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  1. Bob, so sorry for the loss of your son Jake, you have found a wonderful site to land. LOVE the pictures that are being shared. and congrats to all, for the new granchildren. So beautiful. First photo is a picture we just took on Dec 23. In the back is my son Mitchell and his wife Kristi. Next row, left to right is my uncle Blair and Aunt Rita, my mom and dad. Me in the front, stooping down, my granddaughter, Saige and son, Jared. Second photo, Jared, me, Cara, and Mitchell from about 9 years ago. Thank you all for your support over the last 4 1/2 years. Thinking of you all and wishing you peace and comfort. Love, Cara's Mom...Lora
  2. Kate, Thinking of you and remembering Jeff. Dianne, I believe in signs and have had several from Cara, and this is surely a sign from Michael. Thanks for sharing your story. Dee, What a wonderful dream of Erica. Thinking of everyone and all of our angels. Thank you for your stories and pictures you share, even though I can't post often, I think of all of you and your children often. Our angel tree.
  3. Dianne, glad you like the picture I made for Michaels angel day. I am not good with words, sometimes I think I grieve more like a man. I have always had to be the strong one. Laurie, nice picture of little Michael. I know Dianne will cherish it. I have made it through Cara's birthday on the 11, Thanksgiving, and today I had to put my fifteen year old kitty to sleep, he was full of cancer. I am so tired. I sometimes feel that everthing I love, gets taken away. I told him before they put him to sleep, to take care of Cara for me. I am so sad but he is better off. Tomorrow is a new day but today I am grieving the loss of of my kitty salem.
  4. Thinking of you Georgina and of course, your boy, James.
  5. Dianne, thinking of you and remembering Michael on his angelversary. I will respond later to others, I had off from my full time job today, but worked my part time job, from 6am to 6 pm. I am exhausted. Thank you for all you share.
  6. Dee, I am praying for Evette. I know that Maya was greeted by our angels. So sad. Betsy, Tried to make an album cover for you out of the photo. I tried to come up with an edgy group and album name. I am sure Rich and Cara are laughing, but I am older so that is as edgy as I can think of, for a hard rock group without being offensive.
  7. Hi all, Weird, my last post some how lost part of it. I must of done something, I, like Betsy, use my phone. Betsy, what a treasure in that photo. Definitely looks like an album cover! So great, the sign says no trespassing and there they sit. Rich living his life, his way. Dee, our girls are sure giggling. Cara's smile gets me through so much. I am thankful to be able to be her mother and to have had her on this earth for 18 years. She would have been 23 years old this year. Laurie, Thank you, I love making the photos of our beautiful children here. I hope the jobs are going well and you have time for you. I live alone, so when I am off, I have that time. Lora - Cara's Momly, It is was what Cara called me. Momly
  8. Betsy, I was just thinking about you. I was looking at pictures of Cara on her birthday and came across the picture of her with her A Day to Remember T shirt. A hard rock band, and thought of Rich and wondered about you. I remember he liked hard rock music. Glad to see you. Becky, loved your cat pictures! What a crazy kitty. He looks like he has long legs! Hannah, I think it would be appropriate to send her a card saying you thought of her son on his birthday and sorry for the recent loss of her husband. You could put your address, and other contact information in the card. If she would like to contact you, she can, but it would be up to her. I believe she would love that someone still thinks and remembers her son. Even if she doesnt contact you. For me I would love that after all these years, he is still remembered. It may be something she would cherish. Dee, we were writing at the same time. Prayers for the teacher who lost her daughter. My heart hurts for her and her family. Thinking of you all.
  9. Thinking of you Sherry and remembering Lisa.
  10. Laurie, Thinking of you and your family and of course your beautiful son, Jesse. Sorry I am late. Please pray for my Aunt Pat. She lost her husband in April, and last night I attend the viewing for her daughter, Melissa. She lost her battle with cancer. She was 51 years old.
  11. Becky, thinking of you and your family.
  12. Susan, that you for sharing Cara's picture and I think we all do the best we can. It is one of my favorites of her, she loved life. We will never "get over" the loss and I feel I am judged by many, oh she doesn't go out much, she works a lot, or she is smiling. I just learned to not care what others say, as long as I am moving forward is all that matters to me. Laurie, thanks for sharing the video. Medication does not work for all but I Know many people who could not get out of bed without. I think we all need to do what is best for you. I have never been a medication person, it affects me more. Just a cold medicine makes me hyper so I tend to stay away from all medication. I take Advil and that is it. Some days music still makes me emotional and other days not. Cara always listen and sang music, it was part of who she was. Thank you for thinking of her. Becky, I love Jasmine's cat! He is so adorable. Georgina, I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful cat. I completely understand, it feels like you have lost another connection to your James. We have lost so much beside just our child, their hopes, dreams, future and ours as well. Be kind to yourself. Shannon, so sorry about your goat. I agree, you loved and nurtured him and gave him a good life. Life is not fair, but we already know that. Sherry, These special days are so hard but with time we learn to manage the pain. Yes we have the pictures, memories of our beautiful children but will miss them forever. Dee, Such a wonderful boy you raised, taking care of his uncle, I can see how proud you are of him. I am sorry to hear that your nephew still struggles with heroin and is also dealing with abuse from your father. I am glad he shared it with his mother and maybe able to heal by sharing it. It could possible be the cause he turned to drugs. To ease his pain. I have been busy and not able to post but I think of you all the time. I always highlight the text of my post and copy it before I submit it, that way if it does not post I can repost it without doing it over. It has happen to me many times. I have been going to the salt room for a 45 minute therapy for a few months and have now added the infrared sauna. They both help detox you and there are so many benefits. It is my way of relaxing. Lora~Cara's Mom
  13. Francesca, thinking of you and your family and remembering Michael.
  14. Sherry, I hope you can remember all the wonderful memories you had with Davey and celebrate this day. We are so blessed to have our children in our lives. We would do it all over again, even with the pain.
  15. Wendy, thinking of you and your family today. Look for the brightest star tonight.