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  1. Thank you. Dee there has been an investigation about what happened apparently we will hear the findings on the 6th of July. I'm not sure if they made some sort of errors but I'm sure if they did we won't know. We'll see. Thank you though for your lovely words and support means so much to me. Lou Ann thank you life is so hard we keep being hit by one thing after ther other I get so scared now that something else is going to happened. Susan they said it will be. Long slow recovery she went blue in theatre and it took them 40 minuets to get her back I can't bear to think about it I'm beyond anxious I like having her home to watch over xx Kate thank you I too watch escape to the country I'd love to live in the country and be one with nature we don't have a garden no I miss that xx Tommys mum your right I just feel so low after all these terror attacks and disasters life is just so cruel I can't deal with anything sad it set me back weeks thank you x Lorie Sherry so sorry I didn't post on your special dates it's playing on my mind feel so bad xxx hope your ok xx God Bless xxx
  2. Hi Dee Laurie and others that have sent prayers and good wishes So sorry I haven't replied just been suffering with stress exhaustion feeling so scared and and my anxiety is mountain high. Charlotte is on the road to recovery she's home now shuffling around very tired no energy the doctor have signed her off for six weeks she hasn't got to do more than rest but I am worried about her as I've never seen like this. Thank you for your support, good wishesand prayers it felt reassuring to have you all on board Although I haven't been to post I pray an ad think of you often wondering how everyone is coping I still go to the grave everyday and if the church is open pop in and light a candle for all our angels. I have missed some special dates and I'm Sad about this the song I have posted is in memory of the Rendall tower fire and their community but I would like to borrow it for for all our special angels that have gone and our community I hope this is ok. I was told by a family member to be greatful for what I have and to move on! I couldn't believe what she said I was hurt again beyond belief. I can't be different to what I am I have lost two sons no my heart has been broken into a million pieces and will never be the same again. I thank you all God Bless GEORGINA xx
  3. Hi thank you for your prayers and good wishes. Haven't had time to update before Now. Charlotte is still in intensive care but off the ventilator and breathing on her own. Her lungs are really damaged she has an infection. This week has been a rollercoaster all the fear came back thT sick dread that fills your heart and body. Charlotte went in for a small gynie op she has a cyst which she had put off having sorted as she is terrified of any surgery due to the fact that she's had 25 operations in her early life due to her condition. I had to go in to the theater with her as she was so nervous and scared she went off to sleep ok the last thing she said was " I love you mumma " I kissed her and walked out and instantly the Major alarms went off everyone went running past me into the room I tried to go back but two nurses grabbed me and took me off I kept saying over and over "I can't loose another child" I then collapsed it took them 40 minuets to stabilise her she went blue. They couldn't tell me anything except there was 15 people in there trying to save her I was in such a state just kept fainting it was like my body was shutting down I just couldn't stand it. I cant thank you enough for your prayers I know she had guardian angels looking out for her. I'm beyond shattered been at her bedside every single day. Thank you all God Bless xxx
  4. Hi thank you for your prayers and good wishes. Haven't had time to update before Now. Charlotte is still on life support just so very ill. As the days go by and I sit holding her hand I just can't believe my life. I'm in pieces and not coping well. She's connected to so many machines and she when she breaths
  5. Hi I don't feel I have the right to ask anything from this group but can I ask please can you pray for my youngest daughter she's in intensive care tonight very sick from a bad reaction whilst have a general anaesthetic x
  6. I thought I'd share this xxx
  7. Dee I hold you and your husband in my heart and prayers. I glad he's doing better as you know Kevin had the same in August I know the panic and the stress. I felt I couldn't do this without him by my side. Be safe Dee xx Thank you Diana I just can't believe this world we live in any more. All those parents and siblings now in the heart breaking club. Such a senseless cowardly violent act on young children and families. And there are still children and parents missing just awful and so terribly sad. Lorie the article was so good how he describes his hate of the word 'closure' I still have people now saying "you need closure" and I jump in saying there is no closure there never will be So hard We have a meeting with the Air Ambulance and one of the doctors who treated James at the scene. I must admit I'm terrified. But it's another mountain we have to climb to have a chance of finding the truth then justice for James. The case is rolling along as slow as the police can make it our solicitor has said this is typical police when they are covering up this stil knocks me to the floor when I think about it. I am taking each day as it comes and what it throws at me so up and down the panic attacts are easing still have them but not as much. The meltdowns are still daily but I get back up and keep going although I hate the moving further and further away from the last day I saw James i still go to the grave every day and the scene on the date every month that will never change it's all I can do for James now. Gid Bless gxxx
  8. Hi Sherry thank you for your caring words. I do still think I'm struggling with the reality side of this. Just sit at the grave and Carnot imagine never seeing him again just unbearable. I am missing the Robin it gave me hope but I'd like to think of him taking care of his family. Xxxx Dee thank you for your words for taking the time to help me. Xxxx
  9. Tommys mum thank you such kind caring thoughts and words. I know I need to be around people that understand I've been so hurt lately with comments made a friend was puzzled why I didn't want to go out with a group of colleagues she said you've got two lovely granddaughter s now which I didn't get because so has she and all her children as well. Take Care xxxx
  10. Hi Diane. Thank you. I know your right and your words lifted me and helped me so much. I just love how you say James has Peter in his arms and are with us. I just need to believe it all the time I have moments where I do but I think I stop myself because I still can hardly believe he's gone forever still. Diane my Robins gone. I don't know where I look everyday but no sign of him. Does it sound ridiculous but I feel so sad. My daughter had another baby girl. Rosealie Jo another 'J' after James. She's absolutely adorable she came in a hurry 19 minuets active labour so Gemma was in shock and really torn. But I was there again with them and that meant the world. Thank you Diane xxxx
  11. Lovely words.
  12. Hi everyone thank you all for asking about me. Sorry I've been not very well. Finding this life just too hard. The strain of keeping going working watching everyone moving forward whilst I am just stuck in that moment forever. I'm broken and I don't know how to fix me I know I should be doing better by reading your posts and I think that's why I'm so hesitant to post because I feel ashamed. I love you all for being my friends and the only ones that care. God Bless xxxx Missing my James so much. Never forgotten loved forever xxx
  13. Diane this is my Robin that sits with me xx
  14. Diane Thankyou for the Robin story. I definately feel that james is trying to tell me he's with me. When I go to the grave now the Robin flies out and sits on the little tree next to me. Like Dee said he sings the most beautiful songs. And looks into my eyes. He will fly off to the feeder an then comes back to me. My heart sours when this happens. Xxx
  15. Sorry I haven't posted for a while I've been really struggling so much. Everyday is such a battle. I see so many newbees here and wish you all peace and goodwill. This isn't an easy journey that we are all on and members of a club that none wants to belong to. I thank you Dee, Dianae, Laurie, Sherry for all your posts that have given a glimpse of hope and a reasone to keep going. Take Care gxx