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  1. Dear Patchesmom4ever - I so feel your pain right now and the guilt. My beloved little dog Lily was killed yesterday by a coyote. I let her out and she didn't come back...which I had done before and she always returned. Problem this time is that it was 4:30 in the morning, pitch black. We have a fence so I never really gave it a second thought..she always came back. I found her remains with the coyote in my yard. My poor husband had to pick her up and bring her to the vet. She was in two pieces. He is devestated at what he saw. The little dog with the soft fur and the pink belly was ripped in half. Like your Patches, my Lily was a perfect companion and loving beyond belief. I just can't shake the image or the wondering about whether she suffered terribly. Did she cry? Did she linger? Does she think I betrayed her? All of the questions are killing me. And the lack of unfairness is incredible to me, my dogs sleep on my bed, get a prime spot on the sofa, while other dogs are strictly outdoors, and not included with the family...and these pets are alive and mine is not. I am sorry to hijack your thread PatchesMom, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I truly hope that comfort comes to us both soon at some point, we were good, loving pet parents and I feel we don't deserve this.
  2. And I am so sorry for the loss of your mom Miss you Momma. I can't even imagine the pain you're suffering. I hope you have found some comfort....
  3. That is beautiful. I wish the words could heal me now, but I am still in shock. Thank you for posting that....
  4. I am so sorry to hear this. The loss of a pet is devestation beyond words. My dog was killed this morning by a coyote. I don't know how one gets over this, but I am sure in time you will feel a little better. I hope I do too because this is unbearable. Hang in there....
  5. I am beyond words. My beloved Lily (chihuahua/dachsund mix) was killed earlier this morning by a coyote. My older dog went out to pee and came back. Normally Lily doesn't go out and stays on the bed. This morning she went out and didn't return. I am devestated. My kids are devestated and my husband is inconsolable. Please, if anyone has comforting words please help. I am non functional and can't stay this way for my kid's sake.