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  1. Thankyou Dee I am waiting for the consultant to decide what to do next. He is going to have a meeting with a few specialists at a once a month meeting they have. I'm still ill but the pain meds are helping me cope They won't do anything straight away as I had sepsis and I'm still on strong antibiotics. I thought the artical was good too xx Kate how awful for you to have to carry what you were told on top of baring your grief. We have the autopsy results too but have never looked at them I do want to know but just Carnot bare to know either. Thankyou Kate xxx God Bless to all Georgina xx
  2. Lesley thank you. I don't think the grief will ever leave me. We are still in the middle of our fight for justice and getting nowhere fast. One of the reports came through on what Hems did for him and I can't read it. I seem to have lost my strength I just can't at the moment I'm not sure I want to know all the fine details because I can never take them back. I know it must be so hard to have the Angelversary so close . We're coming up to that soon and then it never stops Birthday Christmas Peter,s Birthday/ Angelversary its such a hard journey. God Bless xx
  3. Thanks Diane I'm sorry you've had Sepsis as well. Mine was caught early but I've been so ill. I'm on so much medication I can hardly function. Take care diean love the pics gxxx
  4. Diane I am also homesick for the place you describe my life was so different then. I'm so yearning for James my heart aches. I hadnt been able to go to the grave daily as I normally do, my husband has, I went today and felt a great sadness overwhelm me, it felt different in my heart, I have been so ill trying to get back on my feet and for a few days completely out of it with temps in the 40's, I found it hard to cope burst into tears it's like my mind won't let me accept what my heart feels. As usual I can't explain how I feel I find it hard to put into words. Dee I like and am encouraged by your words and it made me think about how we have had to work hard to find those steps to move forward and how we do everyday one day at a time xx I thought you would be interested in this. God Bless
  5. So sorry I'm late with these but you and our angels are always in my heart. I've been so ill still undergoing tests and had to cancel my trip over to the USA which my sister who lives in NJ had treated me to. Will catch up I promise xx Lots of Love xxx
  6. Hi just a quick catch up I'm so ill facing having my right kidney removed just waiting to be well enough to face the operation. I've had the nuclear scan to see how well its functioning feeling so ill I just can't cope. But your post and your words keep me going and give me hope so thank you so much for that. Sorry I've missed so many angel dates and anniversaries there always in my thoughts and prayers and my heart xx God Bless gxx
  7. Hi Laurie yes the doctors have prescribed vitamins but when I've finished the antibiotics I'm on as they are so strong they are making me sick most days. I will have to be on low dose antibiotics for the next six months after they have sorted out the kidney. Had a rough day today missing James with every breath I take . Susan so sad your story xx Thank you for the posts they really help x Have a gentle day God Bless xx
  8. Kate I feel exactly the same don't feel like celebrating anything anymore so hard as two of James's cousins are getting married one in October one in August next year how can I go to these how. I'm in a lot of pain the drugs I'm on keep me fairly comfortable but keep being sick my MAG (nuclear) scan has come through it's next Thursday feeling very apprehensive about it though. The report arrived today from the police haven't been able to go through yet just feeling overwhelmed love to you all gxxx
  9. Thinking of you today Colleen Just wanted to say "you are not alone" in my heart and prayers xx
  10. Just wanted to say thank you for your kind words and thoughts it really means so much to me. I'm home now for two weeks to finish the course of antibiotics before they start the tests needed for my kidney surgery I'm not certain I can handle this I'm feeling so worn out just completely overwhelmed. This is a hard time of year for me approaching James's angelversary just miss him so much. God Bless xx
  11. Hi everyone I've been very ill rushed into hospital last Friday with sepsis temperatures all week of 39/40. Been so poorly wanted to tell you all but just didn't have the strength have to have major surgery on my kidney may loose it can't take this in can't understand my life is such a mess now just wanted you all to know x Gid Bless gxx
  12. Hi I just wanted to update all those that have asked about how our meeting with the HEMS/Air Ambulance went. I was so frightened, anxious and upset as we pulled into the airdrome base and the helicopter was there to the side of us. I just cried and cried for what could of been. The doctor who saw us was the doctor who had treated James, he was lovely kind and gentle. He went through what they had done and tried to do he was very compassionate. As to if it helped I don't know what to say because it's hard to trust again because of the fight we're having with the police. I didn't feel comforted in any way just completely and utterly bereft. The HEMS doctors are amazing and the paramedics I thanked them for all they did. Dee I've been keeping you and your boy in my prayers it's so draining in the hospital at the bedside. God Bless you xx Julians mum so sad you've had to join us here but your amongst loving caring friends now who get it as they've walked in your shoes. Xxxx Georgina x
  13. Lorie thinking of you today on Taylor's birthday I hope and pray that he is close to you today Xx I noticed from your photo that tYour boys are buried side by side so nice to have them together My two boys are at different graveyards I hate this so much x Lesley I know how hard this will be for you I will also be in this position too as my sister who lives in America Son is getting married over here and I don't know if I van handle it. It just kills me because all I think about is this should of be James at every stage and it breaks my heart just over and over at every stage. Thankyou Dee for you words of encouragement we have to go meet with the Air Ambulance HEMS doctors tomorrow who treated James. I'm so scared of what they will say it's just too much to bare. I wish it didn't happen. Charlotte is having flashbacks so up all night reliving what happened they did say this was normal but to keep an eye on it as it could cause her problems so feeling quite anxious about this as well. Thank you Sherry and Susan For thinking of me and your advice xxx Lou Ann I have had that said to me so many times since James died but I was so upset when it was said when Charlotte got ill it was like I was being blamed as I was grieving for James Thanks Lou Ann xx
  14. Thank you. Dee there has been an investigation about what happened apparently we will hear the findings on the 6th of July. I'm not sure if they made some sort of errors but I'm sure if they did we won't know. We'll see. Thank you though for your lovely words and support means so much to me. Lou Ann thank you life is so hard we keep being hit by one thing after ther other I get so scared now that something else is going to happened. Susan they said it will be. Long slow recovery she went blue in theatre and it took them 40 minuets to get her back I can't bear to think about it I'm beyond anxious I like having her home to watch over xx Kate thank you I too watch escape to the country I'd love to live in the country and be one with nature we don't have a garden no I miss that xx Tommys mum your right I just feel so low after all these terror attacks and disasters life is just so cruel I can't deal with anything sad it set me back weeks thank you x Lorie Sherry so sorry I didn't post on your special dates it's playing on my mind feel so bad xxx hope your ok xx God Bless xxx
  15. Hi Dee Laurie and others that have sent prayers and good wishes So sorry I haven't replied just been suffering with stress exhaustion feeling so scared and and my anxiety is mountain high. Charlotte is on the road to recovery she's home now shuffling around very tired no energy the doctor have signed her off for six weeks she hasn't got to do more than rest but I am worried about her as I've never seen like this. Thank you for your support, good wishesand prayers it felt reassuring to have you all on board Although I haven't been to post I pray an ad think of you often wondering how everyone is coping I still go to the grave everyday and if the church is open pop in and light a candle for all our angels. I have missed some special dates and I'm Sad about this the song I have posted is in memory of the Rendall tower fire and their community but I would like to borrow it for for all our special angels that have gone and our community I hope this is ok. I was told by a family member to be greatful for what I have and to move on! I couldn't believe what she said I was hurt again beyond belief. I can't be different to what I am I have lost two sons no my heart has been broken into a million pieces and will never be the same again. I thank you all God Bless GEORGINA xx