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  1. loss of partner

    i was with my ex partner for about ten years, i had that loss however he still alive and he moved on and well i just have always grief the loss since 14 years ago since the break up. i never really forgot all those memories they stay with me and i still have dreams of the past. i have tried erasing all the memories but they still follow me so i guess am still grieving the loss. am engaged so moved on with my life but it just seems like i always have a ghost well his with me.
  2. Moving through a divorce for the 1st time...

    Divorce i got married in one month after meeting him, i didnt know the person and trusted him to be my husband. he never felt or had planned for us on the long term. we got divorced two years after marriage it was just a broken relationship that never had true love or any foundation. he never really seemed happy with me so after cheating, lies an unhappiness i had to file for divorce. it was a bad experience to be married for the first time. this first marriage just left me not wanting to marry no one else to not trust no one because all my hopes of having a forever after marriage will not happen.
  3. it sounds like you are in a lot of pain and yes we were brought in to this world. as far if your family or parents are drug addicts you need to stay away from them. you should still love them as your blood keep praying for them waiting for the day GOD will change them to turn in to the right path drug free. however you have the power to take control and in charge of your life, this is real hard emotionally but you have to take control of who you let in your life and heart. pray to GOD to make you stronger because you chose the right path drug free. i have learned to set boundaries with my own family members, they are not drug addicts but they are very abusive family members, saying hurtful words to me bad mouthing me to other people when am fighting for all the abuse to stop. you know what i say **** it am only talking to them when i want, what i want to say and watch what i say around them and stay away from them as much as possible. my family members have lied to me hide information that is like from sick and death information holding it because they wanted to mind there own business bullshit, am so glad i dont talk to those people.
  4. Last Grandparent

    my grandma died back on 2009, i lost a perfect angel always very supportive, ready hands on to help with house chores, cooking, baking babysitting us as children. I miss her very much because she was a very good person and as my grandma. My grandma impacted my life in a positive way in my life i wish i could have my grandma around she loved my mom and her grand kids unconditionally.
  5. My husband died last Thursday i can't do this

    newbie am so sorry for what you have gone through. god still has you a live because that is his will. you are an extremely strong person dont give up god has you here for a reason. maybe you are the leader of the people that remain here with you, you are an extremely strong person that will help your love ones.