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  1. Dee...happy to hear he is doing well in recovery. Keep us posted.
  2. thank you, send us the most mind provoking articles....and we finally understand....grief has a shape for each of size does not fit all....this kind of grief comes in very personal sizing...and fittings.
  3. Colleen....just had to reach out to you about the 'moving on'..... I think we feel the 'moving on' more because we live in a 'that was then...this is now' kind of limbo life. For me....everything is a distinct 'before and after'....and yes...time has a different kind of 'tick tock' to it. The first years..felt so unbalanced....and now I count such an odd way.....and we see our child' friends growing...getting married...the first child...etc. I am blessed in that I live in this town with his old friends..and he is not forgotten. So many parents feel as if their child has been completely forgotten...and that is a hard wall to hit in that many go on with their lives...and your child's name is never mentioned. There are parents whose family members do not even say their name. For them...that is like pouring salt in a wound...not only do they grieve...but they have to grieve alone.
  4. Lou Ann....what an amazing compliment for remembering her Tommy....and I love the purple and orange flowers. You have a very kind and sharing persona....your girl is smiling...
  5. I can tell that Lori was very much loved by the parents on this site...who then became close friends....and I know that they will circle the wagons for her and her family. Lynn....we all understand when a parent feels strong enough and walk into the future of what your world 'is'....I call it the 'that was then...this is now'....many parents have come here to this site and are healed and comforted with the care and compassion that can only come from other parents that have faced 'this kind of grief'....and since I have been on this site...many parents have 'moved on' and I do believe we/they are so brave to face this with whatever energy comes from surviving their tragedy. One of my son's said...'We all knew that if Mom could make could we'....and that brought me the realization that I would have to make footprints on this earth home...that our family can survive a great loss and tragedy. The parents on this site has given me such understanding...(I don't have to explain any emotion..meltdown...breakdown...bad day...good day) ...they offer care and compassion...and that is one important reason I have been able to lead my family out of this dark hell hole of grief.
  6. I do not recall the Mom's name....I joined the site in 2012...but have such a sad and heavy heart for her and her family....
  7. Lesley...thank you for your photo of the rainbow...which always gives a message of 'hope'.... Susannah....I am always reminded in many parent's post....we don't have to hoard our grief...there is plenty to go around. I and we know of the dark days ahead for these is hard for me to wrap my mind around a parent that has lost 2 children..... but then again.....before I lost John David I could not wrap my mind around losing 1 child....nor could there have been anything created on this earth home to give me insight into this kind of grief...nothing can prepare you. Please keep us informed the parents are doing.
  8. Susannah...I simply cannot grasp the enormity...of teens committing suicide...I am 70.....when we were teens....we were so happy to go to things...Beach Boys...and wearing the new Bikinis....I am beyond tragic...a travesty...
  9. Well....maybe many parents just got caught up with the inner stress of facing Mother's glad you are better. Daniel and I planned a trip to New Orleans...Daniel paid his entry into a poker tournament at Harrahs...and I rented the cutest little house on the outskirts of the French Quarter....we usually stay at the Royal Sonesta but I wanted to have something with a small kitchen...and it even had a lush courtyard....well....I started having these twinges on Saturday and Sunday....feeling about 50%....Monday...I felt a little better and was busy getting all lined up for our trip out of town...then I awoke at 2 AM with pain and a flaming had to get on the road....and I got a Dr. appt. to get simply cannot ride in a car for 8 hours or walk around the French Quarter with a feeling so much can not ignore what the inner stress can do.....even with all the precautions I take to keep my immune system boosted....we just can't out run that grief/stress that seems to have a mind of its own...and we have no control over it. I don't fight it anymore....I just let it carry me...until I gain control again.
  10. By Fox 5 Atlanta Published May 17, 2017 The photo showed the site of a crash in Gainesville, Georgia. A photo snapped by a stranger minutes after a deadly car crash in Georgia has brought closure to the two families who lost their loved ones. "I couldn't breathe before I got this," Judy Simmons said. Judy Simmons lost her 23-year-old daughter Hannah, her 9-month-old granddaughter A'Lannah and her daughter's best friend 28-year-old Lauren Buteau on April 25 in Gainesville. VETERANS SPROUT NEW CAREERS THROUGH THE FARMER VETERAN COALITION "We were told my daughter lost control and hit a truck," Simmons said. "I just knew, I knew they were gone." In the days following the tragedy, Simmons said she needed closure that her loved ones did not suffer in the final moments of their life. "I just needed God to reassure me somehow that they didn't suffer," Simmons said. Her closure, Simmons said, came in a photo taken by a young woman on her way to work. POLICE: DRUNKEN DRIVING SUSPECT HAD LIZARD IN BRA The photograph shows light beaming from the sky onto the crash site. Simmons said she has an explanation for what that is. "It's God taking them home to Heaven," Simmons said. "After I got the photo I could finally breathe again and I knew it was God showing me they didn't suffer. It was instant." Click for more from Fox 5. I saw this article...and photo....and I knew that it would bring a layer of many parents on this site that questions when their child left this earth certainly brings a peace to my heart....
  11. Oh Laurie.....will post very tired from a busy...busy day....and will post John David's Visitation dream like I promised.... Laurie....'self care' are working 2 jobs now for the family...I know....for a great cause...but...put yourself first...sometimes...
  12. John David's Zippy....his treasured stuff now will be loved by Veto.... Veto and Uncle Hunter Bear....
  13. I understand having that 'moment'...we don't want to parade or showboat our deep feelings...and I think your time with your boy is so spread out with all the busy day...and we gave Veto....John David's Zippy Monkey to was in his Memory chest...for years....I took it out..opened it all the old filling out...washed him...dried him...stuffed him with new stuffing....I know John David would approve ...for he would want that new little man of ours to have something from him....
  14. Kate...good to hear from you...but have a sad layer for you and your best boyfriend about his eye issues. Do research the medication...and ask lots of sure they know his bad reaction before. You have been physically busy...and the emotional busy seems to wear on me now that I am is the inner stress....and it feels as if I am breaking out with measles on the inside sometimes. I am sure this latest news has used up all your 'good energy'...and is time for you to rest. Ah....the homemade cards....yes...we keep them...and they are more priceless than diamonds and pearls....John David made me a card when I was turning 30....all my family and friends were making a big deal of it and I guess he thought it was not a good birthday for me..and he wrote...'Mom..I will still love you when you are 30' my GRANDkids love to see what their parents made when they were young.
  15. Laurie....Kate...Gretchen....thinking of you.