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  1. Last night my wife received a phone call in the afternoon, she said it was from her mother, she gave me my supper pretty early but not out of the ordinary. I went and took a shower after, and befor I got to the bed I almost passed out. Woke up with a splitting headache at about 1030 this morning and she was nowhere in the house. I called my sister top see if she came to do some shopping with her, she said no but to call my sister in law to see if they were doing somthing. Lauri said she isn't back yet! told me to wait for a phone call. She knew what was going on but wouldn't say. About noon I received a call from her asking me to come pick her up at a casino 150 miles away. I asked her how she got there and she said a freind took her the night befor, she also said he took her the night befor in the next sentance. She realized what she said befor she could take it back. He got on the phone and asked me to come get her because he did not want a scene and he offered to drop her off around the corner. I told him if he took her he could bring her back. she arived at 5:00 pm this afternoon and accused me of being petty, she had been gone just over 22 hrs. Was I petty after she druged me asleap the night befor. Do I give her the benifit of the dought when she claims nothing went on, and I called the casinos motel to see if she checked into a seperate room. After talking to the manager of the casino he said that he could not confirm or deny her story legaly, but he said that her name was not in the register and the only name was the man she was with. He also said that the casino did not want to get involved, but as a husband he understood. She spent ten hrs. in a single bed queen room under his name, and I am the one being petty. When I confronted her with the proof she still insitsts nothing happened.