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  1. Dee, actually I think it was Kate that mentioned about the geese flying in formation. =) Continued prayers for Jon's Uncle and his transition. Susan, how is your SIL doing? You had mentioned that a Brother in Law had is your husband feeling? You guys okay? Becky, beautiful new hair do! Your daughter did a great job. **************************** All, I have been experimenting with Essential Oils and their use in easing stress and healing benefits. I have been using a diffuser from Now : (the bottom one pictured) and add oils in. My fav is eucalyptus with a mix of sweet orange oil and a few drops of Meditation (blend) from Aura Cacia. I took a class about essential oils from a certified aromatherapist and it does seem to help with the overwhelming grief moments. What I found that oils are classified into categories of "notes" -- high, middle and low -- based on their scent characteristics. Then you blend them accordingly into your diffuser. I am putting a link out there for everyone about this info: The woman that taught this class had lost her sister, so she used aromatherapy to help her cope with the grief afterwards. Here is her link: Maybe another tool for the Grief toolbox.
  2. Gretchen, thanks so much for sharing the message about the Angel Event. I have been hanging onto that message you received about Forest all week. All, thinking of everyone, prayers and gentleness... (Angel statue from Children's Cemetery). Dee, prayers for your son and his Uncle Pat. Leah, good to hear from you... Georgina and Becky, continued prayers of healing for your husbands... Shannon, I am sorry to hear of the loss of your dear little goat. Stuff like that will take us "off our feet" . Dianne, thanks for sharing. It is one step at a time for sure. Susan, good to see your posts.... Sherry, thanks for the continued encouragement...
  3. Becky, thanks for sharing the pictures of Jared. Continued prayers for healing. Dee, my mom is okay, just her throat is a little sore. I ordered some soft foods from a company named Pea Pod, they are a home delivery grocer in my moms area will bring the groceries straight to the door. So she should have what she needs for awhile until she is feeling better. Kate, good to see your post! Sherry, we are still bringing in some food from the garden. Susan, there is nothing better than homemade baked bread. It is a wonderful comfort food and makes great gifts. I used to that but haven't baked in years now. It is a treat. Thinking of all Indigoes...may you find comforting sleep and take good self-care...
  4. Wendy, Sending Gentle Thoughts and Caring Wishes on Ricky’s Heavenly Birthday.
  5. To Wendy, my daughter had what she felt was a visitation dream a couple of days ago from my son. She felt he was communicating he has found his way "over there" and also she said her feelings of this vision were of great peace, with a supreme love that was holding him and permeated the environment. She lost some of what she had from the dream --- I told her it is important to be still right after waking when these dreams occur , pause and quick go over the dream. Then you can physically move and record the dream. Otherwise details tend to fade pretty quickly. This video may also help you. It is from Pam Reynolds who was an NDEr (now passed on). It is the best (medically) validated one I have seen and gives insight into the death process. I am going to have my mom watch it. We had a very scary incident of this last week, where she almost choked to death, and I had to keep a phone line open with her and kept monitoring her until my dad arrived back home to assist. She is the oldest left of her family of 10, the elder siblings having died many in a row in 2013. So I research materials such as this video below to assist in the eventuality of transition.
  6. Lora and others, you may find this video to fit you...I saw it awhile ago, and it is only now, I can accept some of what she is saying. It is a mom who is several years out on her journey and has had some time to process the initial raw grief:
  7. It's okay Georgina to have those thoughts...Maybe take a soft throw and sit down in your favorite spot with something warm to drink. Cry if you have too.
  8. Susan, I am sorry for the loss of your dear brother-in-law, how is your sister-in-law coping? Lora, just the other day I heard Cara's song played and thought of her... Dee, I bet you are glad the worst of the heat is over. How are your grandies? I miss your writings, do you have to share that might be fit the change of seasons? Sherry thanks for the caring messages as usual. ********************************************************** I have been a bit busier than usual, this last weekend really put me in the pits. Maybe the month lead up. This past Saturday, I also heard of a family who had their third adult child loss, their son's funeral is today, he was my neighbor and his pallbearers are two of Jesse's friends. I believe their already deceased daughter is buried in the same cemetery as Jesse. It makes me take a different perspective on life when I hear these things... I have found that I still feel that "separateness" from the rest of the world -- those who have not lost their child, that is. I do believe that it will always remain so. For me, I still take Lorazapam, on occasions when I feel the anxiety peak. (like this week) -- I have been prone to anxiety attacks before, so this has sent my body over the edge. At times, I will get into a fit of vomiting violently in the morning to the point of exhaustion if I did not have medication to handle this physical response and stop it. Finding the right physician is key I believe. *********************************************************** I think of everyone here and am thankful for this caring group.
  9. Wendy, sending you gentle thoughts and prayers as this new crisis is arriving. You have found a soft place to land here. I can also say to tell your story as you need to is a safe place to share, no judgement, just fellow travelers forced on a path that can break the strongest person. We each carry our personal grief "pack" a bit differently, sometimes shifting it back and forth to find the least irritating spot to carry the load. Maybe from the sharing here, you will find tidbits of "helps" that will propel you forward through the day... ....sometimes though all we need is to be "heard" and cared about...I have found many lovely souls here on this forum who have helped though the darkest spots. I would agree with what Susan said about the hospice care...don't be afraid to reach out to those resources for help from your community.
  10. Steven, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear wife and sister in law. Grief can be very hard.
  11. Dee, did you see this grief researcher's request that just came on this site? It looks like she lives in Chicago and is doing her PHd.

  12. For you Georgina and Kevin on James' angelversary. Hugs and prayers. (My daughter helped with this design).
  13. .