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  1. Missing Donna Gayle

  2. What is the one thing you wish you could still say?

    And to say don't give up on me.
  3. What is the one thing you wish you could still say?

    One More Day by Diamond Rio I wish for one more day to tell her that I love her one more time.
  4. Today we would have been married 30 years

    thanks Judy
  5. 30 yrs ago today, a tall beautiful woman married a short, plain man. I never knew what she seen in me, but I was blessed to have known her and share my life with her. Donna I miss you , and will love you for the rest of my life.
  6. The Power of Positive Thinking

    Alone, I will never quit loving my wife, she was my first REAL love, and I think of her constantly. But I can't see being a lone for the rest of my life. I hope someday a new love will come my way. Like Betsy said, we need to keep your hearts open.
  7. If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away

    Here is a song about what we all wish we could do.
  8. Looking for someone to save me - LOL

    That is great Betsy, sometimes you have to make the first move, so others to know you are ready to start getting out in the world again. The doctors are telling me I need to get out and exercise, so I call up an old friend of my wife and mine, and ask her if she wanted to start walking. At less it is someone I can talk to for 30 mins a day.
  9. Why Everyone Thinks I'm Strong

    I got it to come up that time. Betsy you done a great job writing about your feelings.
  10. Why Everyone Thinks I'm Strong

    we would read what you wrote, but we have to be invited first
  11. I just wish things would even out

    Backyarder, When things like that happens, I keep telling myself; And this too shall past.
  12. What was your happy moment today?

    You done a great job building it.
  13. Don't Leave me Behind

    Barbara, it will get better, I promise you it will, just hang in there. You are not alone, we all here are going through what you are going through or have been through it. If you don't know God, maybe it is time to get in touch with him............ He has brought me through so many things in my life, If I didn't have him to fall back to, I don't even know if I would be here today. Barbara find you a hobby --- something to help take your mind off of your pain.. Just remember you won't always feel as bad has you do now. If might tomorrow things will get better, if not tomorrow than maybe the day after etc. etc. but it will come!!!! God bless you Barbara
  14. Strange Dream

    Jude, what you have told, I know you have been fighting with the idea of finding a male friend. Part of you wants the company and the friendship and the other part of you is feeling guilty for wanting it, like you are cheating on Jerry or something. I can't see any spouse wanting their beloved to be alone for the rest of their lives after they are gone. I am sure your dream wasn't a message from Jerry, it is just your mind trying to settle the conflict going on within you. Trying to settle it the easiest and safest way. I remember being a teen and being so shy, that when I would work up the nerve to talk to a girl, I would get tongue tied and the girl would laugh and I would turn red, and I would walk away. I found it was easier and safer not to take a chance of being embarrassed or being rejected. Luckily I out grew being that shy. Jude I know you have heard this before but it is the truth, nothing ventured--- nothing gained----- God bless you Jude
  15. Funny(?) video to share

    LOL--- I like the one where the guy smiled and said " So your single"-------------------------- But honestly, what does someone say to a person that lost their wife/ husband? I haven't heard anyone say anything that was mean or hateful, maybe things that bring back the memory of the pain, but it is not what they were trying to do, and if someone don't say anything to you, it like they really don't care. But in fact they don't want to say anything wrong,that would hurt you. It is one of those things where you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. My cousin died about 15yrs ago, he was about 10 yrs older then I and lived in another state, so I don't remember ever seeing him more than once or twice. I went with my father to my uncle's house and he came to meet us, and he had tears in his eyes, he reached out and grab my hands and tears came to my eyes, I looked at him and said " I don't know what to say". He looked at me and smiled and said, "There is nothing to say, you being here say it all".