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    best friend killed in car wreck died instantly
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    july 14 2012


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  1. I lost my best friend

    I just lost my soulmate bestfriend she was just 30. In a bad car wreck. I am desperatly alone and having panic attacks constantly. I totally understand your pain. I have never had a loss such as this. I wanted her to be my future grandbabies aunt and share her kids
  2. loss of a BEST FRIEND....

    I lost my dearest best friend 7-14-12 in a car wreck. I do not know how to go on. I have no other friends like her. She and I were like soul mates. We knew each others secrets and fears etc. Its so bad at times. I have to stay medicated allday to work and many sleeping pills to just knock me out at night or I will NOT sleep. I hate nite time. Its the worse.
  3. How can I see my Daddy one more time?

    Lost my best friend on july 14th 2012. She was almost home and wrecked and died instantly. Gave me her will a week to the day the died last year. Its like she knew. We always watched ghost stories together. Now its like I say outloud. Kandice if your here with me PLEASE do something or show me a sign anything. Just to talk to her one more time. I know exactly how u feel sweetie. Just one more talk would help a lot. However my pastor says she is in heaven why would she want to be on this horrible earth again? Something to think about. Hugs!!