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  1. I'm Struggling please help !!

    Dear People Sorry, I havnt logged in for quite a while Thankyou for the email, I received and the words of encouragement. I have seen my Doctor, and she is amazing and has put me on an anti-depressant called Venlafaxine, and also, I have counselling starting on 5th of Feb. 1 Bit of Great news, is that I have Fostered a Dog, and the way life has gone, is I can foster as many as long as I like. This Doggie is Beautiful, and I was supposed to keep her for 2 days, that was 3 weeks ago. She is next to me now snoring. She has taught me I can be selfish and self-centred, but I don't do it for attention, but I don't know how to deal with the pain. A Member Sim-law mentioned a year or so ago that getting a pet would help. She is slowly helping. Take Care Folks Ritchie
  2. I'm Struggling please help !!

    Im back It seems the safer thing to do is not expect happiness, as it will always get snatched away, or somebody leaves or dies. It is like a constant wobby tight rope of happiness When I felt better I came back here to encourage, and try and give hope, but im sorry for the lie. I think i just want to go and live on an island and live the rest of my days there, where no one can leave you by dying.But i guess i would argue with the trees or maybe be sad that my most beautiful flower on the island has died. The last 10 years have been awful and I have tried to put on a happy face, but I cant do it anymore, this life is cruel and no one cares or understands. People say im too sensitive and need to change, but if somebody I know is sensitive I never say you are too sensitive. I have run out of resources, Im an overweight, 50 year old with no kids, no job, no money, but I give everybody my last dollar, but when I need somebody, people are always too busy, or 101 other reasons. i dont get it, so many people have lost loved ones, yet I am still here, I really want the long sleep. Reading peoples experiences helps because the only time I dont feel numb is when im sad, as I raise my fist in anger to the one who choreographs pain and loss. No im not drunk or on drugs, but burnt out and dont see any hope. I do believe I have been cursed.
  3. I'm Struggling please help !!

    Hi KayC, I hope you are well? Yes its been a while and I hope all is Ok? KMB, Thankyou I hope the video does encourage? I thought somebody was peeling onions whe I watched it. sorry about the spaces in my text, but I am on an iPad and havn't worked out how to type without massive spaces. Bless You Ritchie
  4. I'm Struggling please help !!

    Hi People As hard as it sounds, something good always comes out of a bad situation, or pain. We need to hang on with the tips of our finger nails, on the cliff edge, with a gale blowing. For me I work in Mental Health now, and support people to have a quality of life that they deserve. More importantly, the goal is to equip people to cope, from second to second, and then, minute by minute. The gap gets longer, and people start coping, but do still have days when it all comes back. As yourself 1 Question? I heard that Scientists in Canada have been working on a cure to help you totally forget or erase painful memories. At the times when I have suffered severe trauma, not the broken relationship that I talk about, but other events, I would have paid £1000,000 for a pack of these tablets, but now, I would pay tens of millions not to take them. We do get through it, just look at the poets and song writers, that is almost all they sing or write about. A pattern emerges, where people decide that it's time to move on, and the feeling that they are betraying an ex or a partner who has passed away. Many who have passed away really want the family to be happy and not be sad. This video is so sad, and sometimes we have to face up to some sadness, to heal. I recently had a minor operation, and for 17 years I was putting it off, but 3 months ago, I had the op, and now, the difference is like " Night and Day " This video is a Video of Hope My Love goes out to you all. Ritchie
  5. Alone

    Thanks for you're Honesty Nobody1
  6. 43 days today n still the same

    Hi Munmun How are you doing?
  7. How do you compinsate now that they're gone ?

    Dear Steven Kelly, It is tough, as it's one of the processes the Human mind goes through to try and compensate and cope. You are a smart guy, and recognise these processes, even if you don't know why. Just live each second by second, other-wise you will live in turmoil, and torture yourself. You must must must hang in there, and reach out, which you are doing. I do get it, I really do. My heart breaks for you. Ritchie
  8. .

  9. My wife died suddenly and unexpectedly August 12th

    Dear StevenKelly, My deepest condolences for you're loss. Thankyou for posting the beautiful Photograph on you're wedding day, she looks absolutely Gorgeous. I know it feels unreal, but how are life's plans going, like the career move, you mentioned? I can't add to what has already been so eloquently said by the other caring members in this forum. Please take care Ritchie
  10. Alone

    Hi Nobody1, I'm really sorry for you're shocking loss. Personally I find it difficult not to respond, but all I can say is that the group is here for you, to listen. Take care
  11. My husband died of a herion overdose.

    Hi Edeltgi, I hope you're day has been Ok today? It's a positive step forward that you are going for counselling next week. Any step forward however small is positive. From experience don't be too hard on yourself, as the human mind often takes 2 steps forward and 3 back, but that's not a negative thing, it's part of the healing process. My Mum said to me ages ago that Sobbing is the bodies way of releasing poisons, and Tears of sadness when analysed by scientists were different than tears of Joy for example. I have cried buckets in my life. As I mentioned before, just be here, and tell us all as much as you feel comfortable sharing. I hope the counselling goes well and does at least help in some way. Dear KayC, thank you for you're kind word, here and always on this Forum. Ritchie
  12. My husband died of a herion overdose.

    Dear emilydeltgen, Thankyou for sharing the story of how you met you're husband. I'm really sorry to hear about his tragic suicide, I can't imagine what you are going through now. Please try not to punish yourself, for things that were said and done, we have all do it. Thankyou for reaching out in this forum, as many are struggling similar situations. If you can make this you're home and I hope you feel you can continue share as you have so bravely done for as long as you need to. Take care emilydeltgen
  13. I just don't know what to do

    Hey BigKev You owe nothing, other than armed with the painful experience you have gone through, you will know more of how to support somebody in the future. Bless You
  14. I just don't know what to do

    Hey BigKev, You're arrival will help many, even tho you don't realise it. Keep receiving, support, and help, as long as you need it. I'm doing really good, thanks for asking, I havn't always been tho. We do get through it, and the only time we don't is when we decide to give up. And yes I tried giving up a few times, as I coudn't take it, even tho sometimes it felt I was hanging on the cliff edge, by my fingertips. Good does come out of awful situations, but just now ride the Storm Brother. Are you getting any support yet? Take Care Brother.
  15. I just don't know what to do

    Hi BigKev I hope you are doing Ok? Folks have been in my thoughts, and I have been watching the posts but not commented for a week or 2. I really Hope other Folks are feeling supported, in here and not so isolated. Recently at work I had to deal with an attempted suicide, but thank God the person failed. It makes me realise more and more, how important Mental Health is. Someone was saying on Facebook that its Mental Health Week. Take care one and all. All my Love