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  1. Thank you all who sent me birthday wishes for my Taylor. He would have been thirty today. I am so thankful for this site and all the lovely wishes. Below is my mom and my sister at Taylor's site with me in May. His stone is where my sister, Valarie is on the right of the photo. (I should mention that my colonoscopy was clear, just a precaution). Love the picture of Baby Veto and his mermaid blankie.. Kate, I can picture your beautiful lake. Water has been healing to me as well. Georgina, continued prayers and also Dee for your hubbie. Lesley, your experience of the total breakdown sounds like my first two years.
  2. Also, I would like to share a bit here...the last time I went to my mom's in May, it was to encourage her since it is the month of my sisters passing...also my dad was a bit ill and I had to check on him. Now, when I stopped at a gas station near Madison, I was feeling very blue and out of sorts...when I walked in I noticed immediately that this place had spiritual things for sale. Like angels, infinity loops, etc...I went to the restroom and heard over the speakers a song by the Beatles which was totally out of place...for one, not many radio stations play their songs, and this was the only song like it in the station's genre as I listened for awhile...It immediately reminded me of my sister, Julie as she loved their songs. Then I am standing in line to pay for my items, and to the right of me is a card rack...I am looking straight at a dragonfly card...I knew something was up...when I talked to my younger sister later she told me that the last movie her, my mom and my sister Julie watched was named "Dragonfly". It was a very spiritual movie, if you look it up you will find out why. Then on my way back home from my mom's, I decided I would try to figure out which gas station I stopped at so I could buy the card. Again, I walk through the door and a Beatles song comes on overhead! I thought, what is going on here.?!? I did buy the card. The inside of the card says, "You're Proof". Now this Wednesday, I had my first colonoscopy. Went into the gift shop there at the hospital...what do I see, a dragonfly necklace! (Which I did buy too). I am going to send the card and the necklace to my mom.
  3. Tina, it is so very hard taking those first steps. It takes a long time to get one's footing in this, and there will still be times that one may need to retreat and rest. I send you gentle thoughts... Carol, it was good to read your post today...I remember you were still on here when I first came. It was lovely to read of the signs you receive from the 2 Mike's. How timely you would come here and read about Dee's comments about the Labyrinth...I also stop and think about those type of connections now. Myself, I love Labyrinth's and would love to walk one. Kate, good to see your posting...I am glad that the younger man was able to make a contact with you and Ross...I am sure it must have encouraged his heart too.
  4. Hello, I am a little behind in my reading but plan to catch up! First, I wanted to recognize two of our Indigo Angels as I missed their date. In silence of my heart, I think of you both today.
  5. Sherry, thinking of you this angelversary of Davey.
  6. Becky, I am sorry to hear of your health...sending prayers for health your way. Georgina, thinking of you. Lou Ann, thank you for sharing the pictures of your son's is hard to go to those milestone events. We had my daughter's graduation from college after my son's passing, but we made through...
  7. Dianne, just so identified with this, Through my unwanted knowledge of the process of grief, I’ve learned you’ll have moments where you feel 100 percent fine. You’ll go about your day feeling a semblance of what normal used to be, and it’ll feel good. You will have moments where you find yourself entertaining the fact that none of this is real. You will have moments where you wish you could have been the one to go instead of that person, so you don’t have to feel the pain of the loss any longer. You will have moments where you search for some hidden meaning of why this had to happen.... If I have learned one thing throughout this entire year, it is that time does not heal all wounds. My wound is still covered by the Band-Aid that’s holding it all together, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. If you don’t let yourself rip off that Band-Aid from time to time to let yourself see the wound or feel the pain, it will just come back to haunt you even heavier later on....It’s important to know that grief doesn’t give you a timeline. I was afraid that each milestone would make me feel further and further away from my best friend, but thankfully, it has been the opposite.... Sometimes I feel so incredibly sad wishing you could be here, living the amazing life you lead. I’ll wallow in my pity and waste my days away. But, it’s on those days I need to remember to do right by you...
  8. Georgina, sending prayers for Charlotte tonight... Sending much love...may you feel her guardian angels close, holding your heart and hers...we pray that her condition would stabilize and her strength to return...
  9. Tommy's mom, Georgina is from the UK too...oops, see that Dee posted that above. What I have discovered is that mothers grief for her lost child / children transcends all boundaries...that mourning is the same in the heart no matter where one is....I have been honored to have meet my international friends, even in these most horrible of circumstances.
  10. So sorry to hear of more violence...when does it end?
  11. ...
  12. Thats true
  13. I have found one video from the Dalai Lama on breathing. He demonstrates how to do a breathing is about the first 5 minutes of the video...(he has limited english but demonstrates well, starts about 50 secs in). if you try to follow his breathing intake/exhale you may notice how much shorter your breaths are. Try to work up to taking as long as breaths as him. What I have learned is that often one only breaths with the air filling only the upper lungs, not filling the whole lung capacity. This exercise will help that.
  14. Lou Ann, sending out gentle thoughts. I keep my son's clothes hanging in my closet towards the back. Sometimes I will dare to look at them. Most of the time, I have to put those tangible things to the side. (Dee, don't know if you have that poem, Tangible Things, but seems appropriate if you can post) Dee, sending more healing prayers your husband's way...I had a prayer confirmation from CBN that he was prayed for. Sherry, thanks for posting. Hope all is well your way. Becky, I read the poem you posted today. It carries many of my own thoughts. It is a hard day. One thing I have discovered recently, is that at times I run out of breath. I had been doing some meditation practices...and noticed how the instructor would instruct on how one draws in their breath and expels it. From there, I noticed I have been breathing in a shallow manner. When I tried to do the breath meditation, I found it very hard to intake air...and release that breath.. When such a huge trauma hits a person, I think this is an automatic thing, to breath like this. I will try to find an exercise on this later and post it. Life has become so incredibly painful now. If anyone has any "helps" they have found, please share.
  15. Brennonsmomma, I read your story tonight. Yes, I absolutely know that we continue mom saw my son after he died a few weeks afterward. Also, the day my son passed, a friend who had her son pass about 2 years prior called me. She told me how her son appeared to the paternal grandfather the same day he was killed. Her son appeared so clear that the grandfather did not even realize at first the grandson was not in physical form. I would recommend to you the group, Helping Parents Heal here: They have done quite a bit of afterlife research and are open to the experiences after death. Here is the link to their most recent newsletter These types of matters can be a double edged sword. It has been with me. Sending gentle thoughts and prayers.