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  1. Oh I thought I would share this Xx "It’s these moments—these moments when life feels so very close to being absolutely perfect, almost maddeningly close—that I am stunned, again, by how absolutely imperfect, how irrevocably and horribly wrong it all is."
  2. Hi I too just want to thank you Dee for keeping me going. It does help to have someone to listen that understands. Also Sherry, Kate Susan Gretchen, Colleen , Wendy, Laurie and Diane thank you all you have given me so much to cling to over the last few months. I haven't been very well but kept going, most days very agitated my heart feels like it's racing full of dread I can't explain it but I've definitely been struggling and not coping. My blood pressure has been raised and I'm now on Meds to control it but the doctor said I need less stress in my life !! We are waiting a reply from the police and the Chief Coroner to Persue a case against the driver. We had a private investigator who feels the driver was distracted and gas got away with murder I feel so scared. Thank you for all your kind words and caring about me. Diane I love the words really made me think xx Gid Bless xxx
  3. Sorry I'm not well at the moment but just wanted to say to Susan beautiful baby, lovely family picture so glad all turned out well. God Bless Kate were meant to have snow tomorrow I'm not sure we will though it's too mild. Im reading your posts everyday without which I'd be so lost. Take care everyone God Bless xxx
  4. Dee Thankyou I knew you would understand thank you so kind xxx Sherry thank you it's just all I can manage right now take care friend xxx
  5. I thought I would share song some of the words expressed my feelings and despair and it fells like that life was "a million years ago" and I want it back and all it would bring. James xx Dee love the poem 'Altering' so clever Dee to be able to write like this xx Thank you Sherry and Diane and Kate Welcome Anything4u you've found a very special place xx Hoosier guy I so agree New Year' the future 'what was to be 'fireworks' laughter' happiness' parties' celebrations "right in you face" day after day so tough X
  6. Peace and hugs to all my friends on this site. Your have helped me survive this journey of grief so far and given me hope. Thank you Xxx God Bless all our Angels in Heaven xx I thought I would share this xxx
  7. Becky the tree is beautiful I love the thought that JDis watching and part of what your doing xx. Your new grand daughter is such a picture God Bless her xx Dee thank you for your words of support couldn't of survived without it xxx
  8. So sorry I don't seem to be able to post at the moment feeling I can't do this any more even finding it hard to say what I'm feeling. I don't know what's happening I was though thinking of thr story of Scrooge last night and when he's visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future and how like that it is for me; Christmas past full of happiness joy laughter and hope. Christmas present full of heartache despair longing yearning and tears and Christmas future for all the Christmases to come going on like this with a broken heart and missing every stolen moments with my beautiful Sons xx Hugs and Hope to you all God Bless xxxx
  9. Becky the tree is beautiful I love the thought that JDis watching and part of what your doing xx. Your new grand daughter is such a picture God Bless her xx Dee thank you for your words of support I just love how you wrote about things I can really picture what your saying and it helps me to continue to take a few steps forward Xx Wendy beautiful baby such a joy for you all I'm glad you were able to be there with your daughter. Xxxx
  10. Extra hugs to you on this day, may you look at the moon and know that James has a whole other view. It is our job to be moon-like, to reflect the beauty we know in this world. May we be good reflectors then.

    Peace my friend,


    1. InHeavensKeeping


      Thank you Dee I've been really struggling to cope. Needed to hear your words they help me survive. Gxx

  11. Becky the tree is beautiful I love the thought that JDis watching and part of what your doing xx. Your new grand daughter is such a picture God Bless her xx Dee thank you for your words of support whenever you say things the way you say them to me gives me a little ' hope' thank you. Just love the song xx 'all the precious moments cannot stay' just so true xx
  12. Susan such great news. I think Taylor's tattoo is beautiful i had James's initials on my wrist and that hurt I can't imagine how your grand daughters felt. Gemma's birthday is on the 5th too I think I told you all that she is also pregnant again due in April xxx Kate I hadn't heard this song and the words just truly touched me. I just love what you said about Jeff " too lively to die " james was too so full of life lived every moment with passion and joy. I miss him. I just wish I could be in the place that you and others are on here. Dee I wanted to say I loved your winter song and poem . I just can't keep up anymore. I don't know what's happening to me your poem's are just beautiful you really should get them printed you have such a way with words. Xx Lora Thankyou for the Angel tree such a lovely thing to do for us all xx Diana I missed your 'miracle' I'm so happy that it happened for you I know our angels are sending us signs xx Thank you Sherry such a beautiful song xx God Bless xxxxx
  13. I thought I'd share this with you all . Thinking of everyone and our angels too. Will post tomorrow or tired lately God Bless xxxx “To me, it’s about — whether it’s a loved one or a situation or a friend or a relationship that’s finished, or someone’s passed away — I was thinking about, after you’ve been through the sadness of something, you also get this everglow,” he further explained to Lowe. “And that’s what it’s about.”
  14. Kate thinking of you especially today. Jeff show you mum and Dad a sign today let them know your near as well as dear xx