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    If anyone is reading this, hi! I'm almost 19 & just became a mommy! My lil boy is really sick! He was born 15 weeks early! I enjoy chatting on here so feel free to join me in the chat room or send a message!
  1. Happy moment today: KANGAROO CARE!!!!!! That's enough to make me happy for days!
  2. Thank You, I did get to visit today! It was a delight! I love him so much! He's my lil fighter!
  3. I've see him but not in a few days and it's killing me! I miss him terribly! I've seen him via FaceTime but I wanna be with him! I might get to go today! I really hope so!
  4. Hey guys, just so you know it cheers me up to have someone post in here daily! I like seeing the kind words & thoughts coming my way!
  5. Hey guys, I'm improving! They might let me go see JW today! I need strength to deal with my emotions! Matt has been such a big support since Jared died! I'm starting to develop feelings for him & it's nuts, he's engaged (to a witch)! He said she went & made him try on tuxes yesterday! I'm honestly scared I'll loose one of my comfort sources when they get married! His fiancé hates me & would rather he stay as far from me as possible! I don't know what to do! They're getting married next month & it's killing me! This could also be all of my post pregnancy hormones talking too, huh? I can't believe my baby is a week old! It's nuts! What a week it's been! Things are getting better! I'm improving, JW is doing good! Nurses told my mom that they can tell he misses me! I can't wait to go give him some lovin'!
  6. Also, I found out one of my nurses was working ER when Jared died! He was DOA so she never saw him alive though! Idk but it comforts me to have her being my caregiver!
  7. I'm improving, just has some labs drawn! I have a low hemoglobin & they're trying to decide if I beds treatment! My sepsis and infection are starting to improve too! I asked and they say I might go home next week! This ICU is nuts! I can't leave to see JW and that's killing me! Mom & Matt have went to see him for me! They both say he's doing good! Matt let me see him with FaceTime! I've still been pumping so I don't dry up! Too bad it's all unusable due to my meds! I just wish I could get well enough to go visit JW! Thank You guys for all the love & support! It means so much to me! Jared would say that you guys deserve big hugs! P.S. If you're wondering Matt is Jared's twin brother!
  8. So. I wound up back in the hospital! I was visiting JW & almost passed out! My b/p was 98/70! I was a bit dehydrated & turns out I'm getting septic from my infection! I'm actually feeling horrid right now and can't sleep! All of this medicine is makings sick! I wish Jared could be here with me! I wish JW could meet his daddy!
  9. Thank You guys! I've been with JW all morning & he's doing ok! He's happier when I'm around! My infection is clearing up & I'm going home this afternoon! Gonna be hard leaving him here but it's what had to be done! Thank You guys again!
  10. My happy moment today was that I got to pump breast milk for my son's feeding tube! It the thing I can do to help him right now and it makes me so proud!
  11. Thank You Alone!
  12. Welcome to the world Jared William A. 2lbs 13in 11:56p.m. February 14, 2014!

  13. Haha that was great! My happy moment today: I drove by the local Harley shop without breaking down! It always drives me nuts cause Jared died ridding his hog! But today it didn't make me crazy seeing the bikes!
  14. :) today has been a good day
  15. Sry for my typos