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  1. October 3, 2014

    My name is Rachel. I lost my sister on Oct 3, 2014. I received a call at 11:01 pm on October 3rd from my older sister, she was on her way to Becky's friends house, she had gotten a call that something was wrong...when she got there my sister had passed. She overdosed on heroine....she had been clean for 6 years prior to that night. My siblings are more than just my sisters and brother...they are my best friends, my other halves...when my sister died it was like a piece of my soul was ripped out of my chest. People say that you never stop grieving but it gets easier each day...the pain I am feeling today is the same that I felt when I received that call the night Becky past. I miss her so much...her daily text messages, jokes, her little boyish walk lol...the way the room would light up when she walked in. I miss being able to just show up at her house and sit and talk for hours about nothing with her...I just miss my best friend. I wonder everyday how I managed to make it thru...between my emotional breakdowns, anxiety attacks...i get frustrated over everything...I can't stay focused. I don't know how to deal with this...it's too much for me to handle. Thanks for reading...I haven't spoken to anyone really about this and I just needed to vent.