort and understanding. I lost my only sibling- my sister in 2011. She was 34 years old and left behind a little one- who we are now raising. I just lost my mom and my dad (step-dad) two months ago and I'm struggling with all these losses. Be gentle with yourself and take time to grieve. I get daily verses sent to my email from GriefShare which helps me a lot. http://www.griefshare.org/dailyemails Kind Regards, Stacie
  5. I've never had an issue with anxiety until I lost my mom on Sept 8th 2014, and then my step-dad committed suicide after my mom's death on Nov 21 2014 ( he had been in my life since I was young). I lost my only sibling- when my little sister died in 2011, at age 34. I feel like I can't get a handle on my grief and the panic - which seems to hit me out of no where. My sister left behind my niece, who is now 7 years old. My mom and step-dad were raising her until my mom's cancer made her too sick. My mom died two weeks after diagnosis- she went very quickly. My niece came to live with us (we have 6 children ages 25, 22, 21, 20, 18 and 5 years old). My three oldest are boys, and they are all in the military (which doesn't help with anxiety). My niece has had to deal with these losses as well and I need to be able to not only help her function but I need to find my joy again, and I don't know how. We are in counseling and I am going to start doing GriefShare meetings. The last GriefShare meeting I went to - when I got home is when I found out my step-dad had killed himself. I don't like to take medications- I don't even have a doctor. Everything I do is natural / organic / homeopathic but I'm beginning to wonder if I should get on something temporarily, to help me get over these panic attacks / slump I'm in. I am a Christian and do pray and listen to Christian music- so I'm also clinging to my faith. Not sure if meds will work or what I'm doing wrong ..... I just know I can't keep going on with no sleep and feeling like I'm in 'Flight / Fight' mode all the time. Anyway, just kinda venting / looking for some support.