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  1. Please help me!!!!

    I've just been very stressed. Terribly. Just about everything that can go wrong, has. I have had much car trouble and my dad constantly gets mad at me because I don't have enough money to pay for it because I only work a minimum wage job and I go to college. I am taking nursing because he wants me to, but I'm dying to switch. I really need help. I had a friend who was really close to me, but he left to go into the army. It's just much fear, pressure, and anxiety. I'm not sure if I can take much more. People run over top of me and act like I'm a child, redressing me and criticizing me for every move I make. I am sincerely not happy with my life. I want out. I have a boyfriend, but he doesn't work. I feel so alone. He's asked me to marry him, but my family hates him. I'm not sure how I can even tell my family that I am engaged to him, but I really am in love with him. I just wish that my family would care for me more. I feel like a huge burden. Nobody cares. They all just pull out the negative in me. They tell me that I'm fat, that I spend too much money, that my clothes don't fit right, that I'm not doing enough. I already work and go to school. I volunteer many times and help take care of my little siblings, which includes babysitting. I work out because my aunt paid for me a gym membership. Not to mention, I still have tons of homework to do when I get home, which is around 8. If this is life, do I really want in??
  2. Please help me!!!!

    This sounds like nothing compared to what is on this site. I have lost everyone. Not literally, but it feels like it. My family does nothing but fuss about me. They act all suspicious all the time and they act like I lie a lot. My boyfriend is caring, but he hardly ever wants to talk to me. I have considered ending it all, but I am afraid. Yet, I am so tired of feeling lonely and never fitting in. My family would jump for joy if they could pull my boyfriend and I apart. I just want out!! One of the only people that cared about all of this was my closest cousin an he died suddenly two years ago.