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  1. Hi all from Sydney, Australia. Yesterday was my 1st grief counselling appointment with a psychologist and do you what?. I dont think I have ever said so many things so fast to get it all out finally to a professional that understands what I was saying and how I was feeling and in the midst of me talking and letting it all out, cried and cried and cried and cried so much that i thought by the end of it all I should of had shares in the Kleenex company. I cant seem to get it out of my head that I just want my dad back so I can say goodbye to him as I didnt get that chance, I missed out by 10 hours. I dont know about any one else but the pain I feel emotionaly is so overwhelming, I sometimes think, "stop the world, I want off from it". I have been calling my mum every day and she seems like she is ok but I know deep down in her heart that it has simply broken in two from 55 years of marriage being no more. I am so so so looking forward to my next counselling session again but I know that until then I can get on here and just type away and just say how im feeling and knowing that at least I am not the only one who is on this journey called grief and loss. So thanks for checkin in, please takecare all until my next exerpt. Love from Duffadoo. xx
  2. why did dad have to go when did, he didnt want to leave us and he said to mum that he wasnt readt to go when he did that he had planned so much to do. my dad made silver jewllery and i have a ring that he made me and I wear it every day. I just want my dad back, is that being selfish or real. from, DUFFADOO.

  4. hey there lovely, would u like a friend whilst on this grieving journey, I live in Sydney, Australia and would b happy to suuport u. ta ta 4 now, from DUFFADOO xx

  5. hey there justlostdad, i lost my dad 8 days ago (27 June, 2012)@ 11pm in a private hospital, died from Leukemia, he was 77 years old. mum & dad were married for 55 years. wow! I hope n' pray my hubby and i have those years. I know exactly how u are feeling, I still feel quite numb. I'll keep u in my prayers, would you like that?. ta ta 4 now, from, DUFFADOO.

  6. My dearest dad of all aged 77 lost his battle with Leukemia on 27th June 2012 at 11pm. I was due to get a plane up to see him in hospital the following morning but I never got that chance to see my dad and to tell him stuff and to give him a kiss goodbye. I feel so ripped off, my other 2 siblings got that chance but i didnt. I feel just awful that my dad did not get to see me before he passed, I really do hope and pray that at some stage he did think of me. My mum and dad were married for 55 years, wow!!!, I hope my hubby and I get that chance. My mum's heart and soul has been broken in two and she would be absolutely crushed to the max about her best friend, her husband, her confidant' etc. To be without dad around her anymore just gives me goose bumps and I am phoning her everyday to say hello and to quietly make sure she is eating and not skipping meals etc, my mum sounds good on the phone but I know underneath it all she is broken in two. It will take a long while mummy, hold on I am here for you and I am sending big hugs to you my mummy. Love me. xx