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  1. Loss of an Adult Child

    Hi Dee thank you for asking about my famaily and your right Charlotte is a very high risk and we are just trying to get her further along so baby has the best chance she’s now 29 weeks. I am so worried about her xx my oldest daughter is trying to sort her marriage out that’s all they can do, try, it’s worth that I think they love each other but his family come between them and her husband can’t stand up to to him. He’s having counselling for that now. The first thing the counselling said was that their are THREE people in this marriage!! my grand children are my lifeline they keep me going small steps with them by my side. Samantha I too have days and days when my grief completely consumes me and where I scream and scream usually loosing my voice but I feel more peaceful after. It’s so hard take care x Dee I say it again you should put your poetry in a book it’s so thoughtful really good x i know I don’t post much but I always read xx peace and love to all GEORGINA xx
  2. Loss of an Adult Child

    Hi everyone just checking in. I hope it’s ok. I’m sorry that ‘‘this has got so heated. I think that our feelings are so raw in having lost our child/ children that we feel and relive every moment of the pain and torture we are going through and that these families will now be facing. I think of you all as my family I couldn’t survive without you all. I know I don’t post much but I read everyday and you help me. Plesae let’s all stay together I don’t deal with any change we’ll now. And as for your gun laws I can only comment from how it it here and kids don’t kill kids in school with guns because they cannot buy them here. That seems to work no guns on sale to kids .. please take care God Bless xxxx
  3. Loss of an Adult Child

    To me ‘grabbing hold of life’ is the act of getting up every day and doing something . . . anything. So many people can’t fathom that they will move forward in grief, but somehow they do. In my mind that is life pulling you forward – you get up in the morning and somehow you do it, one day at a time. One day you look around and realize that life has pulled you further than you ever thought you would be. Diane I really can relate to the article you posted. I can remember when I first came to this site just slightly before you and Laurie posted the article on the mum who had lost her whole family, four children and her parents in a house fire I don’t know if you remember it ? But one of her coping strategies was “getting up and doing something” taking control and in doing this a small step forward. I can remember I was giving up and this really helped me I used this every night when I couldn’t bare the pain I got up and took control I did something anything to get through and I still do. I just thought this might help our new parents. I can only say that this forum has helped me survive I never thought I would still be here, I had the 3 year anniversary in September, but with the support I’ve been given having someone to listen and understand has been invaluable to me and still is. I thought I’d share this God Bless everyone Georgina xx http://oncomingalive.com/posts/on-being-able-to-come-alive/
  4. Loss of an Adult Child

    I wanted to share this really touched my heart and soul xx Thank for your words of comfort, helps me so much xx
  5. Loss of an Adult Child

    Happy Heavenly Birthday Kira.xxx Louanne sorry to be late. God Bless xxx
  6. Loss of an Adult Child

    Hi, I’ve bad news.... My oldest daughter is having problems heading for a divorce. Their trying counselling. I feel so sad. I don’t think they can come back from this. She hasn’t wanted to tell me they were having problems I thought she looked unwell at Christmas has lost so much weight black under her eyes. I asked her thought things looked strained so sad. My youngest is progressing through her pregnancy she’s a very high risk due to her condition so lots of worry she’s being very carefully managed but I’m scared. Her partner is illegally here he works in London she’s going to stay here for a while has no job no money so life is hard for her.I just want her to be happy healthy and safe. Why is life so hard? My grandchildren are my saving grace they give me comfort and love just two little hearts of pure delight. I have had that horrible dread feeling again, been feeling overwhelmed feeling the absolute enormity of it all, can this really be true? I just want the hurt to stop now just wish I could hug him and tell him how much I love and miss him xx Kate and Leah good luck in your op your in my heart and prayers xx Susan I’m glad your feeling better hope your recovery goes well x Francesca nice to see your post and that your home again x Lesley I can understand how hard that must of been I have videos of James I still cannot watch xx Sherry Dee Diane thank you for the continued love and support your posts are the strength that keeps me taking my steps forward listening to you reading helps me so so much xx Should of posted this last night but feel asleep love and peace to all xxx Georgina x
  7. Loss of an Adult Child

    Thank you For the lovely comments my precious grand daughters give us purpose make us smile heaven sent without a doubt. They are a couple of beauties xx I’m trying so hard to take theses steps I guess it helps that I’m not so ill I feel like I’ve been running on empty for so long now and starting to have a bit more energy which is helping me cope better. I so much want Justice for James but the battle is so hard to fight. Every which way We turn we’re stopped and let down by the system and it takes it toll grinds you down and down to nothing and with the added despair and heart wrenching grief it’s hard to bare. Going over and over every detail is braking me and my husband. I’ve appealed the latest reports and I will keep going but the police are so good at covering their tracks when their in the wrong. Did I tell you our Solicitor who’s helping us got a private detective to look into things. He said the police did an appalling investigation and went from A to G instead of A to Z hard to hear when it’s your beloved child whose been mowed done. Thank you for all your support your my family now God Bless Xxx
  8. Loss of an Adult Child

    Dee, Kate and Lesley I’m still under the consultant urologists at the moment but feeling so much better. I have to be careful and they are keeping an eye on me but I’m recovering well thank you. Christmas was hard because it was always such a special time in our house. I miss that feeling but I made an effort for my girls and my granddaughters. We stayed with my oldest daughter who lives in London about two and a half hours away she wanted us to stay the night which was hard for us as we go to the grave everyday but the Priest at the church said he would light James’s candle and sit with him so that we could go. We started the day early as I wanted to go to the grave before we left and we always go to the scene on Christmas Day as well so it was different for us this year because we left our safe place and faced the world but we had so many signs from James and I felt in my heart that he was happy we’d gone. These are my two granddaughters definitely heaven sent. I thought I’d share the story too. God Bless everyone be safe Georgina xxx
  9. Loss of an Adult Child

    Thanks Diane I feel so close to you in dates and time I hope we make it, though some days I don’t think I will when the breath leaves my body because I’m knocked to the floor as it hits me like tsunami but I’m trying I still have so much to live for just want my boys by my side enjoying and living life like they should be. So hard another friend got married this Christmas breaks my heart when I see them all together james should be there too living his life. Xxx The old healer to the soul: It's not your back that hurts, but the burden. It's not your eyes that hurt, but injustice. It's not your head that hurts, it's your thoughts. Not the throat, but what you don't express or say with anger. Not the stomach hurts, but what the soul does not digest. It's not the liver that hurts, it's the anger. It's not your heart that hurts, but love. And it is love itself that contains the most powerful medicine. (UnknownAuthor)
  10. Loss of an Adult Child

    Hi I just wanted to check in with you all and wish you all Good Health Peace and lots of love and a big Thank you for all the support you’ve given on this forum. You are all amazing. Its nearly 11pm here and I’m off to bed I can’t bare to be awake for the New Year. To me it’s another year of mixed emotions of being without James and taking me further away from the day I last saw him leaving him behind and perhaps nearer to the day I will be reunited with him again. I feel the same as Diane in this third year. I never stop thinking of James I have moments where I’m jolted back to the moment I was told and I cry everyday too I just miss him so much I still go to his grave everyday to light his candles but there are moments of lightness I know that’s not a good word but that’s it just lightness out of the dread and darkness. I thought I’d share this God Bless Georgina xxx
  11. Loss of an Adult Child

    I wish you all strength and lots of love this Christmas I thought I’d share this. God Bless Georgina x “
  12. Loss of an Adult Child

    Dee, Luanne and Sherry thankyou for you for your words of hope and comfort Luanne I have two daughters and two grandchildren and one on the way. Charlotte is the youngest and does live at home she’s currently pregnant the baby is due May 6 th but due to her condition she will have to have it early and a C section. I have so much to be grateful for I truly know that but loosing James has just knocked me off my feet and battered me I feel broken and so sad he was such a gentle soul a good heart and he made our family he was the light and without him I feel dark and lost. I’m try I gotta day by day and step by step but from August right through to March it’s just one thing after another bombarding there way through my now fragile life so hard to cope. I thank you all wanted to share this song. God Bless Georgina xxxx
  13. Loss of an Adult Child

    Sorry Kate for missing Jeffs angel day I thought these pins described your lovely caring son Love and Hugs to you xxxx
  14. Loss of an Adult Child

    Just wanted to say I’ve been struggling finding it so hard to do much more than my job. Shattered every night. In tears all the time. Is this a different stage because I can’t help but feel the unfairness of it all. I didn’t ask for this life I have now I used to be a happy fun person now I feel I’ve turned into this dark gloomy person who feels hopeless most of the time. Just miss my boys so much. Praying for your friend Dee xx God Bless xx
  15. Loss of an Adult Child

    That’s ok Sherry hope your feeling better thank you gxxx