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  1. He passed away in 2012. Music has been a comfort to me. I hope you all find comfort and healing.
  2. I'm tired

    That is what many of us have been thinking, w2. Today I had company(youngest daughter and her kids) and all the time that they were here I was fine. Then I was thinking of something with sentimental value and I'm so sad because I'm pretty sure it disappeared. It seems kind of dumb, but I wish I still had it. One day at a time... maybe someday things will be better for you and for the rest of us. I need some coffee.
  3. Almost Five Months

    Hey, widower2 and mgilbertson, thanks for your replies. w2, I hate for you to still feel sad. And mg, let's hope this doesn't go on forever! I did get out with our oldest daughter, but I'm ready to start crying all over again. I think I'm going to write my memoirs in a red hardcover book. I hope it doesn't get tear-stained!
  4. Almost Five Months

    chicagobelle, dsmurph, and Silvergirl, thank you for responding. Today is another horrible day so far. I remember the first time (in 1969) I whispered, "I love you," and I just can't believe he's gone. I'm sorry for your losses as well. I hope our daughter can go shopping with me when she gets off work. You're right, Silvergirl, that usually helps. I just feel overwhelmed with grief. He's the only man I ever loved.
  5. Almost Five Months

    I feel worse than ever. I actually thought I was doing great, but the last two days have been horrible! i miss him.
  6. Concerned

    I hope this is a false alarm, but my brother and I aren't able to reach our mother by phone. There's no answer. The concern is that she lives alone and is quite old. I hope she's okay.
  7. I was looking at our family trees and everyone lived longer than my husband did(except one of his brothers who was a heavy drinker and smoker), but he had a grandmother who died of cancer. I expected him to live longer than he did. Maybe we always expect that. There have been so many advances in medicine. Why not a cure for cancer? Or a test that would tell yoou right away that you have cancer cells in your body?
  8. Where Is Tomorrow?

    That song always makes me cry. I got through Christmas but still have two grandchildren who will probably come over on January first to get their gifts. In the meantime life is hard.
  9. Where Is Tomorrow?

    It's Christmas Eve and I'm crying like a baby. There should be tears pouring out of this smiley.
  10. New to Grieving

    "You hear that knowing someone is going to die makes it easier when their time comes; I am here to tell you that doesn't seem true. " I don't see how it could be true, but I haven't lost anyone suddenly, and I don't think there can ever be a loss as great as losing a spouse, unless it's a child. Anyway life is lonely and sad right now, but I take one day at a time. My husband was diagnosed with cancer in May 2012 and passed away in September 2012. The best we can do for you is tell you that you can talk about her here and we will try to cheer you up if possible. Humor helps me a lot and my husband was always doing something goofy, so some of my memories make me laugh. I thank God for laughter!
  11. CU'BC!!!

    I'll never get it unless someone tells me.
  12. CU'BC!!!

    I plead ignorance. CU might mean "see you." What would BC stand for??? Barbara?
  13. Is feeling or getting better a betrayal.?

    I don't think it's a betrayal. But I can feel like I'm coping and then fall apart the next day. During the first couple of weeks nothing seemed real. I thought something was wrong with me if I wasn't crying. Later I talked to my daughter and she said the same thing had happened with her. Aren't we on an emotional roller coaster?
  14. Devastated

    Unbelievable! My heart aches for you. My husband of almost 43 years was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma on May 10, 2012, also. He was in horrible pain throughout the ordeal. One time he started crying at the hospital and I cried with him. An angel date is the day the person passed away. My husband died the first week of September. Thankfully, before he was diagnosed, we had bought funeral expenses insurance and had purchased a cemetery plot. The headstone that I selected was put in place a few days ago. I saw it for the first time today. I know you're having a hard time as many of us are. I just pray to get through one day at a time. If the hospice counselors aren't able to help, I suggest talking to your family doctor about an antidepressant. Ask for one that doesn't cause weight gain. We will be here to listen whenever you feel the need to share, Tab.
  15. How Can I Spend Christmas This Year?

    I bought a picture frame ornament, but everytime I try to print a photo it wants to be faxed instead of printed. I don't know how to change that.