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  1. Custody and divorce

    Hello Devastatedfather, I want to hope that since the time you posted, things may have gotten better. If not, I hope what I have to say may encourage you to keep on going not just for your own sake but for the sake of your daughter. At the time of your post you indicated that your wife told you that she never loved you. Devastatedfather, when you first met your wife can you recall how you two felt about one another? Did it seem to you that she didn’t love you? I find that hard to believe. At one time or another, perhaps she did love you and for whatever reason her love for you cooled off. But perhaps her love for you can be rekindled? Especially for a marriage lasting 10 years, that is a long time not to have feelings for The pressures of the world we live in make it very difficult for families to survive and stick together. Regardless Devastatedfather, don’t give up on life. As you have indicated, she only wants to allow you three days a month of custody and because she makes twice as much as you, you feel you may lose a court battle financially. I know this can be heartbreaking to you and I am hoping that from the time of your posting this, perhaps circumstances may have changed allowing you to see your daughter more often but if it has not, Devastatedfather remember that the one thing that the judicial system cannot take from you is your status of being Daddy! How you continue to live is to remember your daughter everytime you question how you are suppose to live on. Your daughter will not stay 22 months forever. She will continue to grow and mature but she needs her father’s support to stay balance and strong as she grows and knows that you are there even if there is a decision of three days a month of custody. You make those three days count and remind your daughter during those limited times that you love her very much. She will understand as she grows that you are there for her and always have been and will be but the system has caused a circumstance that is beyond your control. But despite the limited circumstances she will know that daddy has always been there for her. Devastated father, I want to leave you with a scripture that can console you thru your difficult circumstance. 2 Corinthians 1:3,4: “Praised be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our trials so that we may be able to comfort others in any sort of trial with the comfort that we receive from God.” Know that you can always draw comfort from God through any trial you are facing. Take care Devastatedfather.