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  1. Diane this is my Robin that sits with me xx
  2. Diane Thankyou for the Robin story. I definately feel that james is trying to tell me he's with me. When I go to the grave now the Robin flies out and sits on the little tree next to me. Like Dee said he sings the most beautiful songs. And looks into my eyes. He will fly off to the feeder an then comes back to me. My heart sours when this happens. Xxx
  3. Sorry I haven't posted for a while I've been really struggling so much. Everyday is such a battle. I see so many newbees here and wish you all peace and goodwill. This isn't an easy journey that we are all on and members of a club that none wants to belong to. I thank you Dee, Dianae, Laurie, Sherry for all your posts that have given a glimpse of hope and a reasone to keep going. Take Care gxx
  4. Dee sorry I missed your dear Ericas birthday. I lit a candle and said a prayer today that you felt her near to you yesterday. You give so much of yourself to us all Dee I hope you had as nice a birthday as you could too xx
  5. Hi Dee she lived there for 26 years. My mum and brother and three of my sisters went over at the same time. They opened English Tearooms over there. My mum and one sister have come back to England. My brother also but he died at age 61 in 2011. Im coming over again this summer, under duress, because I'm very scared of flying and last summer Kevin got so ill but my sister has fallen out with the family and only has me. She pays for my fare and really enjoys the company. She lives on her own, never married but has lots of animals who are like her kids. 3 horses, 4 cats, 3 goats and 4 dogs . she has a beautiful house lots of land but enderlessly works to keep it all. Take care Dee xx
  6. Gretchen lovely picture of your family such happiness shown there. I'm glad things are better for you. I agree with one day one hour at a time although one minute for me. I had a really bad break down today. Someone at work said something to me about James's case, inappropriate, and I had to cope until I could leave the staff room, other people were there, I was just in pieces and couldn't go to my first lesson but I had to pull myself together which was hard, I didn't want to feel that I didn't have the time to deal with my feelings but I just had to get on with it. We have a chaplain at our school she's just so lovely I spent some time with her but didn't want to take up too much of her time so I went and sat in my car it was a hard day today. I hope your all ok with the snow storm that's hitting you ? my sister was snowed in she lives in New Jersey she's hoping the power lines are brought down overnight. take care God bless xxx
  7. Dee Thankyou. You give so much to us all always and it helps so much. Pits the 11th today and we always go to the scene on this date. So very hard but we put flowers and little things that mean so much . It's the worse place on earth to me but the last place My beautiful gentle James was alive and so important to mark. Also the driver who killed him passes as he drives his killing machine that way and I hope and pray it makes him think 'what did I do'. Our solicitor wants a meeting soon it a eight hour drive there and back so exhausting without going through the details I just hope we're able to get this longed for justice for James soon it's wearing me out. Dee I wondered could you put your 'shining light' picture up again it gave me such hope I thought the newly bereaved parents might like to see it. May I copy it and print it I'd like to put it in a frame xx thank you Dee. Xx Diane 30 months for us today and I'm a mess I wish I was doing better but I keep getting flashbacks of the worst details it's killing me. Do you sometimes think how on earth am I still here. I'm scared I'm going to get ill but I get up and take those first steps and keep going step by step. Xx Laurie did you have the link to the story of the mum who lost her children in the fire. I found her keynote speech so inspiring and grounding and I would like to read it again. Thank you x God Bless everyone be safe xxxx
  8. just can't believe it I replied to the posts you put up for me and there not there again. Contacted the site and it's because I write when I'm in bed at night I'm always so very tired but it's my only chance , and I must be falling asleep before I press 'submit' so typical of me. I hope this hasn't been happening a lot to me but not sure as I haven't been checking. Sorry though. Thank you for your heartfelt words and replies Dee, Sherry, Diane and Leasly sorry for the delay I don't know what I'd do without my friends on here. I keep thinking I should be better than I am 30 months today and it still feels like yesterday I've been having flashbacks just awful I keep asking God why but I get no answers. I still haven't dreamed about James or seen him in a dream I wish that could happen so much every since I've read all the different accounts on here. I lit a candle in church for all our Angels yesterday I think of them all together like us sorry I do write much I feel I need to try more .. I'm doing ok just getting through each day at work and then straight to the grave, I feel peace there, I sit and cry and think and just listen, my Robin will appear and sit with me, it always stops raining as soon as I arrive even if it's pouring down driving over, strange that, but it gives me the time I need after coping all day. God Bles xxxx hugs and as always Thank you for being you x
  9. Hi I know I've shared this before but I wanted our newbees to hear it this is a lovely version gxx
  10. Thought I would share this gxx
  11. I just wanted to see if my post were appearing don't know what happened. So annoying i just wanted to say a big Thankyou to you Dee, Diane, Leasley and Sherry for caring about me and all the advice. I just wanted to say that the reasone I don't take antidepressants is because It's hard to explain but that I have to grieve, have to grieve and go through the pain to come out the other I didn't want to be numb and have no emotion. Dee I'm doing ok Thank you I'm changed though Dee and I feel sad about that I used to be such a happy person even my life was hard I was happy. But now it's like I'm drowning trying to get my head above the surface and not making it. Im sad to see the new parents here. I'm glad you've found us and I hope you find the comfort here that I've found without which I wouldn't of survived. God Bless x Take Care much Love xxx
  12. How wired I posted a reply on here the other day to you Dee, Diane, Leasley and Sherry and I can't find it.
  13. Hi all. One of James's friends posted this today and it lifted my heart and spirit to know how much He still cares for James. I thought I'd share it. Gxx Hello G, How are you doing? I wanted to send you the below song. This is by one of my favorite artists and reminds me of James. The second verse has some beautiful lyrics that I hope resonate for you and give you comfort in knowing that you and James will meet again and that the lord has a plan for all of us! I miss him terribly and wanted to let you know he is never far from my thoughts! Send my love to the family! X
  14. Dee, Diane, Sherry and Tommys mum. Thank you for your words they gave me comfort and I know I need to keep going and be stronger. I'm a mess, finding life so hard and yet again I keep loosing the 'hope' I get so lost in this grief there seems to be no let up and I think it's because if anything else happens I just X aren't seem to cope will it. It's hard to explain. Do you think I'm ill ? I'm so sick of people not talking to me about James, I know Peter died a long time ago, but they were my babies and I'll never forget ever, but people just don't say anything and I'm struggling with this as it hurts and breaks my heart a bit more day by day A warm welcome to our newbees so sorry for your losses It's place we never dreamed of belonging to but I've made such caring friends who live in my world. I'll post more tomorrow thank you for your kind thoughts and support I've attached a song for all and especially our angles xx Much love Georgina X
  15. Finding life just so hard. Baby Peters anniversary today a grief that can't be spoken hoping and praying he's in the arms of his brother James. There was only a year between them James was one when Peter died I never dreamed I would loose another just can't believe my life Sorry just not coping. God Bless X