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    1&2 trimester miscarrage, divorce and child alination
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    Im a mother, a divorcee and the girlfriend to the most amazing heart paient.

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  1. Second miscarrage and struggling

    I know its stupid and irrational, ive done everything i could to keep both babies healthy everything the drs said for my bloodsugar, and yet they were taken from me for no aparent reason.
  2. Second miscarrage and struggling

    Thank you kate, i think its so hard because ive moved forward since my first but i still struggle with impossable to anwser questions like 'what could i have done differently' and 'what did i do to diserve having all my children taken from me' and 'dose this make me the bad mother my mother in law and ex husband claim i am'
  3. More then i can bear

    Ive had a hard cuple years. Abusive ex who leagally stole my child, two miscarrages, an amazing boyfriend with a heart condition, homelessness, joblessness, and so much more. I dont know what to do to cope with these things anymore. Im scared pissed frustraed and feel utterly hopeless much of the time.
  4. The man i have fallen madly in love with over the last 9 months has a very serious heart condition. He can have a deadly heart attack any moment with no warning.
  5. 3 years ago i had a mc at almost 7 weeks, today when the drs did an ultrasound they said my almost 14 week featus didnt have a heart beat.
  6. Struggling to cope

    I left my abusive ex husband last fall, ill make this short he took my child and to get around a parenting plan had his mother file for non prenatle custody saying i was a neglagent mother and i abandoned him. Because she filed he case before my divorce everything in my divorce regarding my child defers to her case. Even tho i can prove that her charges are false a judge wont give me my son because my exs abusive behavior has left me jobless and homeless. I almost never get to see my 2 year old anymore.