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  1. Loss of an Adult Child

    Hi thank you all for thinking of me and wishing me well. I unfortunately had to go back into hospital I was so ill I just couldn’t cope was in a viscous circle because I couldn’t keep any medication down so high temperatures and just getting sicker and sicker. I’m still in pain but feeling better. Its my mums funeral next Wednesday. Going to be extremely hard for us all as it’s at the same crematorium that we had James’s. So hard I feel so anxious. Laurie I am so so sorry I missed Jesse David’s anniversary I hope you felt him by your side and whispering in your ear “I’m here right beside you “. God Bless xx Thank you once again my much cherished understanding family Georgina xxx
  2. Loss of an Adult Child

    Thank you Lesley Dee Laurie and Lou Anne struggling today feeling very sick I think it’s all the medication I’m on Leasley thankyou for the pins I connected with ‘when I must leave you’ “I will meet you in the sky” always hope and pray for that xx Sandy so sorry for your loss take care it’s so hard xxx
  3. Loss of an Adult Child

    Hi well at long last after 14 weeks of pure torture I re eived the results of my CT with contrast. And was rushed into theatre to have a 4cm not mm kidnet stone removed that had lodged at the top of my ureatha partially blocking it so the kidney didn’t drain properly. I’m still quite poorly. They have fitted a stent for a week which I can quite honestly say is feeling worse than the original pain I had. Feeling so run down it’s untrue . Xx Deei hope your grand boy is doing ok now xx Laurie, Kate so well explained. I have had so many comments said to me and advice on being stronger that’s what your son would of wanted, that I avoid situations where I would have to deal with it just can’t take it anymore. Xx Lou-Anne Happy Thanksgiving xxx Ja-boa’s grandma feel better soon take care xx God Bless gxxx
  4. Loss of an Adult Child

    Thank you Sherry you are right I do have lovely memories of lovely days with my very special mum. It's hard though as I phoned her everyday and missed that especially today. It just hit me. Xx DeeI love how you said our Angels are helping all the Angels finding their way such a lovely thought as I hope that happened to James when he arrived xxx Diane, Kate I love that song also haven't heard this version thanks you xx Sandy I too love the song we're going to play it my mums funeral. Xx Thinking of you today Becky JD send your mum a sign today let her know in her heart that your ok xxx i thought I'd share this exactly right xx https://thelifeididntchoose.com/2017/10/02/you-cant-hide-your-heart-and-theres-no-points-for-pretending/ Gid Bless gxxx
  5. Loss of an Adult Child

    Here you go Kate. Xx. Thank you xx
  6. Loss of an Adult Child

    Thank you You all so much you give me strength and feeling of being part of a family your all so kind and caring. Xx A little bit of family history... My sisters and I used to sing as a group when we were younger. We went all over the world and once had the opportunity to record in the younger BeeGees studio in miami. My older sister used to sing and record in New York and arranged for my mum as a Christmas present for us all to sing part of the song. It was such fun l not doing brilliant Dee still signed off work as I keep getting infections. I have an E.coli infection again so struggling with all this on top. Diane I hadn't seen this but I love the picture Dee painted of Erika sitting on the moon with one leg hanging over the side. Susan thankyou, lovely words. I miss my mum so much just this wonderful little person shuffling around with a smile on her face always there for me with a listening ear.xx Thank you everyone should of posted this last night but feel asleep feeling exhausted. God Bless x
  7. Loss of an Adult Child

    Thank you Dee, Jaboas grandma and Kate for such kind thoughts and words. She was 87 such a good age. 57 years longer than James. As she was passing I asked her to send me signs that she's ok and with James and my dad and brother. It was so hard to watch her suffer she didn't deserve that but I stayed by her side telling her how much I loved her and what an incredible mum, grandma and great grandmother she had been. My other sisters were there and we sang her favourite song to her 'what a wonderful world' I hope she's at peace now and in heaven With her Son, my two sons and dad. Oh and signs....... I got in the car and my phone connected with the Bluetooth like it does and often plays just random songs from my playlist so the first song that played was ' Danny boy ' my brothers name, and the second song was ' the prayer ' unbelievable really God Bless xxxxxx
  8. Loss of an Adult Child

    Hi I thought I'd let you know my mum died yesterday night. I think I told you she had had a massive heart attack two weeks ago. Just feel so devastated. She had a good life 6 children, 14 grandchildren and 7 nearly eight great grandchildren.. She was an absolutely inspiring intelligent strong woman who had only given up work three years before. She worked every day six days a week from 8 in the morning to 8 at night. I loved my mum so much she was such and inspiring woman who never stopped working. I feel just so sad and overwhelmed gx
  9. Loss of an Adult Child

    I thought I'd share this and the link for you to follow xxx https://thelifeididntchoose.com/2016/09/22/repost-bill-of-rights-for-grieving-parents/
  10. Loss of an Adult Child

    Hi Sherry, Kate, Dee, Diane and Laurie thank you for asking after me. Kevin has had another heart attack. I just don't get my life anymore. I've been feeling rock bottom as I don't get a chance between one thing and another. He's going to have to have a pace maker fitted we think as his heart is beating too slow. I'm till waiting for test results for my kidney problems feeling completely worn out. Will most probably loose my job if I don't get back but I just can't as I feel too ill. Why is life so hard and so hurtful. I must of done something so bad to deserve this. I can't think what. Sorry to go on. Thank you for caring it means so much. James had his funeral today and was buried tomorrow such a hard few days with the build up. Love to you all thank you again God Bless xxxxxxxxx
  11. Loss of an Adult Child

    Thank you knowing I had all my friends here to support me throughout these last few days has helped me. Exhausted tonight will post tomorrow I thought I would share this again. God Bless xxx
  12. Loss of an Adult Child

    Kate their adorable and keep me going xxxx I love them xxxJustwish James was here as well he would of been such a loving uncle and given them so much. He was an artist and Ellia the older one loves to paint xxx
  13. Loss of an Adult Child

    Thank you for your words that give me the strength to face tomorrow and the kindness and compassion the hope that you'll be there for me. Im struggling tonight but felt comfort in reading your posts to me. God Bless Georgina xxx
  14. Loss of an Adult Child

    Thank you for your kind words and prayers it means so much to me and has helped me keep going. My mum is still holding on. They cannot believe that she survived as they think she had the heart attack on the Tuesday and we only managed to get her into hospital on the Friday. She had already had a heart attack about ten years ago and had to have a double bypass and valve replacement since.. She now has congestive heart failure but she's still here and I know the outlook isn't good but I just couldn't cope with loosing her right now.. My sister has to have her surgery on the 18th and then it's a waiting game to find out what it is but I do think they can tell when they see it but still make you wait to be sure. It's so scary. We are all just focusing on mum at the moment my sister is blocking it out of her mind she doesn't want to think about it or discuss it now. It's so hard.. I am waiting to see my consultant this week for the results of my CT scan with contrastim praying it's good news I honestly don't think I could deal with the surgery at the moment. My daughter is ok she's already bought a new Car on HP and is starting a new Job as nurse in two weeks. She's ok at the moment quiet but taking each day one day at a time. She tried to organise for all our family and friends to come and support on Monday but only one person this year said they could so I asked her to cancel it it was hurting me too much I felt devastated and so sad that none cared enough to be there. It has only been 3years Monday 36 months....... my biggest fear was they would forget him.... God Bless everyone you care more than most of my family and I thank you for that. God Bless Georgina xxx ...
  15. Loss of an Adult Child

    Hi sorry I haven't been on for a while. I've been fighting hard to get over this illness that has struck me down with a vengeance. I'm still undergoing investigations to get to the bottom of it and have not been allowed back to work as yet. My life is unbelievable! My mum has had a massive heart attack a week ago the same week my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and to top it all my husband is looking at amputation for his left leg because his ankle is still broken after 17 years hence his continued debilitating pain and giving way. My daughter had a car accident on Sunday and wrote off her car. The driver in front of her slammed on his brakes and she ploughed into the back of him @60 miles per hour I nearly died but she's ok thank God Its no wonder I can't recover I'm completely overwhelmed. Its James's anniversary on Monday and I haven't been able to arrange anything because I never have a moment to do anything else. Sorry I know we're all going through tough times. I really do. Just feeling it's all too much. Love and God Bless you all Georgina xx