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  1. Thanks to all those who mentioned Benton's was a Ninja Turtle theme this year... Susan, thanks for sharing the pic... Dee, what does the fund do for the Syrian Children?
  2. I thought the story might be an encouragement to all that are here...these are sacred moments...I am always encouraged by that lovely photo of Erica's light... Also, Becky you out there? doing okay? Bob, Jesse would have loved to be cooking that sausage up on the wood stove...we have done that some ourselves... Colleen, good to see your post here, it is hard to come to terms with how our loved one passed...I agree... Cheryl, thanks for posting the pic of your lovely grand daughter....congratulations of her early graduation! Tommy's Mum, it can be healing to find something to pour your heart into, one bereaved mum I talked with organized a homeless shelter for vets as her son died in the Iraqi conflict. She took in many soldiers who needed healing and still does this kind of work. Kate, thinking of you and Ross too, I suppose you up there still have plenty of mom who only lives about 4 hours south of me keeps letting me know how they don't have any snow where she is, can't figure that out...She lives pretty close to where Colleen is... Sandy, good to see your post... Wade, hope to hear more from you...its okay to say you are not okay...there is no way anyone has to make this journey...there is no outcome that needs to be arrived at...I send gentle thoughts your way.... Susan, also thanks for the pics of the sunsets, very lovely... Finally, thanks again to Dee and Sherry for staying on here... Today was my Grandson Benton's 4th birthday...he is a rainbow child as he was born shortly after Jesse passed...we were so happy to have him today.
  3. Wade, good to see your Brooks face here tonight... I am sorry if I missed any angelversarys or other special events...may you all know your angels are close. I have a sharing to post here that just occurred on Jan 27. It is about my older sister Julie, who was also killed by being ran over...I am reposting what I wrote about this event: Love never dies. ************************************************* I had a older sister that passed in 2003. We all believe she knew her time was near as afterwards, we found cards that she had gotten for us that would be for the entire rest of the year, like birthday, easter, most were were filled out. (she was ran over as a pedestrian)... Now shortly before she passed, she had wanted to take my younger sister out to a steak dinner for a birthday. My younger sister's fiance was to be included. However, my older sister passed before that dinner occurred, she passed in May. Now, this last Friday -- Jan 27, my younger sister went out with her fiance to a steak house. Now, this particular restaurant is across from the cemetery where my older sister is buried. There was a long line to wait, it was to be about 45 minutes. However, a waitress noticed that my younger sister and her fiance waiting, and asked how many were in their party and my sister said only the 2 of them. The waitress, said she didn't know why, but she felt drawn to them. (my sister didn't know what to make of this, for a random stranger to say that)... The waitress sat my sister and fiance down at the table for 2 and was their server throughout the evening. My sister's fiance commented that maybe my older sister had a hand in this...well after they had been seated, certain songs kept coming on the overhead which would have been my sister's kind of music, (like early retro music from the 70s) It was unnerving for my younger sister. And the waitress kept repeating to my younger sister throughout that evening how drawn she was to them---synchronicity?? Now at the end of the dinner, my younger sister was exhausted thinking about my older sister and all the songs on the overhead which kept playing which were my older sister's genre... Finally, before my sister left the steak restaurant, the waitress told her again that she felt a connection with her, and if she ever needed anything, to look her up. The waitress said her name was JULIE. My deceased sister's name is JULIE.
  4. It has been a long 4 + years since my beloved son has transitioned to his new home. I have found that still after all this time, not much makes sense to me in my life. I would say the raw terrible pain has faded...however, I still have not returned. A faded version of me exists and I have improved my skills at carefully hiding behind a mask -- very well crafted to hide the heart pain from the outside world. I now travel The Road Not Taken.
  5. Tommy's mum, thanks for sharing your poetry on this thread. Sending you gentle thoughts and healing wishes.
  6. Beautiful Girl Lauraliz, we wonder why such lovely ones get taken. You might be familiar with the song by the Band Perry, If I die Young...just don't understand. You are more than welcome to join us on the thread Loss of an Adult Child. There is a very interactive group there...we post as we can. If you just want to "hang out" there, and read along, or need to vent it is all okay. Hugs.
  7. Lauralliz, I am sorry for the loss of your dear daughter and for your dad. I understand that longing. Hugs.
  8. Susan, thanks for posting the pics of the baby. How sweet. It is supposed to warm up next week, I am relieved. I think sitting here too long is just overwhelming me. I am hoping to get to feeling a bit better next week. Hopefully post something a bit longer then these snippets. My Thoughts for the Day: For all of the Angels here, and to those newer angels: Jake and Tommy, Love is forever, death does not end those bonds.
  9. Thanks to all who mentioned me. I am just a bit under the weather right now...took today and just rested. I have been trying different things in line of self-care, like meditation, looking at natural health products, and using essential oils. I try for the distractions but lately it just doesn't seem to work, and I find myself so tired. Georgina, prayers for your quest for justice... Susan, post a pic of the **newcomer** when you can.. Dianne thanks for the mention. Kate, hope you are staying warm, it was 1 degree here. I think of you all, and send gentle thoughts. May you have sweet dreams and a restful night.
  10. Dee, sending prayers for your friend Patti. I would also like to add a thought to your earlier post. Coming here allows for us to tell and re-tell our story in an understanding atmosphere. It has been a safe spot for me in this storm of life. Thanks to you and Sherry for staying on to help those who come after.... Gretchen, thanks for sharing the post from Cindy...I love Forest tee that says, This princess saves herself...I can imagine him wearing that and the reactions! I am posting a song that was on my mind as I woke up this morning. Dedicating it to Jesse on finding his way "Home"....a song I have always loved...
  11. Thanks Dee for asking and to Susan for answering. Some days it is really hard, though it has become a bit easier. My first job is one I can call my own hours as I work for a friend's company doing database and account management. She did surprise me one time by using Facetime on my new Iphone, I didnt even know what it was and there she was and she could see me. Anyways, she was diagnosed with cancer December 2015, but is doing fine with the recovery. I was hired in a hurry. The second job is in retail and I do have problems with walking that many hours as I stress-fractured one of my feet. Hasn't healed right. Dee, I think about how many times I see your girl's face when I log in here....I do think about each one's child here, something will spark a memory, I heard Cara's song the other day (the one by the band Perry) , I heard a song that Georgina put out for her James, Lay me Down...and just other reminders of our angels here. I am sorry your nephew is going down that is so hard, I have a nephew too who has chosen some darker paths... Gretchen, I am going to pm you. I too think of those who haven't posted in awhile...hope you are as well as can be...let us know! ********************************* Bob, I think the woodstove idea is great...I sat by the woodstove a lot the first couple years, it was very soothing. I even slept by it on really bad nights/days. I must admit Grief still rages, sometimes in calms down a bit, and sometimes it swells up again...I still throw fits of rage at the just is the way it is. I live a dual life now...the outward me...and the inner me... I had read just recently about how someone needs to follow their own leading in things of this nature...not to give in to what others may expect...for one never really knows how they would react until it is them...movement along this path takes its own course...its own cannot be forced...
  12. Bob, that one sentence would be such a beautiful thing to let him know..." been thinking about my oldest son a little bit today . ive loved him since he was a newborn who fit snugly in only one of my hands . ( big hands , lol ) " -- The words you wrote are from the heart... ... we never know when that last time might be...I saw my son on a Sunday night and basically felt "prompted" to tell him how proud we were to be his parents, how much we loved him as we held him as a small baby, that Wednesday he was killed by some dumbs**t. I remember exactly where I was standing, how he walked out of his house...the total scene of that moment is forever etched in my mind and soul... Looking back, I know that conversation was prompted by the Universe...or greater truths... Dianne, thanks for asking...I have just been quietly reading along...
  13. Susan, is that snow in Texas???