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    Steve's birthday July 17 1982
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    Son Stephen died suddenly at age 29
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  1. Photos of baby Graison he lost 15 ounces but he's holding on
  2. Hi Everyone, remember I told you about my godson to be he was delivered early morning today at 27 weeks ,2 lb his name is Graison he will be in the Nicu untill July he is doing as well as expected right now critical but stable on the ventilator he is a feisty little man moving his arms and legs all over .please pray that he will grow big and strong ,we can't handle another loss in this family Steve would have been his uncle I guess ,now he's his guardian angel
  3. Have a peaceful day everyone
  4. For a change a little good news my neice is having my godson in July I know some people may think it's crazy but Steve came to me in a dream before she was even pregnant and said Trish his cousin was having a boy and that he'd be his godson and he'd be watching over him. well trish is 36 now and never got pregnant before she never thought she'd have kids so this was a surprise ,he's due around Steves birthday in July she is having a problem pregnancy already and the baby is attached too close to the bottom of her uterus insted of up higher that could mean she'd have to be delivered early by c section but we'll see I hope all goes well i just hope Steve didn't mean the baby is going to die and he'll be watching over him in heaven ,I don't know why I thought of that so here's a picture of my god son to be ,Steves nephew hoping he will bring a little life back into the family ,who thought we lost all chance of anymore children being born when Steve died.
  5. Christmas Without You~ Written by Kaye Des'Ormeaux It's going to be a sad Christmas this year without your laughter & without your cheer. I'll miss the sight of you with your Santa's hat, and the smile you shared from where you sat. I'll think about all the Christmas's in the past, and hold to the memories that slipped so fast. For they're all I have left to remember, on this sad Christmas morning in December. I'll think about you and cherish each though; I'll think of your smile & the happiness it brought. And as I listen to the church bells ring, your voice will echo as the choirs sing. I can never tell you, my love, how sad it will be to spend Christmas without you here with me. I just wish you'd touch my heart in such a way, that I could live through the pain of Christmas Day. And, help me to remember that your love is still sent to me from the Heavens above. And although you won't decorate my Christmas tree, Your spirit will light the lights for me to see. Oh, I'll hear your voice in each Christmas song. I'll see your face in each child that comes along. And although my heart will be broken and torn... I'll know you're with Jesus on this Christmas morn. No, Christmas won't be the same without your smiling face but I'll know you're in a much better place. I'll think of my precious child in everything I do... Cause, it just won't be "Christmas Without You!" Written by Kaye Des'Ormeaux Copyright 1998 Kaye Des'Ormeaux
  6. Memories of Steve from Christmas long past wishing you all peace this holiday season
  7. Cara 's mom thank you so much for the beautiful tree with all our angels
  8. Wishing everyone a peaceful Thanksgiving as if November isn't bad enough already Steve Died in November ,my sister died in November and today a good friend of mine Z. died suddenly this morning.She had a daughter who died as an infant many years ago ,at least they are together now.