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  1. Encouraging Youtube video

    Hi I just want to share an encouraging video about grief. This video has really help me. Here's the and link Please check out this video. I hope it comforts all who watch. Love you all Brenda
  2. I know how you feel I 'm going through the same thing.
  3. Losing Mama

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss you have my deepest sympathies. I know losing a parent can be very tough you. Its easy to be angry I lost my dad about 5 years ago . and I still get angry because of his loss. I know its not easy for you right now. I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I f you ever want to talk just sent me a message. brenda scott
  4. Kate I'm sorry for your loss.
  5. Pray for the newtown community.

  6. Loss of the Connecticut School Children

    Its really sad what happen my thoughts and prayers are with the families...that lost their dear children.Such a tradegy I can't believe something like this would happen. My heart goes out to everyone involve in this tragedy. May God be with the familes suffering loss at this most difficult time. BRENDA SCOTT
  7. my mother dating but I have mixed emotions.
  8. Lost my faith

    Dear Thomas, I'm sorry to hear about you loss,you have my deepest sympathies. I lost my dad to cancer about 5years ago . My heart goes out to you during this most grievous time. The anger that you feel is perfectly normal I felt the same way when I lost my father. brenda scott
  9. just wanted to share

    your welcome! reading the bible brings hope.
  10. just wanted to share

    Just wanted to shared an encouraging tract.With those who have lost love ones. I have found this tract to be very helpful. May this tract prove to be a source of encouragement for all who read. What Hope for Dead Loved Ones? “If a man die, shall he live again?” asked the man Job long ago. (Job 14:14, King James Version) Perhaps you, too, have wondered about this. How would you feel if you knew that a reunion with your loved ones was possible right here on earth under the best of conditions? Well, the Bible makes the promise: “Your dead ones will live.…They will rise up.” And the Bible also says: “The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.”—Isaiah 26:19; Psalm 37:29. To have real confidence in such promises, we need to answer some basic questions: Why do people die? Where are the dead? And how can we be sure they can live again? Death, and What Happens When We Die The Bible makes it clear that God did not originally intend for humans to die. He created the first human pair Adam and Eve, placed them in an earthly paradise called Eden, and instructed them to have children and extend their Paradise home earth wide. They would die only if they disobeyed his instructions.—Genesis 1:28; 2:15-17. Lacking appreciation for God’s kindness, Adam and Eve did disobey and were made to pay the prescribed penalty. “You [will] return to the ground,” God told Adam, “for out of it you were taken. For dust you are and to dust you will return.” (Genesis 3:19) Before his creation Adam did not exist; he was dust. And for his disobedience, or sin, Adam was sentenced to return to dust, to a state of nonexistence. Death is thus an absence of life. The Bible draws the contrast: “The wages sin pays is death, but the gift God gives is everlasting life.” (Romans 6:23) Showing that death is a state of total unconsciousness, the Bible says: “For the living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all.” (Ecclesiastes 9:5) When a person dies, the Bible explains: “His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; in that day his thoughts do perish.”—Psalm 146:3, 4. However, since only Adam and Eve disobeyed that command in Eden, why do we all die? It is because all of us were born after Adam’s disobedience, and so we all inherited sin and death from him. As the Bible explains: “Through one man [Adam] sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men.”—Romans 5:12; Job 14:4. Yet someone may ask: ‘Don’t humans have an immortal soul that survives death?’ Many have taught this, even saying that death is a doorway to another life. But that idea does not come from the Bible. Rather, God’s Word teaches that you are a soul, that your soul is really you, with all your physical and mental qualities. (Genesis 2:7; Jeremiah 2:34; Proverbs 2:10) Also, the Bible says: “The soul that is sinning—it itself will die.” (Ezekiel 18:4) Nowhere does the Bible teach that man has an immortal soul that survives the death of the body. How Humans Can Live Again After sin and death entered the world, God revealed that it was his purpose that the dead be restored to life by means of a resurrection. Thus the Bible explains: “Abraham…reckoned that God was able to raise [his son Isaac] up even from the dead.” (Hebrews 11:17-19) Abraham’s confidence was not misplaced, for the Bible says of the Almighty: “He is a God, not of the dead, but of the living, for they are all living to him.”—Luke 20:37, 38. Yes, Almighty God has not only the power but also the desire to resurrect persons whom he chooses. Jesus Christ himself said: “Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out.”—John 5:28, 29; Acts 24:15. Not long after saying this, Jesus met a funeral procession coming out of the Israelite city of Nain. The dead young man was the only child of a widow. On seeing her extreme grief, Jesus was moved with pity. So, addressing the corpse, he commanded: “Young man, I say to you, Get up!” And the man sat up, and Jesus gave him to his mother.—Luke 7:11-17. As in the case of that widow, there was also great ecstasy when Jesus visited the home of Jairus, a presiding officer of the Jewish synagogue. His 12-year-old daughter had died. But when Jesus arrived at Jairus’ home, he went over to the dead child and said: “Girl, get up!” And she did!—Luke 8:40-56. Later, Jesus’ friend Lazarus died. When Jesus arrived at his home, Lazarus had been dead for four days. Although deeply grieved, his sister Martha expressed hope, saying: “I know he will rise in the resurrection on the last day.” But Jesus went to the tomb, ordered the stone to be removed, and called: “Lazarus, come on out!” And he did!—John 11:11-44. Now think about this: What was Lazarus’ condition during those four days he was dead? Lazarus did not say anything about being in a heaven of bliss or a hell of torment, which surely he would have done if he had been there. No, Lazarus was completely unconscious in death and would have remained so until “the resurrection on the last day” if Jesus had not then restored him to life. It is true that these miracles of Jesus were of only temporary benefit, since those that he resurrected died again. However, he gave proof 1,900 years ago that, with God’s power, the dead really can live again! So by his miracles Jesus showed on a small scale what will take place on earth under the Kingdom of God. When a Loved One Dies When the enemy death strikes, your grief can be great, even though you may hope in the resurrection. Abraham had faith his wife would live again, yet we read that “Abraham came in to bewail Sarah and to weep over her.” (Genesis 23:2) And what about Jesus? When Lazarus died, he “groaned in the spirit and became troubled,” and shortly afterward he “gave way to tears.” (John 11:33, 35) So, when someone you love dies, it does not show weakness to cry. When a child dies, it is particularly hard for the mother. Thus the Bible acknowledges the bitter grief that a mother can feel. (2 Kings 4:27) Of course, it is difficult for the bereaved father as well. “O that I might have died, I myself, instead of you,” lamented King David when his son Absalom died.—2 Samuel 18:33. Yet, because you have confidence in the resurrection, your sorrow will not be unrelenting. As the Bible says, you will “not sorrow just as the rest also do who have no hope.” (1 Thessalonians 4:13) Rather, you will draw close to God in prayer, and the Bible promises that “he himself will sustain you.”—Psalm 55:22. Unless otherwise indicated, all Bible quotations are from the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. PRINT APPEARED IN DOWNLOAD OPTIONS EPUBPDF
  11. I miss my brother

    Dear stephanie c, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I also lost a brother to drugs about 10 years ago. It was very painful watching him throw his life away with drugs.(I may not know exactly what tosay) I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God comfort you during this most difficult time. Its not easy losing someone especially someone as close as a brother.many people may not understand the pain you face. But please be assure Jehovah god feels the pain you suffer. the bible say Jehovah is near to those ware broken at heart;And those who are crushed in spirit he saves.May he help you at this time. I would like to share with you another scripture its Revelation 21:4 (Revelation 21:4) And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” God promises to wipe away death forever. May this bring you comfort. I would like to sent you to a website one that has given me much comfort. Here you can find articles that can help comfort you during this grieving time. http://www.jw.org/en (look under publication than go to brochures booklet and you find articles on grief.) ps, please email at franknbrenda04@aol.com
  12. I lost my dad two weeks ago

    hi, I'm sorry to hear about your loss . I lost my father to cancer 5years ago its a very painful things.I've gone through so many stages of grief.It was very hard going through a normal day to day rountine. going on with out him wasn't easy its still very hard. (losing someone so close especially a parent can be a very grievous thing.) My heart goes out to you and your mom at this time. May God comfort you and your family during this most difficult time. You have my deepest sympathies . I would like to share a scripture with you. One that I found to be comforting when I lost my father. (John 5:28, 29) Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice 29 and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment. God promises to ressurect our loved one who have died.may this scripture encourage you during this difficult time. with Deepest Sympathy, Brenda Scott PS, If you ever want to talk just email me at franknbrenda04@aol.com