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  1. Can't deal with it

    Jenni87, i was thinking of asking my doctor to refer me to someone i can talk to. My dad had an illness for 18months and i have horrible memories i cant get rid of. I was with my dad when he died and its a very traumatic thing to whitness. Do you think it would help,has it helped how you feel?x
  2. Can't deal with it

    Hi sljamj4809, Im sorry for your loss. Sadly i lost my dad on the 27th of november this year. He was only 56 and i am 26. Im the same as you, i never thought i would lose a parent so young. The day my dad passed away i was a mess. I cryied so hard to the point i couldnt catch a breath,and was physically sick. Now im at a reflective point and feeling all sorts like, guilt, sadness, regret, and things i wont have my dad around for like my wedding, having a baby in the future and all the other family times. I feel lost without my dad. I am an only child and was very close to dad,he was like a best friend. My dad was in a hospice when he passed away,he suffered a illness for 3months (which felt so much longer) and i now know he is at peace and not in pain anymore. It doesnt help or take the pain away but i know he is with the angels now and watching over me and mum. Xx
  3. New to forum, lost my dad..

    Everything you say Tom is spot on and true. Thank you for making me feel like I am no longer the only one with the feelings you described. The guilt is strong just now, with the "what if" question, but i have lots of pictures to keep dads happy face in my head.
  4. My dad passed away on the 27th of november this year,he was 56. My dad was a fighter,and kept his courage and strenth till the end because i believe he didnt want to let go and leave me and my mum. I talk out loud some times to dad,and tell him i miss and love him. Last night i was sitting alone in his chair while mum was asleep upstairs,and suddenly felt like he was beside me. I grabbed my camera and started taking pics and videos. And i found a few fast bright orbs. Flying past the camera at a good speed,i was in shock! I believe it was my dad. I focused the camera on where my dad always sat, and the pics are amazing. No its not dust (iv seen that before),and no im not going crazy with grief either. Has anyone else had a similar experience like this? Or believes that the spirit of the ones we love stay with us forever?xx
  5. New to forum, lost my dad..

    Tom thank you for your message. Im sorry you have lost both parents. I was very close to my dad, he was more like a best friend to me,and him and mum spent a lot of time together (and almost 40years relationship). Right now my feelings are sadness and a bit numb,kind of like my brain doesnt want to process it. I want the good memories to be at the front of my thoughts,but my dads illness had a lot of horrible things which i witnessed and are very much all i can think of right now. I realise it will take time,and i just have to let it be,but its hard.
  6. Recent loss and the Holidays

    Im sorry for your loss. My dad only passed away 27th of november this year,my mums bday is in december,plus xmas plus what would have been my dada 57th bday. Im trying my best to get ignore xmas adverts on the t.v and avoid the shops,due to the christmas buzz,because i dont want it this year without my dad. However,on xmas day me and my mum are going to my future in laws for dinner,because dad wouldnt want us on our own and being upset. Nothing will be the same without the loved ones we have lost,but we can only try to do what we feel we are capable of and comfortable with at times of holidays. Xx
  7. New member- my dad died

    Im sorry for your loss. Im 26 and just lost my dad on the 27th of november,he was only 56. I can relate of exactly what you are feeling,i feel just as lost and lonely. I watched my dad in hospital for 13 weeks deteriorate and get worse till i was with him at the end when he took his last breath. Its still sinking in that i will never see him again,in this life. I was always a daddys girl and always will be. Take care of yourself xx
  8. It was my dads funeral was Thursday the 5th of december, and im still taking it all in. I was with my dad when he took his last breath,and it was the most horrible,hellish,saddest thing iv even been through. Being an only child and having no siblings to help look after mum now,i feel very lost and very protective over my mum. Im only 26 and mum just turned 57. I have terrible memories of my dad in the hospital and hospice which are constantly on my mind. My question is,will these memories fade in time? Are my feelings of protection towards my mum normal? Im feeling very lost.