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  1. First Mothers Day Without My Mom

    Thank you for the idea! That is a great suggestion.
  2. First Mothers Day Without My Mom

    We lost my mom last year on June 25th at the age of 57. My mother and I have been very close throughout my entire life. I have always loved getting something special and/or doing something special for my mom on mothers day. This year will be the first mothers day without my mom and I'm not looking forward to it because I know it will be a sad day. I would like to do something for my mom for mothers day even though she is not here any longer but I'm not sure what. She was cremated and my dad has her ashes until he passes and I will mix them together and spread them then. Hopefully that will be years down the road. So we have no grave or memorial, place to bring flowers or go to spiritually be with my mom in that way. Which is a bummer IMO. Im thinking I would like to make some kind of memorial for my mother on my parents property. Somewhere that could act as a grave and spiritual place for now. I'm just not sure what or how to go about it. I would love to hear ideas from you all. Thanks.