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  1. Sister died in her sleep - SUDEP

    Dear Caw, I m truly sorry for your loss. I understand in some sense, how you feel. I lost my sister when I was 13, she was 3 years younger than me. I dont know about the health problem your sister had. My sister dies in a fire accident. I completely know this feeling that you tried to bury your grief to be able to live but it is still there and it comes out in different ways and moments. I wanted my sister to live, and to live happily and at the time the accident happened, I was asking myself why should this happen to her? to my parents? I did never find the answer to these solutions. However, I did something wrong which troubled me emotionally to date; I tried to be strong! to make sure my parents do not worry for me and to stop people feeling sorry for me. But now after 19 years, I arrived to maximum capacity of tolerating anything sad. I cry when I hear someone died, even if I dont know them and I imagine being their family or friend and I grieve! I think to some extent feeling sympathy for others loss is normal but not what I do. I even cry for death scene in animations or comedy movies. I ve become an angry person and very disturbingly, I cant sleep well. I see lots of bad dreams and often wake up with scream. I have just recently started therapy and it is very helpful. I would like to tell you and so many others I read their posts in this website; it is normal to be sad and feel lost after the loss of your loved ones. Dont be harsh on yourself, dont try to be strong; you are going through a lot. Bravo to you to search for professional help and to openly share your feelings and thoughts with others. Do not keep your grief to yourself. God bless you and I pray that your sister rest in peace. Best, Helia
  2. Grieving Never Ends

    Hi everyone, My name is Helia. I m new to this forum; found it by Google search with the hope to reach out to people like me and share my story with them. I m replying to this post because I have started recently to see a counselor and she told me : "Grief seems to be a bottomless pain, but it isn't!" Now I don't know much about Psychology and etc but I trust people who are professional in their job. So I have trusted my counselor and I want to start this journey to heal my pain after almost 19 years. I will be back and interact more, but for the moment just wanted to tell you that apparently it isn't a bottomless pain and if there is a way to be in peace with the grief of loosing sibling (or any loved ones), I want to find this way and I will certainly share it with you. Best, Helia