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      Hi all,  I'm sure you've noticed some changes in the forums. We've again had to do some updates, so that's why things may look a little different. Nothing major should have changed.  Also, we are going to start adding advertisements sensitive to our community on the boards. This is something we are experimenting with, and we will certainly make sure they are in the best interests of everyone. We want to make sure our forums continue to stay accessible and cost free to all of our members, and this is a way to ensure this.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to privately message me or email me at Konnie@beyondindigo.com.  As always, we will be here with you, ModKonnie


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  1. Wow! What an amazing site. I never expected such heartfelt and thoughtful responses to my post. I truly appreciate everyone's advice. A few days ago I decided to not drink any alcohol and it really wasn't as hard as I thought (although my mom has been more stable in the past week so that helped ). Yesterday, I started getting the itch to drink again but I'm trying not to. I tend to rely on the wine when something bad happens to my mom (like a seizure,stroke,etc.). It's SO easy to just mask the feelings with alcohol then face them. When something horrible happens, my first thought is..."Okay, I need a glass of wine." It almost feels like entitlement. Since, I'm the caretaker and I'm running around crazy all day, I convince myself (pretty easily in fact ) that I "deserve" to drink at night. It's so easy to rationalize that drinking is necessary because of what I'm going through. I really don't want to be left with a drinking problem when my mom passes. Both my mother and my brother are recovering alcoholics so it does run in my family. Grief is just so darn hard. I'm sure you can all relate. P.S. ModKonnie, I'd love to chat with you if you don't mind.
  2. Hi. I'm new here. Just a little background...I had to quit my job and move in across the street be a full time caretaker for my mom who is battling end stage lung cancer that went to her brain. Last week alone, she had a seizure and a stroke and I'm told she can die at any moment and this is so hard on me because we are so close and I love her so much. I've been using alcohol as a way to deal with the momumental stress of it all. As it is, I do everything for my mom..right down to making the funeral arrangements and picking out her cemetary plot the other day. I've been to grief counselors and therapists but I'm sorry, reading a book is not going to relax me like a glass of wine does. I'm drinking about 1 bottle of wine a night. I know it's not good for me, but it's just so difficult to deal with. I'm up all night worrying if she passed away or I will find her dead in the morning. I know drinking is not the best option, but I was wondering if any of you have turned to alcohol? I've been prescribed tranquilizers in the past but they don't help much. Is it normal to turn to alcohol?